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Disgusting Example Of Celebrities Airing Dirty Laundry

by Vanessa Ryan

We are disgusted by people taking to social media and airing their dirty laundry. DON'T DO IT.

Here is a disgusting example...

Boxer Floyd Mayweather posted a picture on his Facebook and Instagram pages of his ex-fiances sonogram that showed she was pregnant with twins.

Mayweather claims he broke up with her because she got an abortion which is something he strongly opposes. The two dated for 4 years and got engaged in 2013.

Mayweather called off the engagement last month. He took the photo down from both accounts after receiving hundreds of negative comments.

Mayweathers ex is rumored to be dating rapper Nelly after the two were spotted at a Miami Heat game together. The boxer is said to be heartbroken. Sources say Floyd felt "betrayed" that Shantel would date someone in his circle of friends.

What a jerk face.

~BS and Vanessa