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Top 10 Names Of Women Likely To Be Gold Diggers

by Vanessa Ryan

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the Top 20 Names of Men Likely to Cheat On You , so it is only fair we share this list too!

If you are broke, de broke and want to avoid the gold diggers, avoid dating women named Jennifer, Jessica or Michelle!

Dirt Search, a website that lets users check potential partners for evidence of a criminal past or bizarre behavior has advice for spotting a gold digger: 'Look out for a sense of entitlement and check whether they have trouble paying their bills. Gold diggers drop hints that they may be evicted or their car might be repossessed when instead they are buying $400 shoes and watches. Other warning signs include being more than 15 years younger, never paying for anything and having a penchant for expensive things.


1 . Jennifer
2 . Jessica
3 . Michelle
4. Lisa
5 . Ashley
6 . Amanda
7 . Melissa
8 . Stephanie
9 . Nicole
10 . Angela

~BS and Vanessa