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Is Sammy Kershaw Right About the "State" of Country Music These Days?

by Vanessa Ryan

We've been hearing complaints for awhile now about the "state" of country music these days. Some don't know when they turn on a Country radio station if it's even Country Music they are hearing, or Pop, Top 40, Rap or Hip Hop.

We agree, there is definitely a mix of other genres in many of the songs artists are releasing and recording.

One artist who's been in the business for decades says we shouldn't be surprised because it has been a long time coming.

Sammy Kershaw tells Country Weekly ...

Look, Ive always said country music is the only genre that hates itself. It wants to be everything else, but country music," he says. Ive been in it for a long, long time and Ive seen the changes, but it always comes back. But now, I dont see it coming back. It finally found a route to go.

What he says holds weight with us for sure. Now that he says it, it does seem like the genre does at times want to be everything but Country.

We'd love to know what you think.

~BS and Vanessa