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  • Couple of WDEZ Club related items...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    You may have noticed that I'm filling in for Joe Cassady this week on WDEZ.

    Joe's show is a little tight timing-wise.  I won't have time to do TTPK Hints and Answers on air.  I'll post them below.

    Due to the same time constraints, I won't be able to do the Keyword Comedy Club today either.  I'll air it during my shift on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


    The answer to Tuesday's TTPK was:  "mile" (milestone, country mile, nautical mile)

    Your hint for Wednesday's TTPK is "determining the amount of"

    Be Cool,


  • Breakin' the rules

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    You may have noticed that I was filling in for Joe Cassady today on WDEZ.

    This was a bit of a last minute arrangement.  In my haste to get my act together for an earlier shift, I neglected to give you hints and answers to the last couple days worth of Terry's Triple Play Keywords.

    A while back, I was told not to do Keyword-related stuff on my Blog.

    I'm hoping that extenuating circumstances will provide enough cover for me to break the rules just once.


    The answer to Thursday's TTPK was:  "change" (oil change, spare change, pocket change)

    Your hint for Friday's TTPK is:  "go back"

    Your hint for Saturday's TTPK is:  "I always appreciate a nice one"

    Your hint for Sunday's TTPK is:  "heaping it up"

    It looks like I'll be filling in for Joe for a few more days.  That means that Terry's Triple Play Keyword, Terry's Sing-A-Long Bonus Keyword, and the usual Bonus that I do will happen between 2pm and 6pm for the next few days.

    Thanks for your patience, and thanks for listening!

    Be Cool,



    (P.S.  I'll have more photo stories coming eventually.  The last few weeks have been crazy copywriting-wise.  That's great news for business, but no so good news for my amateur short fiction writing career.)

  • Random Photo Story: "Fox Owl Rabbit Crow"

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I went to Creative Commons and picked a random photo.  Then I wrote a short piece based on that photo.  Today's "Random Photo Story" is fictional.  It might even be a fable of some sort:



    by Terry Stevens

    Melting into the brush, Fox smiled at his fortune.

    "Rabbit.  A big juicy one.  Today shall be a feast for Fox."

    His spell of concealment woven, Fox awaited the perfect moment to strike.


    Owl surveyed the lurking Fox from his perch.

    Crow croaked next to him.  "He's quite a bit bigger than you, you know."

    "Yes, but he doesn't fly," Owl replied.  "High ground has the advantage.  In addition, he doesn't even know that I can see him.  Plus, he'll never suspect me of hunting during the day either.  I have the advantage of surprise.  Stupid foxes with their stupid tricks that only work on the stupid.  That rabbit is mine."

    Crow chuckled.  "Foxes are a cocky bunch, aren't they?"

    "Indubitably," Owl confirmed.  "Are you prepared to escort a rabbit into the after-world?"

    Crow raised his ebon beak high, "Wherever I perch, death is sure to come."  Crow then flew up to a higher vantage point and awaited the outcome of the hunt.


    Rabbit munched the sweet grass, oblivious to the hungry eyes upon him.

    Fox edged closer, closer to his prey.

    Owl waited.

    Fox crept.

    Owl waited.

    Fox crouched, his hind legs prepared to leap at his meal.

    Owl silently dropped from his branch.

    Fox leaped.

    Owl swooped.

    Both collided over Rabbit's head.

    Red fur blurred with brown feathers as Fox and Owl thrashed about.  Claw and fang, beak and talon, ripping and tearing, until in one severing red stroke, both combatants stuck a mortal blow upon the other.

    Life's breath escaping, the words, "My rabbit" were their last.

    Crow swooped down from the tree, landing next to the now quite alarmed Rabbit.

    "Quite the exciting afternoon for you, Rabbit," Crow joked.

    "Such savagery," Rabbit shook.

    "It's always that way with their kind," Crow replied, hopping over to the fallen combatants.  "Had they cooperated, they could have shared your bits and pieces betwixt them."

    Rabbit blanched.  "You are no comfort, Crow."

    "Alas," Crow continued, "they battled instead of bartered, choose the fight over friendship, and now they share the same fate."

    "And what fate is that?" Rabbit reluctantly inquired.

    "The same fate as yours," Crow replied.

    "What!  I am nothing like Owl or Fox!"  Rabbit screeched.

    "It matters not," Crow counseled.  "Whether you choose a rabbit's life of peace and harmony, or the fox and owl's life of bloodshed, everyone meets me in the end."

