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15 Insane Things You Do When You Have a Crush On Someone

by Vanessa Ryan

I think it is safe to safe we've crushed on someone at some point, right?

15 Insane Things You Do When You Have a Crush On Someone

1. Constantly check your texts, even if the phone hasnt vibrated.

2 . Get really excited when your phone does vibrate.

3. If they do text you its as if a choir of angels might even be singing in the distance.

4. If it wasnt your crush who texted you, your heart sinks and you curse whoever had the nerve to call.

5. As for stalking your crush on social media, youre as efficient as the NSA.

6. If your crush friends or follows you on social media before you do, it's like the best moment of your life.

7 . You like and comment on your crushs Facebook activity, being carefull to stay between creepy and cute.

8. If you talk to your crush, you're careful not to let on how much you know about them via the internet.

9. Your friends are sick of how much you talk about your crush.

10. Their favorite place to hang out suddenly is also your favorite place to hang out.

11 . When you're around your crush, you absolutely, 100% cannot fart.

12 . If youre in the same room as your crush, you always know where they are at any given time, kind of like a lifeguard keeps one eye on a weak swimmer at all times.

13. Youve become great at the art of staring at your crush without them knowing.

14 . You plan your outfit based on if you expect to see your crush that day.

15 . Youve tried on your crushs last name, just in case you get married.

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~BS and Vanessa