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FIRED...For Saving a Kitten!

by Vanessa Ryan

We hate the saying " No good deed goes unpunished" because it is true!

A highway department worker in Massachusetts was fired for saving a cat stuck in a tree.

A cat belonging to the workers daughters girlfriend got stuck up a tree. The woman called several tree companies and the fire department but no one would help so she called her boyfriend.

He came over with a city bucket truck and got the cat down. But the truck got stuck in the mud and the man called a city dump truck over to get it out.

The driver of the dump truck filed a complaint because the man was using the truck for non-official business.

The worker was suspended at first then fired.

Read more HERE.

Vanessa, being an animal lover, thinks the firing is horrible...BS thinks it was justified. (Obviously BS hates kittens.) What do YOU think?

~BS and Vanessa