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  • A slight change of plans

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    As you may have heard while listening to Joe Cassady, Carson called in well...er...sick today.  Our broadcast schedule will change as follows:

    I'm filling in for Carson between 3pm and 8pm.

    Radar is filling in for me between 8pm and 2am.

    Today's Terry's Triple Play Keyword will occur at around 6:40 or so.

    The Hamsters and Scots are trapped under an avalanche in Merrill and will be unable to attend today's broadcast.

    Your TTPK hint for last night is:  "don't stop"

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "drivesafe".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 12/10/09.

    Be Cool,


  • Taking a snow day

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    No, not me.  WDEZ's transmitter is taking the night off again.  Same deal as last night time-wise.

    Your TTPK hint for last night is:  "The Gambler"

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "hopethisworks".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 12/09/09.

    Be safe if you have to drive tonight and/or tomorrow.  Take it slow and we'll keep good tunes on the radio for you (unless you're listening while the transmitter's being worked on.  Sigh.).

    Be Cool,


  • My radio station asplode

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Get ready for another exciting chapter in the ongoing saga of WDEZ technical maintainance!  Tonight, starting at 11pm (or 2300 for my military timers), WDEZ will be taken off the air so the thingamawhozit can be reflargified to the farkindingler.

    You should still be able to listen online while this is happening (unless of course, our argybargy isn't synched up with the orzinpater).

    Speaking of technical issues, this morning's bonus Keyword didn't air.  It was supposed to be, and still is, "eighteen".  It's good for 5K.

    Your TTPK Clue for Friday is:  "we stand"

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "thingamawhozit".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 12/8/09.

    By the way, there is some serious weather coming our way.

    Track the snow here.

    See if school is closed here.

    Be Cool,


  • Vampires vs. Werewolves: Who wins?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    With all of the excitement over Thanksgiving, rifle season and other assorted shenannigans, I totally forgot to post the results of the last Terry's Bonus Point Poll


    Terry's Bonus Point Poll
    447 Respondents

      132 Males
      315 Females

    Alright Twilight fans, time to pick sides. Werewolves or Vampires?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    232 51.9% 61.4% 47.9%  Werewolves! Arooooooooooooo!
    215 48.1% 38.6% 52.1%  Vampires!


    Women favored the vamps while men favored the werewolves.  Granted, this survey was posted during rifle season.  I'm guessing with all of those "hunter's" beards being grown, the guys must have felt more of a bond with the lycanthrope set.

    Congrats, Werewolf lovers.  Your team won the popularity contest.  The real question is, who wins in a fight?

    As an experienced story-teller (think Dungeon Master) for Vampire:  The Masquerade and Werewolf:  The Apocalypse (think Dungeons and Dragons except with vampires and werewolves instead of elves, dragons, wizards and dwarves), I'm qualified to weigh in as a professional here.

    In most cases, a single werewolf can demolish a single vampire in one-on-one combat.  A pack of werewolves vs. a pack of vampires?  Same deal.  The vamps don't stand a chance.

    The only exception to this is when the vampire in question is ancient and powerful.  In a one on one fight between an ancient vamp and a werewolf, the vamp could come out on top, especially if he or she is possessed of spooky "look into my eyes" Domination-type powers.  Being immortal, vampires only get more powerful as they age.  Werewolves only get older.

    However, an ancient vampire faced with a pack of werewolves still has a very good chance of being staked through the heart and left outside to meet the sun.

    A pack of vampires, ancient or not, could potentially go toe to toe with a pack of werewolves, but those "look into my eyes" powers are a lot tougher to pull off with all of those claws and teeth flying your way.

    In a fight?  Werewolf > Vampire 9 times out of 10.

    In a selling out theatres across the world contest?  Sorry furry friends.  The vamps have you there.

    There's a brand new Terry's Bonus Point Poll up right now on the Club.  Click the link on my page to get to it.

    Your TTPK Clue for last night is:  "or a bummer"

    Your Blog Keyword is:  "Nosferatu".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 12/5/09.