    "You're horrible," Rabbit scolded.

    "I'm right," Crow countered.

    "No!  You make it sound like the life I lead makes no difference," Rabbit huffed.

    "Tell me, Rabbit, how will you be remembered?" Crow queried.

    "I'll be remembered as gentle and kind.  A friend," Rabbit replied.

    "And how do you suppose Owl and Fox will be remembered?" Crow pressed.

    "Savages, brutes who thought they were smarter than everyone else because they had advantages that the rest of us didn't, like Fox's magic cloak, or Owl's silent flight."

    "And that's the difference," Crow croaked.  "Just because you're going to end up having your bones picked over by me doesn't mean you have to be a sinister fiend on your way to my beak.  Who knows?  Some may have nice things to say about you after I've finished my meal."

    Crow's beak snapped down and back up again.  "Eyeball?" he offered Rabbit.

    Rabbit recoiled and hopped away.

    "Suit yourself," Crow muttered.



  • Random Photo Story: "Elsie's Camera"

    Posted by Terry Stevens


    by Terry Stevens

    Elsie and that camera.

    I swear the girl couldn't truly appreciate a thing this world has to offer unless she was looking at it though a lens.

    You'd have thought she owned stock in Kodak.  Every moment, every little thing that caught her eye, CLICK, CLICK and CLICK. Conversations would be punctuated by flashbulbs and flim winding.  It's like she was trying to document the world, making sure that nothing went forgotten.

    "Oh Elsie, look at those flowers."

    "Oh, they're gorgeous!"  CLICK!

    "Aw, what a cute puppy."

    "Awwwwww."  CLICK!

    "Elsie, this is the guy I've been telling you about...



    According to her Facebook status, today marks their 30th wedding anniversary.  I'm not bitter.  I've lived a full life since that day.  A successful career, a loving family with the man that I love, all of the comforts a woman could ask for.

    I found this photo on her page too.  I see the hurt in my eyes.  I see the sting of betrayal in my heart.  I see that camera.

    While I should say that I want for nothing, I still want to smash that camera into her dumb face.

  • Random Photo Story: "Mail Order Demon Cat"

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I went to Creative Commons and picked a random photo.  Then I wrote a short piece based on that photo.  Today's "Random Photo Story" is fictional:



    by Terry Stevens

    Congratulations on your purchase of Demon Cat!

    To ensure that you receive full enjoyment of your new minion, please read this instructional pamphlet in its entirety.  D. Mon Inc. can not be held liable for improper use of Demon Cat.

    1. Release Demon Cat from its shipping container immediately upon receipt.  It's cramped in there.  Do NOT attempt to reuse runes found inside the container.

    2.  After releasing Demon Cat from its shipping container, immediately feed it some of your blood.  A few drops should suffice.  Once sated upon your mortal essence, Demon Cat will be bound to you and become your loyal servant until the moment of your death.

    3.  Ownership of Demon Cat cannot be transferred to another mortal.  You bought it.  It's yours.  Yeah, we know we should have told you this before the blood feeding bit.  Tough.

    4.  While Demon Cat's true name is unpronounceable in your tongue, it will respond to any name you give it.  Attempts to learn Demon Cat's true name will immediately void the warranty, and cause Demon Cat to feast on your entrails.

    5.  Demon Cat may be fed any sort of sustenance that a normal cat would feed on.  This is for outward appearances only as Demon Cat's true food source is the screams of its victims.

    6.  Once an order is given to your newly bonded Demon Cat, it can NOT be rescinded.  Please think any revenge fantasies through very thoroughly before committing your new minion to malignant acts.  The fact that you purchased a Demon Cat in the first place could indicate that you might be the jerk in the situation for which you're seeking revenge .

    7. If, by chance, you do wish to rescind a command that you've given to your Demon Cat, do NOT attempt to stop Demon Cat by retaining the services of a second Demon Cat.  Demon Cats do not interfere with each other's work as a matter of professional courtesy.

    8.  Demon Cat can not be destroyed, or reasoned with.  Keep this in mind at all times, foolish mortal.

    Thanks again for your purchase of Demon Cat!  D. Mon Inc. is sure that you and your new infernal minion will enjoy years of quality time together.  Of course, after you die you'll be condemned to eternal hellfire and damnation for trucking about with demon-kind, but it's a bit late to regret that now, isn't it?

