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10 Things Women Wish Men Knew!

by Vanessa Ryan

There always is and always will be things that men don't realize and learn about women. Here are some of the things that women wish guys did know:

- Don't try to impress her - Overly alpha-male behavior mixed with some bragging and boasting and overdoing bad jokes are never a good idea.

- Women don't shave their legs every single day - Between society and the media in recent years, it's as if women aren't allowed to have leg hair. It should not be something a man ever brings up.

- Humorous teasing and jerk comments can easily go too far - Don't treat her like she's one of your bros. Don't name call or belittle.

- Most girls don't care about money as much as men think - Don't be cheap, but don't obsess and boast about money either.

- You better introduce her and make the relationship status clear - Don't put off the introduction and don't just introduce her by her name either.

- Keeping secrets is the same as cheating - Women don't respond well to you hiding something from them, regardless of what it is.

- They worry of you don't text them back right away - Unless you're driving it's best to text back right away. If not it sends a message that you don't think it's important.

- Women are self conscious by nature - Knowing this will make you more aware to her sensitivities and allow you to be more reassuring. If she gets sensitive about something in particular, don't respond by telling her she's making a big deal out of nothing.

- How you say I Love You Matters - If she texts "I Love You" don't respond with "Luv U 2" or "Me Too", because it sends the wrong signals.

- When she's mad she wants you to pay attention to her - Even if she tries to imply the opposite or makes it seem like she wants you to leave, don't believe it. It's not true.

This is a pretty good list guys! BS and I agree though that if you want to know everything about women it won't happen. Women are...complex creatures. To say the least. :)


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