    Be Cool,


  • It is SO cold in John's and my office...

    Posted by Terry Stevens



    It's SO cold in John and I's office that...

    Chris Carson puts on an insulated bandanna when he visits!

    My Shania Twain poster covers her midriff!

    I tried to catch the swine flu so I could get a fever!

    My coffee keeps turning into a Slushie!

    I changed the radio over to a talk station just to get some hot air!

    Al Gore came in and personally apologized for being off about global warming!

    News Channel 7's Mike Breunling just issued a wind chill advisory for my desk!

    I dropped a piece of paper and it broke!

    I started committing sins just to get a little closer to Hades!

    Joe Cassady came in to moon me (he's weird like that) and decided to draw a picture of his butt for me instead!

    I had soup for lunch and chipped my tooth!

    K-tech came in to clean and just defrosted the place instead!

    The county coronor stopped by to see if we had room for a couple stiffs!

    A soldier just back from Afghanistan stopped in to visit, and said "*#$&, it's COLD in here!"

    I had to put snow chains on the wheels of my desk chair!

    Vanessa Ryan just sprayed some water on her head and hung out in our office to save money on hairspray!

    Instead of yelling "Freeze!", the police just send perps to John and I's office!

    I had to put a ski mask on my Facebook or it would get frostbite!

    I thought I had a rock in my shoe, but it ended up being one of my toes!

    The Humane Society called to see if we wanted to adopt a penguin!

    I went to check my blood glucose and squeezed a bloodsicle out of my finger!

    I bit into a York Peppermint Patty in the hopes that I'd be magically transported to the top of Mt. Everest!

    My sneezes now qualify as projectile weapons!  (Ewwwwwwww).

    Your TTPK Clue for last night is:  "stripes".

    Your Blog Keyword is "schtick".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 12/4/09.

    I'm going to go buy a Snuggie now.

    Be Cool,


  • Cheaters, and the women who chase them with golf clubs

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The contents of this Blog are largely paraphrased from a blog by one of my favorite authors, Roy Williams.  He's a smart dude.  Read the original piece here.

    Tiger Woods and his wife (for now), Elin Nordegren, met in 2001 and were married on 10/5/04.  6/19/2007, their first child was born.  2/8/2009, their second child was born.

    Over the weekend, Tiger was allegedly busted by his wife for cheating.

    The facts are still rolling in, but that voice-mail doesn't paint Tiger in the most forgiving light.

    There's a theory that men are more likely to cheat on their wives not terribly long after the birth of their first child.  After all, when a child comes into the picture, dad becomes pretty much invisible.  His wife is in full momma mode.  His only interaction with her is the handoff of the child so she can get some much needed rest.  Friends and relatives walk right past him in a mad rush to be with the baby.  His needs are decidedly secondary.  What was once his own life is now committed to the service, care and feeding of a hungry mouth and a new mother who is exhausted and has little time for marital maintenance.

    Some guys "get" that the above situation is part of the whole fatherhood package and handle things with grace.  Some guys don't.

    Some guys are at work, a restaurant, a wherever, one day when a lass gives him a look that he hasn't seen in a looooooooong time from his wife.  She laughs at his stupid jokes, actually pays attention to his needs, and next thing you know...

    I'm not saying that any of the above applies to Tiger Woods situation.  It's just a theory.  By the way, that video is what passes for news in China.  And you thought our media was warped.

    Also, I make no excuses for any man who cheats on his wife.  It's the wrong thing to do.  If your marriage isn't working, work on it.  Yes, it will probably involve having long talks about uncomfortable subjects.  You might even have to have those long talks with the assistance of a professional counselor, but I'd take that over seeing my kids every other weekend any day of the week.

    A now, a word with my male reader:

    So what's a guy to do when faced with the situation described above?  Well, for starters, don't "Just Do It" (sorry, Nike).

