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Country Star Got Married AND Had a Baby and No One Knew!

by Vanessa Ryan

Vanessa is super impressed with BS for breaking Country Music news to her because she's usually the one who keeps him in the loop. :)

BS was at the checkout and was thumbing through the latest People Country issue and saw that Josh Thompson got married last year AND has a 9 month old daughter named Josie!

Check out the last paragraph in the picture below...


How did he keep this under the radar? In this day and age, that is a tough thing to do!

We are so happy for him! CONGRATULATIONS Josh!!

He's a great friend to WDEZ and we adore this Wisconsin born and bred talented singer/songwriter so much!

Go pick up his new album Turn It Up which is available NOW! You are going to love it as much as we do!

~BS and Vanessa