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  • Some radio stations said "No"

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I heard something that broke my heart a bit today.

    During our staff meeting today, Nikki and Joe were presenting their information from this year's St. Jude Radiothon Convention in Memphis.  Every year, the hospital gathers radio people to learn how to better raise money to support St. Jude's lifesaving work.

    This year, they need our help more than ever.

    In a lot of other cities, radio stations have fired their entire staff and went with satellite programming in "cost-cutting" measures.  They've dropped their support of the Saint Jude Country Cares for Kids Radiothon because they don't have the staff to do it anymore.  Others have dropped the program because they see it as a risk to their ratings.

    In all fairness, the Saint Jude Country Cares for Kids Radiothon may not be a ratings winner.  Stories about kids who are dying from diseases that you and I may not be able to pronouce aren't exactly good time happy ha-ha fun radio.

    So why does WDEZ still do it?

    This is why:



    It's 2 days, once a year FOR...THE...KIDS.

    Do we take a ratings risk?  Sure.  When you get down to it, everything you do on the radio is a ratings risk.  (Especially my show.  Have you listened to that mess lately?  Sheesh.)

    I believe that it's only when you dare to fail that you'll achieve your greatest success.

    Unlike big, corporate radio stations that would rather cut corners than give up a measley 48 hours of airtime to save kids' live, we're daring to help the Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital.  We hope you'll join us.

    For more info about St. Jude, click here.

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    In other news, part of the requirements for having a license to broadcast on an AM or FM frequency in this country is "Serving the public interest".  I fail to see how firing thousands of local broadcasters, taking a satellite feed from California, Atlanta, New York, Austin or wherever and spamming it all over the rest of America via unstaffed radio stations qualifies as "Serving the public interest".  Sweet Christmas, am I glad that I work for a radio company that believes in local radio.  Thanks for listening to it.

    Be Cool,


  • Somebody's in for a whuppin'

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The latest Terry's Bonus Point Poll results are in.


    Terry's Bonus Point Poll
    428 Respondents

      123 Males
      305 Females

    "To spank or not to spank?" that is the question for parental types today.
    Total Percent M F Answer
    82 19.2% 19.5% 19%  Never. Now go take a time out.
    320 74.8% 71.5% 76.1%  Sometimes. Best watch your step.
    26 6.1% 8.9% 4.9%  Always! Where's my switch?


    I don't like spanking as a disciplinary measure.  However, when your kid has absolutely lost his or her cotton-pickin' mind, I'm of a mind that sometimes a swat on the rear is required.



    This is the only "safe for work" image that pops up when you Google "spanking"


    As a kid, my dad was a spanker and my mom was a time-outter.  Their lack of agreement on disciplinary measures allowed me to be an absolute terror.  A swat on the rear probably would have done me some good.  A time out that was actually enforced also would have helped.  As it was, I had neither and was an evil child.

    As a parent, I use techniques that my wife and I picked up in a course called "Love & Logic".  Spanking is discouraged as it allegedly teaches kids that problems are to be solved with violence.  Makes sense to me.

    I've swatted my kids on the butt a few times.  I've never been happy about it and have done maybe twice since taking this course. Spanking offers an immediate release of tension, but I always felt bad about it afterwards.

    Using a system of time outs when a kid is going nuts on you is one heck of an exercise in patience, but I feel a lot better about it.  Plus, I can always turn up my headphones while my kids yell about what a bad dad I am from their time-out spot.  When they've calmed down, I have them think about their behavior for about 5 minutes and then they can join the family for fun times again.  Again, a good set of headphones helps.

    My kids are pretty doggone good under this system.  With that being said, I'm not writing off spanking entirely.  Some kids need a good butt whuppin'.



    My Google Image Search for "brat" didn't quite give me what I had in mind...


    Come to think of it, some adults do too.  I'll bet you know a few.

    There's a new Terry's Bonus Point Poll up here.  Take it to score some more Points.