    The reason you're attracted to the woman who isn't your wife, is because she has something that you desire.  (No, not that.  Not those either.  No, not that.  Sheesh, just keep reading.)  Aside from the obvious biological factors, ask yourself what you find attractive about the woman in question.

    Her calm/enthusiastic/casual demeanor?

    Her athleticism?

    Her poise?

    Figure out what that factor is fella, and realize that it is what you're missing in yourself.  Take that attraction and turn it into an opportunity for self-improvement.  Hit the gym, try to cultivate calm/enthusiasm/etc. in yourself, or whatever is it that you're lacking and finding in this other gal.

    Chosing the other option usually ends up meaning choosing to see your kids every other weekend and signing most of your money away in the form of child support and alimony.  Your mileage may vary, but I would stick with being a good, committed, happily married man.

    Your TTPK Clue for last night is:  "Your last name might end with it if you're from Krakow"

    Your Blog Keyword is "Dontdoit"

    Be Cool,


  • We're changing the way we do business

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    You know that "harp" sound effect that accompanies a flashback sequence?  Imagine that's playing right now.


    Back in the day before I went behind the curtain of the radio biz, I was a dude working a job and listening to the radio.  I mainly listened to a news/talk station, but when said news/talk station had a show I didn't like on, I would listen to a couple of music stations.  You know what I HATED on the music stations?  Commercials and talky DJs, in that order.

    The fact that Cincinnati radio stations were playing up to 10 commericals in one break turned what would usually be a slight nusiance into something downright unbearable.  No joke.  10...commercials...in...a...row.

    Luckily, our stations have policies in place that prevent that sort of nonsense.  Plus, I try to keep our locally written and produced commericals relevant to your needs and interests.

    [QUICK AD-VICE NOTE:  Your commercials should always be about how you can address the needs and interests of potential customers, period.  You don't get someone to try your service by convincing them to love your company.  You get them to love your company by convincing them to try your service.]

    As if that wasn't enough, some of the DJs had way too much "blah, blah, blah" and not enough "la, la, la" in their shows.

    DJs that talked?  No problem, as long as they were saying something entertaining.

    That's what I try to do whenever I open the mic on my shows.  Sometimes I even succeed, or so I'm told.

    So what are WDEZ Club Keywords?  Well, if you're not a WDEZ Club Member, Keywords fall decidedly into the "blah, blah, blah category".  Back in my "Terry the Radio Listener" days, having my music stop for something like a Keyword would have bothered me if I wasn't a Club Member.

    Don't worry.  I'm not going to stop doing Keywords.  What I am going to do is move them to a part of the show that's already in the "blah, blah, blah" category.  From now on, Keywords, Bonus Keywords, Terry's Triple Play Keywords, Terry's Keyword Comedy Clubs and any other Keyword shenannigans I come up with will happen immediately after the Weather in the hour in which they play.

    This keeps the Keywords coming and the music flowing.  A win win for Club and non-Club members alike.

    Your TTPK Clue for last night is:  "song"

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "lalala".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 12/2/09.

    Thanks for listening no matter which side of the Club/non-Club fence you sit on!

    Be Cool,


  • Scrooge-a-holics Anonymous meeting

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Hi, I'm Terry Stevens and I'm a recovering Scrooge-a-holic.

    You see, I used to be one of those guys.  I could not STAND the Christmas season.  Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg.  The whole thing stuck me as a bit absurd and pointless.

    I think it started shortly after I got my first retail job while in high school.  Retail jobs during the Christmas season can really warp a person's worldview.

    Then, something happened.  Rather, Rosemary happened.  [CLICHE ALERT!!!!] After my daughter was born, everything changed for me.  I approached things as a man who would guide his child to happiness, not as a bitter jack@$$ with a chip on his shoulder.  In order to get her to see the good in humanity, I had to see it myself.

    Somewhere along the line, I "got" Christmas.

    Yes, it's commercialized to heck and back.  Yes, if you work in retail around this time of year, you might be driven to homicide, and yes some of those carols can drive you bat stuff insane.  (Especially the Chipmunks one, amirite parents of kids who like to hear the same flippin' song 5-BILLION times in a row?)

