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10 TV Show Endings That Left Fans Upset

by Vanessa Ryan

Facebook and Twitter went crazy this week after "How I Met Your Mother" ended it's nine season run. Many fans were not happy with the ending. Mother was actually dead this whole time and the love of Ted's life was really Aunt Robin. Huh?

Here is a list of 10 other series finales that left fans unhappy too...

1. "The Sopranos" - It cut to black in the middle leaving the family eating at a restaurant and Tony Soprano's fate unknown.

2. "Angel" - It ended with an epic battle and viewers left in the dark as to who survived.

3. "Seinfeld" - After nine fantastic seasons, they end up in jail for being bad people.

4. "Gossip Girl" - Revealing who the "gossip girl" really was disappointed fans.

5. "Desperate Housewives" - Susan Mayer leaves her home on Wisteria Lane and just drives away.

6. "Dexter" - Dexter exiled himself. The end? Ugh.

7. "The Hills" - It was revealed the show was fake the whole time. Or was it?

8. "St. Elsewhere" - It was all a snowglobe-inspired daydream.

9. "Roseanne" - The entire show was a book written about Roseanne Conner's life.

10. "Lost" - It ended without answers to many questions.

~BS and Vanessa