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  • We've come a long way...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Racism is not dead, but it is surely dying, existing in ugly, isolated pockets where the hopeless would rather point a finger than look in a mirror, but not enjoying the sway it once held over this nation.

    Today, we live in a country where a man, who 50 years ago wouldn't have been allowed sit at the same table as a white man, now sits in the Oval Office.


    Hi!  My last name's worth 250 WDEZ Club Points!

    "He's talking about me, you know."


    We've still got a ways to go, but we're a doggone good sight better than we were since MLK Jr. took to the streets.

    Given country music's Southern origins, we country fans tend to get stereotyped as being racist.  In case someone ever breaks that tired old line out on you, show them this:



    Pictured:  White people getting ready to watch a black dude sing country music.


    Your Blog Keyword for today is "MLKJR".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/19/10.

    Your TTPK Hints from the weekend are as follows:

    Friday:  "I host a poor excuse for one."

    Saturday:  "A short one saves gas."

    Sunday:  "Not dark."

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  • What a week

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Pants on the Ground, Conan vs. Jay, turmoil in the Wausau School District, budget cuts in every other school district...

    One story loomed a bit larger for me today.

    I was tasked with putting together a Haitian relief PSA to run on all of our stations.  To do this, I needed to sift through tons of news audio and find clips, listening to story after story.

    Bodies piling up in the streets.

    Gangs of thugs running the streets armed with machetes.

    People buried alive under the rubble for days at a time.

    Death and destruction on an unimaginable scale in a country ill-equipped to cope.

    Food, water and shelter are an extravagance.  Life is cheap.

    I can't remember the last time I cried like that.


    "Wow.  My problems are pretty insignificant compared to the average Haitian's."


    Please, if you can find a couple of bucks in your paycheck this weekend, use the links on this site to help.

    I know Haiti is a royally messed up place with a corrupt government that has used the U.S. to prop up regimes run by gangsters.  That doesn't change the fact that there are men, women and children who will die without help.  The Red Cross is best prepared to deliever that help.

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    Your TTPK Clue for last night is:  "not a bath"

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  • Change of plans

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    With Lee, Nikki and Joe in Memphis getting prepared for the Saint Jude Country Cares for Kids Radiothon (broadcasting live from Trig's in Wausau on February 18th and 19th), there's a bit of a schedule change underway for today and Friday.  (All times military.)


    AM/PM is for wimps


    Carson's filling in for the Great Country Morning Show from 0500-1000.

    Vanessa will be on from 1000-1500.

    I'm in for Carson from 1500-2000.

    Radar's in for me from 2000-0200.

    Today, the Keyword Comedy Club will happen between 1730 and 1745 instead of its usual time.

    Terry's Triple Play Keyword will happen between 1830 and 1845.

    Also, I'll be filling in for Joe during Great Country Saturday Night from 2000-0000 and filling in for the 1200-1800 shift on Sunday.

    Keywords?  Oh yes, there will be Keywords.

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    Your TTPK Hint for last night is "royalty".

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  • The destruction runs deep

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    "The Government aknowledges they exist and says it is part of the culture."

    The recent earthquake has cut a terrible swath of destruction in a place that is already hurting beyond belief.

    For lasting relief, the very society must be rebuilt.

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    Your TTPK Hint is "small".

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  • Why do I ask so many questions?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Simple.  I don't know that much.

    Luckily, whenever I get curious and all question-asky, you get some extra WDEZ Club Points so at least my insatiable curiousity has some benefits for you.

    With that being said, here are the results of the latest Terry's Bonus Point Poll:


    Terry's Bonus Point Poll
    385 Respondents

      113 Males
      272 Females

    Will you be using the Federal Rebate Program to buy more energy efficient appliances this year?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    100 26% 32.7% 23.2%  Yes
    285 74% 67.3% 76.8%  No


    If all 100 of you who said "yes" walked into one of our advertiser's places of business to buy a new appliance this year, they would think they died and went to heaven.

