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11 Foods That Make You Hungry

by Vanessa Ryan

Do you ever finish a meal and find yourself quickly feeling hungry again?

Whenever we eat Chinese Food, we get super stuffed, then feel ravenous an hour later. Has that ever happened to you too?

Apparently, certain foods make us feel MORE hungry.


1. White bread - eating this spikes your insulin levels.

2. Juice - it's full of sugars.

3. Salty snacks - pretzels are one example and they give you high insulin.

4. Fast food - tons of high fructose corn syrup makes you hungry.

5. Alcohol - booze makes you crave carbs.

6. White pasta - it's easy to eat too much and like white bread it peaks your insulin.

7. MSG - this flavor enhancer increase appetite by 40%.

8. Sushi rolls - there's some fish but you're mostly eating rice, it's basically like having 3 slices of white bread.

9. Artificial sweeteners - these trick your brian into thinking you're getting an energy boost when you're really not.

10. Kids' cereals - blood sugar and insulin is high after white flour and dusted sugar enters the system.

11. Pizza - white flour, oil, processed cheese, preservatives - all just waiting to make your body feel an insulin spike.

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~BS and Vanessa