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Gravity-2, Scotty McCreery-0

by Doc Murphy

I'm starting to think that Scotty McCreery may have some type of inner-ear disorder.

Flashback to August of 2012.  Scotty had a little trouble staying on the stage in Bethel, N.Y. while out on tour with Brad Paisley.

Reminder...that was a year ago.

Dude, new boots?  

Last Saturday night Scotty was playing the Clay County Fair in Spencer, IA when he fell again...not once, but twice.  The good news is, he wasn't hurt (well, maybe his ego) and he's got a good sense of humor about it.  He tweeted after the show "I had the most epic fall ever tonight on stage!  I Fell...n then I couldn't get back up.  It was like I was on ice...lol!  Please sum1 have a vid." 

Thanks to Sara, you can see the video via Instagram here...http://instagram.com/p/eRG_92ooGm/