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Man FAKES Death to Get Out of Wedding

by Vanessa Ryan

To what lengths would you go to call something off...like your wedding?

Would you fake your death?

This idiot did just that.

Tucker Blandford faked his death to avoid marrying Alex Lancaster last Friday.

The couple met at college in Connecticut in 2012 and Alextells the Mirror they quickly fell in love. "He was such a gentleman. He showered me with jewelry. We would go out for a posh dinner on the tenth of every month to celebrate the day we got together," Lancaster said, according to the Mirror. "I'd never been in love like that before. I met his family and they treated me like a daughter. His mom and I became so close."

A few months ago, Alex tells Yahoo that she received a call from a man claiming to be Tucker's dad. "He told me Tucker had been deeply depressed and wanted to die, so had thrown himself in front of a car. The man explained that they had been trying to send Tucker off to a psychiatric unit for help. But it was too late. I couldn't breathe. It was absolutely devastating."

Alex discovered that Tucker was lying when she called his mother. "She said Tucker was absolutely fine - but she also thought we'd split up. She knew nothing about the wedding. I don't think I'll ever forgive him .. to be dead to get out of marrying me is just gutless. If he loved me, how could he do such a thing?"

Tucker tells the Daily Mail: "Im a terrible, awful person. I know I shouldnt have told her I was dead, but I didnt know what else to do. Alex is an amazing girl but I got scared and wanted to get out of the relationship. It was moving extremely fast and with us being in different countries, it was really hard. At the time I just felt like I couldnt tell the truth and thought if I could just postpone everything it would be better."

Unreal. At least he knows he's a terrible, awful person.

~BS and Vanessa