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Girls Take HOW LONG For a Night Out?!

by Vanessa Ryan

Does it really take the average girl THREE ENTIRE DAYS planning a night out?

According to new research it does. They prep for the night by shopping for beauty products, waxing and finding the perfect outfit.

AND THEN...when it comes to getting ready the night of, it takes an hour to apply up to 20 beauty products, more if they are getting ready with friends.

20 Products Women Use Before A Girls Night Out

1. Shampoo

2. Deodorant

3. Shower gel

4. Mascara

5. Conditioner

6. Perfume

7. Foundation

8. Eye shadow

9. Face moisturizer

10. Nail polish

11. Lipstick

12. Body moisturizer

13. Blusher

14. Pencil eyeliner

15. Hair spray

16. Concealer

17. Cleanser

18. Lip gloss

19. Facial scrub

20. Body scrub

Vanessa admits she uses these products, but does not spend anywhere close to that much time getting ready to go out.

Ladies...how long does it take you?

~BS and Vanessa