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Is Your Job On the Top 10 Endangered List of 2014?

by Vanessa Ryan

Do you ever worry about losing your job? If so, it may not be poor work performance that ends up doing you in, but your job simply disappearing.

Mail carriers, farmers and newspaper reporters are some of the top 10 most endangered jobs of 2014 thanks in part to technology.

Researchers found that mail carriers face a 28% decline by 2022 to top the list.

Coming in second was farmers who face a 19% decline by 2022 because advanced technology requires fewer employees to carry out the work.


1. Mail carrier: 28% decline by 2022

2. Farmer: 19% decline

3. Meter reader: 19%

4. Newspaper reporter: 13%

5. Travel agent: 12%

6. Lumberjack: 9%

7. Flight attendant: 7%

8. Drill-press operator: 6%

9. Printing worker: 5%

10. Tax examiner and collector: 4%

We hope your job isn't on the list!

~BS and Vanessa