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Women Empowered Safety Event THIS Saturday!

by Vanessa Ryan

THANK YOU Theresa Napiwocki for coming in this morning to talk about the 2nd Women Empowered Safety Event that is coming up THIS weekend! Listen to the PODCAST .

Women Empowered Safety Event

Saturday April 5th, 2014

9:30AM - 3:30PM

The Plaza Hotel & Suites Wausau, WI

Pre-Register HERE!

You can also register the morning of the event from between 9AM and 9:30AM on site. Call Theresa for more information or to register at (715) 572-9405!

BS and Vanessa were blown away by the following information Theresa shared with us this morning....

TEN (10) kidnapping attempts; ONE (1) campus gun shooting; FOUR (4) girls that are victims of the date rape drug; ONE (1) VIOLENT rape victim, TWO (2) drunk kids who drowned in the river; and FIFTEEN (15) men charged with child solicitation, prostitution, and trafficking---all of this happened in our area in the last 12 months, and most of them in the last 1-1/2 years!

Theresa shares her story....

I came around the corner about 2 minutes after one of the kidnapping attempts happened. I got scared and told my husband he would have to walking with me he hates walking and was quite the grumbler not a very enjoyable walk for me!. My husband said get a gun, but what if I panic and drop it, then Ive armed my attacker that wont work. He said, get pepper spray, but again, if I'm in a hurry and panicking, who's to say that the bottle isnt pointed at me when I start spraying, or the wind is blowing in my face and I get peppered? Then I started thinking, Why should I be afraid? Why cant I defend myself?

That's when I founded a non-profit organization called Women Empowered. I put on day-long safety events for women high school age and up that focuses strictly on women's safety. We teach women simple moves that might surprise their attacker even if just for 2-3 seconds. That is all we need that's enough time to get away, run, scream, whatever we have to do.

My self-defense instructor is a two time world champion and a five time national champion in martial arts. I invite the local police department to come in and teach the women how to be more aware of their surroundings, etc. I also have a kickboxing instructor who comes in to reinforce some of those martial arts moves. A local bank comes in to teach about ATM and bank safety, identity theft protection and a local car shop owner comes in to talk about car safety. Finally, we have the local Tavern League come in to teach about bar safety, date rape drugs, Safe Ride Home Program and other bar safety issues.

THANK YOU again Theresa for empowering women in our community!

~BS and Vanessa