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The Three Best Apps for Tracking Your Workout

by Dan Cash

Every week I find myself struggling to remember the amount of reps, total weight and overall workout completed the previous week.  It’s frustrating to have to start over each workout because you can’t remember to bring a notepad to track reps.  So in order to make a change I finally decided to search the iTunes store for apps that track my routines. 

30 seconds after the initial search I am off and running and without fail I have an entire list of apps to track every single workout I have done in the past month.  The following is my list of the top three that I use each week. 

1.) JEFIT  

This app is available on iTunes and on the Google Play Store and allows you to track by routine, exercises, logs and stats.  It even goes through and showcases a figure with extended arrows showcasing multiple exercises to workout different parts of the body. 

Looking for a new triceps workout?  Just click triceps and it shows and demonstrates in GIF form over 30 different exercises. 

You will never feel underwhelmed by your workout again. 

2.) Run with Map My Run  

Wish you had the ability to track with a painted road all of the locations you run?  Not a problem with Run with Map My Run.  The free app utilizes GPS and online maps to track your run and provide a detailed analysis of how far you ran, where you ran and how fast you were running. 

The app also has a “nearby route” function that allows you to search through runs that others using Run with Map My Run have already cataloged into the app.  We can so often get bogged down in our routine that running can become boring…unless you are always looking for the next great, scenic route.  This app allows you to never run the same route twice.

3.) WebMD 

Someone had to be first and in the world of online medical data and it’s WebMD that I can remember being the leader for over 10 years.  That continues to be the case when seeking medical information after hurting your back or simply needing some advice on that aching knee. 

The free app allows you to use all the favorites from WebMD including:

a.) Symptom Checker

b.) Conditions

c.) Drugs & Treatments

d.) First Aid Information

e.) Local Health Listings

You won’t think it’s important until the moment you’re stuck on the side of the run with searing pain in your right knee.  (Not that it’s happened to me) 

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