    Being a locally owned radio station, we have a vested interest in keeping local businesses in business.  It takes a lot of electricity keep a radio station up and running.  Without advertisers, things get really quiet really fast.

    Questions like these allow our sales team to go to our advertisers and say "LOOK AT THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE WHEN YOU ADVERTISE WITH US!"

    They advertise the right message.  They reach your ears.  You like what you hear, then you like what you see and buy it.  They get paid.  We get paid and you have an awesome new dishwasher and you keep the local economy running strong so that your employer (or youself, if your self-employed) have a solid base of customers to work with.

    It's the circle of life I tell ya'.




    There's another Terry's Bonus Poll Poll up right now.  You can find a link to it here.

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  • What happens after you die...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...according to my 6 year old daughter, Rosemary:

    Hey, did you know

    "First, you turn into a ghost."

    that if you leave your cursor

    "Then, you become a zombie."

    sitting on top of a picture

    "Then, you are a skeleton..."

    little boxes with words pop up?

    "...and then a mummy."

    Your hidden Blog Keyword is "1morbidkid".

    "After that, you're just a goner"

    Out of the mouths of babes, you know?

    Your Blog Keyword is "Rosemary15funny".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/12/10.

    Your TTPK Clue for Friday is "fight".

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  • Does your business have the guts?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    It takes guts to admit when you're wrong.  It takes humility and a willingness to say, "You know, I'm not the best game in town right now and it's my fault."

    In an age where the corporate line is "deny responsibility no matter what" and point fingers at government regulations, market conditions or another random boogyman of an excuse, an American consumer can get pretty jaded.

    A Copywriter, even more so.

    Then I saw this:

    Domino's isn't paying me to post this or write about it.  This is simply my professional observation of an advertisement.

    Look at the tone of this ad.  Humble.

    This isn't the same old "NEW AND IMPROVED" hype-blast you and I are used to seeing.  This is "We stunk really bad before.  We're sorry and we hope you try us again."

    That's a message I can respect.

    I haven't ordered a pizza from Dominos in well over a decade for the reasons displayed in the above ad.  To put it bluntly, it was gawd-awful pizza. 



    "Dominos?  I'll pass."


    I might have to give them another shot.

    I've written ads in the style above, but have always had them turned down by people who feel that bragging is better than humility when it comes to reaching people .  I bet they're a lot of fun at parties.


    "Let me tell you how awesome I am.  You'll love it."


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    Your TTPK hint for last night is "headbutt".

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  • Getting back to normal

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Tonight, I hit the airwaves on WDEZ for the first time since I was stricken with H1N1.  Am I nervous?  Nah.  The sinus medication I'm still taking has me waaaaay too loopy for nervousness.

    My voice is still a little raw, but you and I should both survive it.

    Tonight, we're going to do 5000 WDEZ Club Points an hour between 2000 and 0000.  That means you'll get one Bonus between 2000 and 2100 and another between 2300 and 0000.  That also means that the Keyword Comedy Club and TTPK will be back in action.

    In other Terry Stevens-related WDEZ Club stuff that needs attention, here are the results of the latest Terry's Bonus Point Poll:


    Terry's Bonus Point Poll
    395 Respondents

      121 Males
      274 Females

    What should we call the new year?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    234 59.2% 58.7% 59.5%  Twenty-Ten
    158 40% 39.7% 40.1%  Two-Thousand-Ten
    3 0.8% 1.7% 0.4%  Other

    Good call.  20-10 has less syllables making it quicker to say.  Nice to see you like speech patterns that get to the point too.


    An expression of 2010 that's way too complicated.


    There's a new Terry's Bonus Point Poll up and running right now.  You can find a link to it on my page.

    Your Blog Keyword is "tetrissnowman".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/8/2010.

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  • Today, I sound like...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Today, my voice is sounding less like Cookie Monster and more like Barry White going through puberty with a sinus condition.  Nice n' deep with a few cracks.

