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5 Reasons You Should Break Up With Them Already

by Vanessa Ryan

Have you ever put off the inevitable? You may be scared to end a relationship, worried about hurting the other person or yourself.

If you know your relationship is over, a professional breakup coach says this is why you need to end it now and not wait any longer...

1. The relief is so worth it. - You will feel at peace and relieved to let your relationship go. Though there is pain in breakup a you also let go of a lot of stress over knowing you're not with the right person for you.

2. You can move forward. - You don't realize how much relationships are holding you back until you're free to do the things you weren't able to do before.

3. You'll feel proud of yourself. - It might take time but you'll feel stronger for stepping up and ending the relationship.

4. Your loved ones deserve honesty and so do you. - The person you're with and you yourself deserve to live in the truth. If this partnership isn't meant to last that truth needs to be in the open.

5. Healing. - When you move on you can truly heal.

~BS and Vanessa