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5th Edition of Frozen Tundra Wine Festival Saturday

by Jeff Flynt

Wine drinkers in Wisconsin will be flocking to Kewaunee on Saturday for the 5th annual Frozen Tundra Wine Festival. 

It's at Parallel 44 Winery, N2185 Sleepy Hollow Road, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Tickets are $12 per person and that gets you a free wine glass, 5 wine sample tickets, free food samples, winery tours, live music and horse carriage rides. Food will also be available for purchase.

"This really is our biggest event and every year the attendance has grown," Parallel 44 Winery Co-Owner Maria Milano told me Thursday. "I think even that first year we were startled at how many people we had. Last year we had almost 2,000 people."

Milano advises folks to dress warm since it is outdoors. You'll also get to sample wines from both the Parallel 44 and Door 44 labels from ice bars. It's a totally difference wine tasting experience to sample from a bar made of solid ice if you haven't done it before.

"It's not meant to be fancy, wine is meant for everybody and to be enjoyed in all kinds of circumstances and this is a fun way to celebrate what we're doing," Milano says.

Also, if you haven't tried the wines made by Parallel 44, Milano has a preview of what to expect.

"Our wines tend to be more fruit-forward, which often times people confuse with sweetness, but it's just that all the flavors of the grape come forward, and it's the first thing you smell and taste in that wine," Milano explains. "Another characteristic is our grapes have acidity, which for a warmer climate there's hardly any acidity in those wine grapes. For our whites, it gives them a crisp, clean finish. For our reds, it makes them better food pairing wines."

For wine club members, Parallel 44 is rolling out a new wine called "Drink Pink". This aromatic rosé wine offers flavors of freshly picked strawberries while the bright acidity of pink grapefruit 

"It is a rosé and it's a true pressed rosé. This one is made from our Foch and Frontenac and primarily from our free-run juice," says Milano. "That means before you're even pressing those grapes, there's juice that flows from them. And it is the most flavorful, and this wine is definitely capturing that flavor."

The weather is supposed to be calm, but chilly. Make some time and head on out to Parallel 44 for a great experience of Wisconsin wines and learn about our growing industry.

(Photos from Parallel 44 Winery's Facebook page).