    But, when my daughter tells me that she wishes every day was Christmas, because quote, "I love giving stuff to people," well doggone-it...

    Give me a Santa hat, crank up that thrice-cursed Chipmunks song and let's deck some halls.

    Ho ho ho!  Away we go!  Peace on earth, good will to all humankind, and let's do our best too keep on keepin' on with that feeling the rest of the year, right?

    THEODORE:  You betcha!

    SIMON:  Alright?


    ALVIN:  Okay!

    Your TTPK Clue for Friday night is:  "not in".

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "hulahoop".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 12/1/09.

    Be Cool,


  • A quick one

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Filling in for my supervisor on a day when everyone and their mother cashed in a vaca day has left your buddy, Ter, in a bit of a time crunch.

    Your TTPK Clue for Wednesday night is:  "beat it"

    Your TTPK Club for Thursday night is:  "Child O' Mine"

    Your Blog Keyword is "inahurry".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 11/28/09.

    Be Cool,


  • In which Terry gives thanks

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    On the eve of this Thanksgiving Holiday, I am thankful for the following (and more):

    1)  My wife and I's marriage.  Truely, it is the foundation upon which the rest of my life is built.

    2)  The continued health and well-being of my children.

    3)  A incredible circle of kind friends who surely deserve a better subject for their kindness than I.

    4)  A great community to live in.  Central Wisconsin is a wonderful place for young families.

    5)  The ability to use my creative gifts for fun and profit.

    6)  The fact that I have a job, period.

    7)  The fact that you find what I do on the air tolerable enough to listen to.  Sometime you even find it [GASP] entertaining.  Your listenership is always appreciated.

    7)  The incredible selection at the Marathon County Public Library.  By the way, they're only 30-thousand "borrows" away from lending 1-million books in 2009.  Reserve a good read here:  http://www.mcpl.us/

    8)  The fact that my supervisor and I finally have our own printer in our office.  No more scripts being stolen!

    and finally...

    9)  I am thankful for all of the opportunities that God has put before me.  I know not why I have been given what I have received.  I only know that I will endeavor to do good by these gifts and hope that it is enough to be worthy.

    Your TTPK Clue for last night is:  "big cat"

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "thankful1".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 11/26/09.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and as always...

    Be Cool,


  • Ad-vice from your buddy, Ter

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    “Word of mouth is the best form of advertising”


    You’ve heard it a thousand times and I’m not about to dispute it.  A recommendation from a friend carries more currency than my bag of radio tricks or my contemporaries bag of print, billboard and TV tricks.


    Maybe that’s what makes the promise of social media marketing so seductive.  Imagine, being able to be privy to “word of mouth” between friends on social networks.  Finally, you’ll be able to have a direct influence on; nay, control of, the most powerful form of advertising on the PLANET!


    There’s just one problem with that promise of social media marketing.  It’s 100% Grade-A baloney.


    If you, or someone you know, run a small business, BEWARE!!!!  There are more than a few hucksters out there who will try to tell you that Social networking ala Facebook and Twitter is "free advertising" that can totally eliminate the need for more traditional modes of advertising.


    Yes, I know what you're thinking.  "Terry, you work in traditional advertising.  It's your bread and butter.  Of course you think these cats are hucksters."


    True, my trade is radio advertising.  I don't deny that.  Also, I don't deny that a Social Media presence is a good thing for a business to have.  HOWEVER, to rely on it as one's only marketing tool is a fool's errand.  But hey, don't take my word for it.  Ask the guy in charge of one of the biggest businesses with one of the most recognizable "brands" in the world.  Quick question.  What do you think of when you hear the words, "Just do it"?

    Stefan Olander, Nike's global director of brand connections, noted at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs' Brandworks University 2009 that many of Nike's online campaigns received overwhelming response at launch. Colleagues at Nike were excited about the prospect of dropping expensive traditional media campaigns in favor of these successful digital campaigns. Olander reminded them that, despite how well-known the Nike brand is, to optimize online conversations they still must jump-start initiatives with traditional media.


