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Miss Cindy's "50 Shades of Blue Christmas Tree!"

by Cindy Rippe

Thanksgiving is over and now, according to Holiday etiquette experts, it's time to decorate for Christmas! I found some amazing Black Friday deals for Christmas decor! I have always wanted to decorate an all blue tree, so this year was the year! I started with a brand new tree!! My previous one was more than 15 years old and it was old, fat, and out of style. (I kinda know the feeling!) I found a 7 1/2 foot one for 50% off on Black Friday. 

My husband is so good about making sure every branch is fluffed out and perfect. I'm WAY too impatient for that job. 

I went to my favorite craft store and bought 2 rolls of mesh ribbon (it's in the cart upside down) and some sparkley peacock picks and some blue poinsettias and a big box of blue bulbs in different shades of blue...I'm calling this tree "Fifty Shades Of Blue!" OH, and the LIGHTS, the most important element to the tree! I bought 5 strands of blue LED lights. They put off the most intense colors! I LOVE them....plus they save on your energy bill. I just strung those on like normal.

Ok, he's FINALLY got it ready for me to add the glitz and dazzle!!!!!!! My favorite part...THE MESH RIBBON!!! Don't be afraid to work with the mesh, it's SO easy. I just took a twist tie and scrunched up the end and started from the top of the tree and worked all around it, and just scrunched it every 2 feet or so, and secured the mesh with a branch from the tree...just wrap the branch around the mesh to hold it. So easy!

Just adjust the mesh as you go. It's very forgiving. 

Next I added my blue bulbs, all in different shades of blue. At the top, I just scrunched a separate piece of the mesh ribbon and made my tree topper, and added some floral picks from the craft store. 

And since I have so much red in my living room, I decided to incorporate a little bit of red, by adding some different sized red bulbs, just to tie it all together! 

And there it is!! My "50 Shades of Blue Christmas Tree!" 

Merry Christmas!!