    Best Wishes,

    B. Zeelbub

  • Random Photo Story: "Dandelions"

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I'm going to try something different in my blog today.  I went to Creative Commons and picked a random photo.  Then I wrote a short piece based on that photo.  Today's "Random Photo Story" is fictional:

    DANDELION by Rick Harris


    by Terry Stevens

    Growing up, our yard was always full of dandelions.  Dad cursed them, but I thought they were pretty. 

    I’d always run out in the yard and gather a big yellow bunch of them and give them to Momma.  Even though they were weeds, she always told me how lovely they were.  She’d put them in a small vase with a bit of water, and set them on a windowsill.

    I learned a lot of things from her, not the least of which was how to appreciate beauty in all of God’s creations; even the ones that other folks may not call beautiful.

    Laying here on the grass between mom and dad’s graves, I’m at eye level with a dandelion.  Next time I visit, I’m gonna bring a small vase with a bit of water.

    Mom would like that.  Dad will appreciate me getting “that damn yellow bugger” off of his grass.

  • How I became a better parent by going brain dead

    Posted by Terry Stevens


    If you have kids, you've been there.  The kid(s) are going berserk, not listening, and not respecting your authority.  You're completely frazzled and starting to contemplate disciplinary measures that are probably in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions.

    What's a parent to do?

    Do you spank?  Do you keep trying to negotiate?  Do you frequently argue with your significant other as to how to properly discipline your lovely little monster(s)?

    BAD KIDS BY WARD KADEL"No.  You clean YOUR room."

    Anj and I were in that boat.

    I'm not sure how it worked out with your kid(s), but for Anj and I, the "Terrible Twos" were nothing compared to the "Threatening Threes".  Our daughter, Rosemary, only become tougher to manage from there.

    One minute, she could be the sweetest girl in the world, compassionate, caring, a model citizen.  The next minute she could be sassy, defiant, and disrespectful.  We tried it all.  Time-outs, spanking, priviledge restrictions, etc.  Nothing seemed to stick.

    Worse yet, her little brother, Ragnar, was starting to pick up her defiant habits.

    ROSEMARY AND RAGNAR WITH FORKSMoments after this photo was taken, they stabbed me in the leg with those forks.

    Then, Anj got wind of a parenting class that our church was offering.  It was called Love and Logic.  We knew we had to get on the same page when it came to disciplining our kids.  We signed up, took the course and got a consistant, proven plan that we could stick with.

    A few years later, our kids still have their moments of defiance, sass, and other bits of youthful terrorism.  Thanks to Love and Logic, Anj and I are better equipped to handle those mini-revolutions.

    Our church is offering the course again starting on Wednesday, April 4th.  If you have kids between the ages of 5 and 12, it is absolutely worth your while to check it out.  The techniques you'll learn are easy.  Heck, one of the techniques involves going "Brain Dead".  (I handled that like a pro.)

    The course is only $35.  Anj and I got our money's worth out of it.  I'm sure you will too.

    If you're interested, CLICK HERE to go to a Facebook Page with more details.

    And hey, good luck.  Us parents have to stick together.

    Be Cool,


  • Terry's Reading Room

    Posted by Terry Stevens


    Oh, come on.  Like you've never read here.

    Welcome to Terry's Reading Room.

    By the way, every one of these books are available at the Marathon County Public Library:

    Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up by Harriet Lerner

    No, I'm not in a troubled marriage.  Anj and I are rock-solid.

    When it comes to non-fiction books, I like reading about things that I want to know more about, or be better at.

    Marriage is something I always want to be better at, so I like to read about it.

    Marriage Rules is a collection of over 100 "Rules" to ensure a successful marriage.  There are tips on how to communicate better, argue productively, set boundaries, etc. 

    There are entire sections on kids, step-parenting, and divorce too.  This book covers all the marriage bases.

    I recommend this book to anyone who wants a better marriage.  No matter where your marriage ranges on the dysfuntional/awesome scale, it'll give you something to think about.


    The People's Money by Scott Rasmusssen

    Scott Rasmussen runs one of the most respected public opinion polling organizations in the country.  He literally asks the opinion of thousands of American's on thousands of different topics a year.

    The People's Money compiles the opinions of the American pubilc on our nation's most pressing economic issues, namely, Military Expenditures, Social Security, and Medicare.  All three are financially unsustainable in their current forms, and no one in office, or running for office is going to do anything productive about it.

