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Woman Posts Facebook Update About Being "Happy" and Dies Seconds Later

by Vanessa Ryan

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make us stop and think twice about our actions. This breaks our hearts.

North Carolina police believe a woman posted to Facebook just moments before a fatal car crash.

The 32-year-old woman swerved over the median and crashed into an oncoming truck.

Police found out later that at 8:33am she posted a selfie to Facebook, with the caption, "the Happy song makes me HAPPY". The call to report the crash came in at 8:34am.

There is plenty of data showing that many are still using phones in our vehicles.

A new survey by Bridgestone reveals that 50% of teens are still texting and driving despite warnings. Other findings:

- 70% of teens text at a red light

- 60% of teens text when they are alone in their car

- 30% of people have asked a teen to stop texting and driving

- 37% of teens text and drive when they are with their friends

~BS and Vanessa