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Eat what you want and just dissolve the fat away!

by Otis Day

Who needs exercise when you can just zap and dissolve that fat away?

Aqualyx is a new fat fighting injection that is gaining popularity in our over-worked and body-obsessed culture.

The injection goes in and attacks some fat in your body causing it to dissolve and come out in your pee over a few weeks. The process completely destroys your fat cells so there's no chance of them growing back after being zapped. You'll only have slight bruising for about 48 hours after your injection.

Since these treatments are new it will take some time to find out how safe they really are, but they currently run for about $400 per injection. 

Thankfully it allows you to sit around the couch in your favorite sweat pants, not sweating at all...but instead playing Candy Crush on your iPod Mini while scarfing down an entire sleeve of Oreos. Again. Whew! We didn't want to have to actually WORK for our fitness! 

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