    Rasmussen lays out solutions to this issues that are in line with the opinion data he's collected over the years.  The result is a common sense plan of action, that according to his data, would enjoy the support of a vast majority of Americans.

    Of course, a common sense solution isn't exactly the average politician's strong suit.  Maybe you should read this book and then run for office.


    The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker

    The obligatory graphic novel entry in Terry's Reading Room, The Circle Trilogy is an epic adventure about a young fella who's caught between two worlds.

    In our world, he's just some dude.  In the other world, he's some dude fighting against unspeakable evil in a magical land.  His actions in one world affect the other.

    Action, romance, adventure and a liberal dose of Christian allegory make for a read unlike any I've ever had.  Nice art too.


    Be Cool


  • Terry Stevens' Time Machine

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Back to the Future by Jason Barles.  Remix by Terry Stevens

    I've been working for WDEZ, and its parent company Midwest Communications, in one way or another since May of 2001.  (I'm not sure why they've hung on to me this long either.)  Over that time, I written quite a bit in my Blog.  Terry Stevens' Time Machine will cherry pick some of those bits, and add some present day perspective.


    Thursday, April 29th, 2005

    So it finally happened.  The voice, she is kaput!

    What really gets me about this is that I am one of the few DJs in this building who doesn't smoke cigarettes, yet I'm the only one who seems to lose his voice on a regular basis.  Is there something in Marlboros that preserve the vocal chords that I'm not aware of?  Sheesh!

    Anyway, I'm taking a vow of silence now through the weekend.  I'm sure my wife Anji will be very upset...  Bazooka Joe will fill in for me tonight on Cool-FM.  Billie's going to take care of my Midnight-6am shift on Great Country 101.9 WDEZ and Race Bannon will cover my 4p-8p Cool-FM shift on Sunday.  I can't thank these folks enough for covering my posterior and my throat this weekend.

    On a different topic, I mentioned yesterday that Anji and I are rooting for Bo Bice on American Idol this season.  After typing that blog entry, it was revealed that Mr. Bice had a couple of drug-related run-ins with the law in his younger days.  I can't say that it affects Anj and I's opinion of him.  I figure if you're fit to run a country while having that sort of thing in your past, you can probably win a televised karaoke contest too!  Go Bo!

    Hopefully, I'll talk to you on Monday night via the airwaves in addition to this blog.

    Be Cool,



    This is a follow-up to the last Terry's Time Machine that I did.

    My comment regarding smoking was true.  At the time, it seemed like most of the DJs in the building smoked cigarettes.  These days, due to healthier lifestyles and the fact that cigarettes cost about as much as a black market lung transplant, we don't have any smokers on the airstaff.

    PHOTO BY RABINA WRATH"I just inhaled a year's salary!  Tee-hee!"

    I started smoking when I was 17.  I was never a very heavy smoker.  I knew I wanted to quit after about 3 months of it.  Of course, by then I was hooked.  Thus, began a long journey of trying to kick a criminally stupid habit.

    My quitting techniques included, but were not limited to the following:

    1)  Every week I didn't smoke, I would buy myself some Magic: The Gathering cards.

    2)  I quit taking breaks at work to avoid the temptation to smoke.

    3)  I only let myself smoke during set "appointments".  Eventually I dropped "appointments" until I didn't smoke.


    I was only a little irritable...

    Individually, none of these techniques put the nail in the coffin of my coffin nails, but combined over time, my dependence on nicotine gradually disappeared.  I've been smoke-free for quite some time now.  No matter how hard you think it will be to quit, you're right, and it's still worth it.

    Switching gears now.

    The folks who filled in for me that weekend deserve a "Where Are They Now?" I'd say. 

    "Bazooka Joe" was the alias for one of the DJs who worked for our sister station, WIFC.  He currently works in the medical field.

    Billie still works for us, but these days she works in human resources instead of being on the air.  Her mother works as the receptionist in our Plover office too.

    "Race Bannon" was the alias of none other than Lee Peek when he filled in on Cool-FM (one of the formats we tried on 94.7FM.)  Lee, as you well know, has moved on to new ventures.  He always enjoyed working the oldies format, though.

    Incidentally, when 94.7 flipped to Cool-FM, I was looking for ways to promote the station without being blatantly obvious about it.  I decided to start signing off my e-mails and blogs with "Be Cool".  Even after Cool-FM was dropped in favor of a different format, I kept "Be Cool" because I liked the way it sounded.

