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Thomas Rhett Regrets Posting This Bikini Photo Of His Wife

by Vanessa Ryan

As Thomas Rhett is quickly finding out, being a celebrity isn't all positive.

Thomas is really good at connecting and sharing with his fans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but recently sharing a picture of his wife brought on quite a bit of negativity.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Thomas his wife Lauren spent time with friends on a lake near Nashville and Thomas took a photo of Lauren with a friend he then posted on social media.

The comments rolled in fast and furious...and they weren't all very nice.

He talked about it in an interview with Taste of Country. He said, quote, You oughta go look at some of the comments. Its pretty bad. Some were nice, some were not. It was my fault for posting it. I shouldnt have. I should delete it.

Thomas did end up deleting the photo on Instagram, but as of this morning it is still up on Twitter and Facebook.

We think this is another great example that MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.

Lauren is gorgeous, why hate? So rude.

~BS and Vanessa