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Tornado Victim Sends Emotional Text Immediately Before His Death

by Vanessa Ryan

Last week during the deadly tornado outbreak in Arkansas, Regina Wood received a text from her son Jeffrey that she will forever cherish.

Regina and Jeffrey lived about 20 miles apart in different towns, and as the EF-4 tornado approached Jeffrey's town of Vilonia, he took refuge in his bathroom and began to text his mom for updates.

Jeffrey texted Goodbye mama as the tornado approached his neighborhood.

Its headed right for me , was his next text.

Regina texted back I love you Jeff, you will make it.

Jeffrey didnt make it one of several tornado victims in Vilonia.

I have a text from him as the tornado was hitting, she tearfully told Fox 24 . It said Goodbye mama.that was the most precious thing a son could do for his mother.


~BS and Vanessa