    I was still cheering for Bo Bice in that blog entry too.  Idol really had me in its grip back then.  I still think the stuff he was arrested for ought to be de-criminalized and taxed.

    Be Cool,


  • Terry Stevens' Time Machine

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Back to the Future by Jason Barles.  Remix by Terry Stevens

    I've been working for WDEZ in one way or another since May of 2001.  (I'm not sure why they've hung on to me this long either.)  Over that time, I written quite a bit in my Blog.  Terry Stevens' Time Machine will cherry pick some of those bits, and add some present day perspective.

    This is the very first thing I wrote when we were using our old Blog system:

    Thursday, April 28th, 2005

    Once again I am losing my voice.  Given my line of work, this isn't exactly a good thing.  It goes the same way every time.  My sinuses fry, then my throat gets shredded, followed by my lungs filling with goop.  It's like a domino rally for my respiratory system I tell ya!

    Every time this sort of thing happens, I can always count on one thing.  Don Clark will have some sort of crazy folk remedy to cure what ails me.  The last time I lost my voice, he recommended that I drink a glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey and lemon!  I think I'll just stick with something from the pharmacy department, thanks.  I mean really, with all of the advances in medical technology these days I'm thinking that Don should probably look outside the realm of voodoo for healing.  I know he means well, but for Pete's sake man, Walgreens is right down the street!

    Speaking of voice trouble, I can't believe that Constantine got the boot from American Idol last night!  Don't get me wrong, I never picked him to win the whole deal.  I did expect him to last substantially longer than Scott Savol, Anthony Federov or Carrie Underwood though.  Those three bore me to tears every single time they're on stage.  My wife Anji is rooting for Bo Bice and I'm more inclined to agree with her every time I hear him sing.

    Gotta go!  I think Don has some hemlock and wolfsbane brewing for me in the studio.

    Be Cool,



    Don Clark was the Program Director of our sister station on 94.7 back when it was an Oldies Station.  He's since moved on to other opportunities. 


    THE INCREDIBLE CLARKAdhering to the dress code was never Don's strong suit.


    I actually did try the apple cider trick.  It was pretty foul. 

    Eventually, I discovered the joys of the Neti Pot.  Since I've started using one, my voice loss issues have all but vanished.  Yes, it looks and feels weird to use one, but I swear it works.

    Another remedy I've used to fight voice issues is Throat Coat teaLittle Big Town played a gig at what is now The Great Dane in Wausau a few years back.  One of their vocalists was having major voice issues.  She asked one of our staff to pick up some Throat Coat for her.  She got it, drank it, and proceeded to sing her butt off like a pro.  I've been using it ever since.

    The other thing that strikes me about this blog post from the past is that I was still invested in watching American Idol.  My interest in the show has waned in recent years, due to a combination of working nights and not really having time for it, the departure of Simon Cowell, and a bit of burnout regarding the show itself.  (I did enjoy the first season of The Voice.  Haven't made time for the second, though.)

    The funny thing is, I didn't see Carrie Underwood as a superstar at the time.  I lumped her in with Scott Savol and Anthony Federov.  I cheered for Bo Bice and Constantine Whatshislastname.

    Flash forward to today and Carrie Underwood is a massive star, while you can't find the other guys with a search warrant and a pack of bloodhounds.

    Shows what I know.

    Anj still watches Idol.  I'm more inclined to read a book, or do some writing these days.

    Be Cool,


  • A change of plans

    Posted by Terry Stevens


    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm no longer allowed to post Keyword-related stuff of any sort in my Blog.

    No, I'm not sure why either.

    Anyway, I don't want to leave you hanging when it comes to Terry's Triple Play Keyword Hints.  Heck, I even get stumped by some of them and I'm the guy who writes 99.9% of them.

    From now on, I'll give a TTPK Hint and the answer to the most recently expired TTPK before the 6:45pm weather.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Thanks for reading and listening!


  • Terry's Triple Play Keyword Hint 3/12

    Posted by Terry Stevens


    Your hint for Monday's TTPK is:  "uppermost"


    The answer to Friday's TTPK is "shoot":  shoot down, photo shoot, shootout.

    The answer to Saturday's TTPK is "league":  Ivy League, dart league, bowling league.

    The answer to Sunday's TTPK is "fund":  mutual fund, trust fund, hedge fund.

    Be Cool,