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Divorce is Contagious...TRUTH!

by Vanessa Ryan

A new study is claiming that divorce can be contagious - meaning, that if a friend or relative gets divorced were more likely to do the same.

Now that we think about it, we've seen this happen to people around us!

The study (from Brown University) has found that were actually 75% more likely to get divorced after learning someone else we know has.

This kind of social contagiousness occurs when we take on the attitudes or beliefs of those around us - which means our attitude towards marriage and our partner can change if the people around us have had theirs change.

While the study found that people needed to be within two degrees of you to affect your feelings on marriage, its important to note that these social changes can happen just as easily over social media as they can in person. With the increase in social media and the amount of people we are connected to on a daily basis this can greatly effect our attitudes on marriage and divorce.

Do you think this holds weight?

~BS and Vanessa