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6 Things Men Shouldn't Tell Their Wives

by Vanessa Ryan

We don't think you should ever lie or keep important things from your significant other, but sometimes over sharing causes unnecessary fights and hurt feelings.

Do you agree?


1 . How much crap I eat when she's not around

...Salami, steak, fried onions, cheese, along with three pints of Guinness.

2. My complete computer history

Self-gratification. All men do it, and now, thanks to the Internet, all men have an endless supply of visual aids. Most wives don't want to know about this.

3. That I can't deal with being outearned

On the outside, I'm cool about staying home with the kids and making less than my wife, but deep down, it drives me nuts. It feels totally emasculating.

4. About the occasional tingling in my arm

Unless I can see bone or can't staunch the bleeding, I'm not going to the doctor for anything other than a checkup, so she doesn't need to know about my arm tingling, the semi-regular searing pain in my lower back, or the time I nearly passed out at the end of a four-mile run. Ignorance is bliss for everyone involved.

5. The details of my night out with the guys

If I'm pulling my weight as a dad the next day, it's none of her business.

6. That I flirt with other women

I occasionally banter with other women. And I don't want her to tell me about the guy she had a drink with on the plane--I just want her to jump me when she gets home. I believe we both need our own stories or we'd lose interest in each other pretty fast. Having private thoughts, fears, and guilty pleasures keeps me sharp and interesting and makes me feel that I still might be able to surprise her one day, and that I might also surprise myself.

~BS and Vanessa