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New Photos Of Pregnant Celebrities Who Look NORMAL

by Vanessa Ryan

Celebs suck when they are pregnant and all gorgeous and make us normal women feel bad. Moms, you get what we're saying right? If we had all their money, we could look like a million bucks when we are preggers too.

That being said...its nice to see celebrities who look "real."

Yay Drew Barrymore!

Drew has no shame about happily chowing down on Chinese as she prepares to give birth any day now. That is real life pregnancy!

The 38-year-old posted some funny snaps of herself, dining out with a giant table of Chinese food.

"Dim Sum Brunch #iheartchinesefood !!!!"

Yay Kelly Clarkson!

Kelly was photographed for the first time in four months this past weekend, when she and her husband joined family for an Easter outing in Nashville. Wearing normal comfy clothes not all guessied and made up.

~BS and Vanessa