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UPDATE On 9 Year Old Girl Who Was Kicked Out of School For Supporting Friend With Cancer

by Vanessa Ryan

A 9 year old Grand Junction, CO girl who shaved her head to show compassion for her friend with cancer, was kicked out of school because the school said she VIOLATED their dress code policy.

She got her parent’s permission to shave her head to show support for her 11-year-old friend who lost her hair battling a childhood cancer but the school wouldn't let her attend classes unless she wore a wig or her hair grew back. What????

After parents complained, the school’s board got together for a vote. It was 3 to 1 to let the girl come back to school. 

It probably didn't hurt that this story gained national attention and outrage across the country either. Unreal. 

More on the story HERE! 

~BS and Vanessa