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16 Most Annoying Workplace Habits!

by Vanessa Ryan


1. Farting in elevators. Hold it in people. The ride’s not that long.

2. Stealing food from the work fridge. There was a name on that banana.

3. Inappropriate work wear. No one wants to see too much skin at work.

4. Leaving the kitchen messy. Please wipe up your spattered curry from the kitchen bench.

5. Removing your shoes at your desk when you have smelly feet. Any smells that are emanating from your person should be contained at work.

6. Loud phone talking. Glad you had a great vacation, but we don’t need to hear all about it.

7. Letting food rot in the fridge. That salad you brought in last week is growing legs and wants to say hi.

8. Annoying email sign-offs. Leave your ‘see ya sweeties’ for the family.

9. Eating smelly food at your desk. Glad you like tuna. Not everyone does.

10. Spreading your sickness. Everybody is really impressed that you battled a cold, a flu, a runny nose, a demonic cough and highly infectious diseases to come into the office. But how about next time you stay at home?

11. Inappropriate desk behavior. Cutting your toenails at your desk is a no no.

12. Oversharing personal details. So you were off sick from an infected dog bite? Great. Don’t need to hear about the oozing.

13. The passive aggressive CC. Yes, we made a tiny mistake. No need to CC in all the heads of departments when you alert us of it.

14. Perpetual meeting maker. Let’s have a meeting to discuss meetings. And then drag out those meetings for as long as possible. MEETINGSARENEVER PRODUCTIVE.

15. Not sharing delicious foods. So you made muffins! Are you really going to eat them all yourself?

16. Not wearing deodorant. You might not be able to smell your own stench, but the rest of the office can. Spray or roll on. It’s not that hard. 

Do you have any to add???????

~BS and Vanessa