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Parents...DON'T Help Your Kids With Their Homework!

by Vanessa Ryan

Dont help your kids with their homework.


Yep, according to a new study of 25,000 student surveys and family questionnaires, researchers found that parent help is mostly inconsequential, and sometimes can even hurt.

Researchers looked at 63 measures of parental involvement in childrens lives, including helping with homework, volunteering at school, punishing kids with bad grades, observing in the classroom, returning calls from the school and meeting with teachers and the principal. They found that most had little affect on a childs academic success.

The researchers also found that as children got older and entered middle school parental homework help had a negative effect, bringing down test scores. Even though they may be active in helping, they may either not remember the material their kids are studying now, or in some cases never learned it themselves, but theyre still offering advice. And that means poor quality homework."

The only two things that had a significant positive impact was read out loud to young kids and talking with teenagers about college.

We're torn. We can't imagine stopping being involved in our kids schooling even with this information. We can see not helping too much with homework if we would hinder their learning, but giving up volunteering or communicating with the teachers and school doesn't sit well with us at all.

What do you think?

~BS and Vanessa