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THESE Are the 10 Most Offensive Words?????

by Vanessa Ryan

Kids pick up swear words from everywhere -- and not just their parents.

Researchers found that by the age of six, kids have a pretty broad vocabulary of swear words.... and they start picking them up as early as one.

They also say that kids pick up bad language from all over the place and theres not much you can do about it.

They do say parents should talk to their kids more about the meaning of the words and why not to use them.


1 . A**hole

2 . B*tch

3. Goddamn

4 . S***

5 . Ass

6 . Fag

7. Piss

8. Damn

9 . Hell

10 . Stupid

We don't think some of the most offensive are even on this list! Like the F word. And the C word. We also think #6 is more offensive than most of the other words on the list.

What do you think?

~BS and Vanessa