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7 Uses For Beer, OTHER Than Drinking It

by Vanessa Ryan

Leave it to Bryan to do anything but real work this morning. ;) Thank goodness he found a list of uses for the extra beer you have laying around the house.

Here is the complete list we talked about this morning...


Polish furniture. Lifehacker recommends letting the beer go flat first and then apply it to your furniture with a clean cloth.

Drown fruit flies. All you need is a jar, some beer and a rolled up piece of paper. The fruit flies will be attracted to the beer and fly in. By giving them a very narrow way of getting in and not much of chance of getting out, theyll eventually drown.

Drown slugs in the garden. Fruit flies arent the only insect attracted to beer. Care2 instructs gardeners to burry a wide mouth container up to its neck so its flush with the ground around a garden thats being attacked by slugs. Fill the container halfway with beer, and the slugs will just slide in for a swim and never get back out.

Highlight your hair. SheKnows recommends using a six-pack of light-colored beer for some natural summer highlights. Use four of the beers to saturate your hair; drink the other two while youre lying in the sun letting it bleach your mane.

Give your compost a boost. SFGate suggests mixing a bottle of beer with one cup of ammonia in 4 gallons of water, and then pouring it over the compost pile to get the pile cooking. Its the yeast and sugar in the beer thats helpful.

Clean your car battery. If corrosion on the battery terminal of your car is keeping the car from starting, Yahoo Shine says pouring carbonated (not flat) beer on it will melt away the problem.

Soak your feet. There are spas dedicated to bathing entirely in beer, but that could get cost prohibitive at home. Philly Beer Scene recommends a variation on the beer bath a beer foot bath. This will help to remove dead skin and calluses and could even help alleviate a toenail fungal problem or Athletes Foot.

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~BS and Vanessa