    I'm taking a least one more day to get it back in shape and then I'll be back on the air.

    Repairing my voice involves this tea called "Throat Coat".



    I don't look this sexy when I drink it


    I'm not paid to endorse this stuff or anything.  I'm just saying that it REALLY makes my throat feel better and gets me back into speaking mode faster.  It tastes like black licorice, which I find disgusting.  However, I gag past it to talk pretty again.

    Honey lemon cough drops are also part of my routine.

    Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the results of the latest Terry's Bonus Point Poll.

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "hurts2talk".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/7/10.

    By the way, Cookie Monster was more of an Issac Hayes fan:

    Be Cool,


  • Why do my sneezes smell like bacon?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I know, long time not talk to, right?  So where the heck have I been anyway?  Pull up a chair and set a spell.  I'm about to tell you what I've been doing for the last 7 days.

    I should have known it would happen.  I made fun of H1N1, calling it Mexican Pig Flu or Heiny Flu and regarding is as nothing more than a nuisance.

    Then, last week happened.


    A close up of Terry's boogers.

    Monday, December 28th

    1900:  "Hmm.  I feel kinda funky."

    Tuesday, December 29th

    0700:  "Ugh.  I'm sick alright.  Probably just a 24 hour bug."


    0700-next day:  Sleep and sweat.

    Wednesday, December 30th

    0755:  "Argh.  Why do I still feel like this?  Scratch that.  I feel worse."


    0800 - ???:  Sleep and sweat

    ???:  Wife infoms me that Rosemary and Ragnar are both sick too.

    ???-next day:  Sleep and sweat.

    Thursday, December 31st

    0800:  "This is shaping up to be one miserable New Year."


    0800-????:  Sleep and sweat.

    ????:  Wife informs me that she called the doctor.  Doc says not to bring anyone in for appointment.  We all have H1N1/Mexican Pig Flu.  Rest and liquids are the only thing that will help us now.

    ????-0000:  Sleep and sweat.

    Friday, January 1st

    0000:  See a ball drop.  Blow kisses at wife who promptly dodges them for fear of catching swine flu.

    0000-????:  Sleep and sweat.

    ????:  Stay awake long enough to watch Handy Manny, Super Why, Word Girl, Max and Ruby and a couple other kids' shows before going back to sleeping and sweating.

    ????-next day:  Sleep and sweat.

    Saturday, January 2nd

    1030:  Wake up feeling better, but still feverish and funky.  Find out to great delight that TIVO recorded 10 hours of Loony Tunes.  Kids are treated to less education cartoons for the rest of the day, followed by a couple hours of video games with dad.  Sleeping and sweating resumes later that night.

    Sunday, January 3rd

    1000:  Wake up feeling same as yesterday.  This fever is a long term tenant, my sinuses are blown and my voice is shot.  Loony Tunes and video games are back.  While kids are napping, I watch a show about how the world's going to end.  Dang, History Channel.  Really?  Rosemary's fever breaks late in the day.  No luck for her dad.

    Monday, January 4th

    0700:  Wake up with a fever and a feeling that my employer is rethinking their generous sick leave policy.


    0800-1200:  Sleep and sweat.

    1200:  Wake up feeling...not bad for a change.

    1800:  NO MORE FEVER!

    1900:  TNA and WWE are going head to head on Monday night.  It's like the Monday night wars all over again!  Life is good.

    Today, January 5th

    My sinuses are still messed up.  My voice is shot, but I can still write so I'm back at work.  Hopefully, I'll be back on the air soon.  I'm drinking Throat Coat Tea, sucking on cough drops and anxiously awaiting my next airshift.

    I've missed you and hope the feeling is mutual.  If the feeling isn't mutual, that's too bad.  I'm the cheapest English speaking labor on the market right now so you're stuck with me.

    Your Blog Keyword for today is:  "H1N1".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/6/2010.

    Be Cool,