    That's because traditional media can do what social media cannot: aggressively interject messages into people's lives in a socially acceptable way...


    Experts at the World Advertising Research Center have also studied what it takes to optimize engagement in a conversation economy. They recommend this media priority:


    1.Mainstream media.

    2.Open networks such as blogs and websites.

    3.Closed networks such as Facebook and MySpace.


    Link for reference:  http://web.me.com/bobhoffman18/Bullies/Conversation.html

    Hey, I like Social Media. I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LaLa account, once upon a time I had a MySpace page before it became uncool to have one.  I might even be LinkeIn.  I'm not sure.  I love Social Media.  I get to keep in touch with buds, look at pictures of their cats n stuff and have one more reason not to bother going to High School Reunions.




    I hate opening up my Facebook/Twitter/etc. inbox to find Friend Requests from people who want to sell me stuff.


    I also hate it when friends sell themselves as spam bots.  No, I'm not making this up.  Read on, my friend:  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/22/business/22ping.html?_r=3&partner=rss&emc=rss


    Want me to unfriend you?  Start trying to sell stuff to me via Facebook or Twitter and I'll unfriend you faster than I can water a field in Farmville.  Nothing personal.  It’s just that that sort of behavior is socially unacceptable.


    In full disclosure, I must admit that I do plug stuff that will be happening during my show:  Keywords, features, etc.  Some of those things are sponsored.  My rationale is this:   When I become a “Fan” of a business on Facebook, I am indeed interested in updates about their product or service.  However, if you they show up in my inbox out of the blue or convince one of my friends to start spamming out, I’m gonna block/unfriend them.  Again, nothing personal.  It’s just that that sort of behavior is socially unacceptable.  I assume that if you accept a friend request from a DJ, you’re in to what said DJ is doing and want to know about it via Social networking.


    If you were at a party having a conversation with friends and all of a sudden some jabroni started in on you and your pals with a sales pitch, you might be inclined to punch him in the head for his troubles.  Can’t say as I’d blame you.  That sort of behavior is socially unacceptable


    However, if I’m watching a television program and your sales pitch comes on, I won’t be offended by it.  I’ll just TIVO past it.  (Nothing personal, but I gotta find out what’s gonna happen next on Lost/24/Survivor.  By the way, best season of Survivor ever this year, right?)


    If I’m reading a newspaper…Hah!  Right.  Let’s start over.  If I’m reading a newspaper’s website and your sales pitch is on it, I won’t offended by it.  I probably won’t even see it because my eyes tend to scan past anything that isn’t important to me.  Same goes for billboards.


    If I’m listening to a radio station and your sales pitch comes on, I won’t be offended by it.  It’s part of the deal when I listen to free radio.  Best of all, since I’m at work, I won’t bother flipping the dial because the music will be back soon anyway.  (Bias?  What bias?)


    One more time for effect:  traditional media can do what social media cannot: aggressively interject messages into people's lives in a SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE way.

    Word of mouth is a conversation between friends that (and I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you) you're just not welcome to participate in.


    My team and I offer real advertising solutions, not pipe dreams based on faulty premises.  Yes, we cost money, just like most stuff that actually works.  We can even help you with that Social networking stuff.  Call 842-1672.  Ask for Jeff.


    Your TTPK Clue from last night is:  “You can take that to the”.


    Your Bonus Keyword from Monday morning should have been “hunt”.  I have no idea why it didn’t play, but it’s good for 5000 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 11/25/09.


    Your Blog Keyword for today is:  “nomospam”.  It’s good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 11/25/09.


    Be Cool,



  • Hey, it could have been worse...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Between the fog, the fog and the *&#%@ fog, don't feel too bad if you didn't get a deer over the weekend.

    Hey, it could have been worse:

    Your TTPK Clue from Friday is:  "I bite now."

    Your Blog Keyword is "luckybuck"

    Be Cool,