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5 Myths About Tipping

by Vanessa Ryan

We admit that we stress a little when it comes to tipping. Who, how much, etc. Here are 5 myths that will help clear some of our questions about tipping up...

1. There's no need to leave money for a hotel housekeeper.

The average hourly pay for U.S. hotel housekeepers is $9.21, with exceptions in Vegas where they get $16.19 an hour and in San Francisco where they earn $20.94 an hour.

Most travelers don't leave tips, but etiquette experts suggest $2 to $5 a day, depending on the luxury level of the hotel.

2. A restaurant server will receive the same amount whether you tip in cash or on a credit card.

Some restaurants make waiters and bartenders pay the credit-card company service fee of 2% to 3%, and some servers dont get credit-card tips the day they're given.

3. The hotel concierge should be paid for every reservation or arrangement she or he makes.

While concierges do rely on tips to boost their incomes, it's considered best to hand over an envelope at the end of your stay as thanks for all of their help.

4. Those room-service fees go straight to the staffer.

Don't count on it. Experts say that a "delivery charge" or "delivery fee" typically goes to the hotel, but a "service charge" is usually a tip.

5. I have to accept the automatic daily gratuity added to my bill by the cruise line.

Most big cruise lines add extra dollars to the cost to make sure low-paid employees get tipped, but if you dont want to pay it go to reception and ask them to adjust your bill.

But remember that many of the hard workers on the ship rely on tips for most of their pay.

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~BS and Vanessa