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Does Your Relationship Have the 7 Things It Needs To Go the Distance?

by Vanessa Ryan

Studies have shown that there are seven common traits that all successful couples have.

Here are the tips you need if you want to go the distance with your significant other...

1. You feel closer after an argument - fighting is normal, it's about getting to a place where you're mutually happy afterwards.

2. You don't let jealousy get out of control - a little jealously is good but too much can kill your relationship.

3. You don't take a dubious comment the wrong way - don't expect the worst of your partner, take what they say in a good light.

4. You don't change to suit each other, you work together - there are certain things you shouldn't compromise on for each other.

5. You think first, react later - harsh knee jerk reactions cause more harm than good.

6. You know how to say goodbye - don't make the other person feel bad if they do something without you, keep goodbyes short and sweet.

7. You're both getting a fair deal in the relationship - make sure one person isn't getting more out of the relationship than the other.

~BS and Vanessa