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10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2015

by Vanessa Ryan

Every year Wall Street predicts 10 brands that will soon be obsolete and the list is out for those that have a target on their back for 2015.

This list not only represents brands that will exit the game because of poor performance, but brands that will no longer exist simply because they're doing so well and are merging with other companies.

Meet the top 10:

1. Lululemon - after having to recall products for being too sheer they have struggled to regain their audience.

2. DirecTV - AT&T plans to buy the satellite company.

3. Hillshire Brands - two different companies are in a bidding war over the brand.

4. Zynga - after making FarmVille it has been unable to match its social gaming success.

5. Alaska Air - as the only remaining independent airline it is being targeted to be purchased.

6. Russell Stover - the third largest candy maker could be purchased by Hershey's.

7. Shutterfly - it's hard to attract customers with competition like instagram and Facebook.

8. Time Warner Cable - They were recently purchased by Comcast.

9. Blackberry - they are not able to keep up in the smartphone world.

10. Aeropostale - teens are going to its competitors and the clothing brand is having a hard time finding success.

Any of these you don't want to see go?

~BS and Vanessa