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  • I have a date this Saturday

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Tomorrow night, I have a date with a princess:




    The Woodson YMCA's Daddy/Daughter Dance is something Rosemary and I have gone to for 3 straight years.  This event ranks right up there with Christmas for her.  She gets to dress all princess-y and spend some quality time with dad (who manages to clean up okay when he has to).

    At 6 ("AND A HALF!" she insists), Rosemary is a strong-willed, creative girl.  On the way to school in the morning, we play a game of pretend.  She plays the parts of Word Girl (from the show of the same name) and Reading Girl (Rosemary's creation).  I create a villain or two and through narrative descriptions she and I write an action/adventure story on a near daily basis.

    Weekends are filled with tales of brave princesses who have to rescue craven knights (who look a lot like her dad) from fierce dragons (who look a lot like her brother).

    Raising my daughter is one of the most rewarding experiences life has given me.  Roj seems to think I'm okay too.  She doesn't even mind that I have no idea how to dance.



    "Seriously daddy, you have NO rhythm."

    "I know dear.  Now let's headbutt eachother."


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    One quick thing before I wrap this up.  I want to thank everyone who has sent e-mails, Facebook messages and Tweets, saying how much they're enjoying hearing my nonsense earlier in the day.  These transitional periods do take some getting used to and I'm glad that I can give you something tolerable to listen to until a permanent replacement is found.

    As always, thanks for listening and...

    Be Cool,


  • Late night bloggin'

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Sorry about this Blog being a LOT later than usual.

    Today, I had to write a commercial for a business/product that was a bit outside of my element.  When that happens, the ideas are a little slow to flow.




    This new afternoon shift is taking a little getting used to as well. Add those two things together, plus some automotive issues and you have me getting off the air and thinking "Holy poop!  I haven't blogged yet!"

    I appreciate your patience with the bloggins while I get my act together.

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  • I saw Rascal Flatts get scolded

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    When I first got into the radio business, I was working for a country station in Cincinnati, Ohio.  As Cincy isn't too far from Nashville, and country CDs (remember those?) and cassettes (how 'bout those?) sold pretty well there, we were a popular stop for bands and artists.

    One of those bands was Rascal Flatts.



    "Alright, the next S.O.B. who throws a cup at us is getting a butt-whuppin'!"


    Their big, and only, song at the time was this little number:





    "Thanks for reminding me how much thinner I was when that song came out, Terry."


    They were 3 young and hungry boys working to make their mark in the world of country music.  My boss had them in the studio for an live on-air interview.  I got to hang out during the show as I was an assistant at the time.

    The young Rascals were joking around with my boss and somewhere along the line, one of them said something to the effect of, "Aw we're just a buncha drug addicts."

    Chuckles ensued.  My boss said, "Hey guys we're a family station." and a commercial break followed after another moment of banter.

    Once the microphones were off, my boss gave the boys a little talking to.  I believe the words were, "You guys can't say stuff like that on this station.  Got it?"  Sheepish apologies followed.  The boys played a free show for us later that night to a massive crowd of listeners and life went on.

    I love seeing bands when they're on their way up.  They're not totally jaded by the music industry yet.  They play every show like it might be their last because it really might be their last.

    Seeing established bands has its own benefits.  The musicians are more polished.  The set peices, lighting and special effects on the stage are usually pretty interesting, visually-speaking.  The whole production is very well crafted.

    Still, there's something to be said for the raw energy and hunger of an artist who's going for broke on what may be the last stage he or she ever plays.

    The next time I saw Rascal Flatts, they were promoting their second album and playing the old grandstand at Wisconsin Valley Fair.  Gary was a little heavier...



    "You know what else is heavy?  My fist when it hits your stupid face, Stevens"


    ...the band was a little tighter, the energy was still there and they stone cold rocked the party.

    Today, they're playing massive stadiums and pretty much every song they come out with is a hit, but I'll always remember when they were 3 fresh-faced youths being scolded by my boss in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    And now, for something completely different...



    "Hi, we're something completely different."


    The Dirt Drifters, a hot new band that was just signed by Warner Brothers Records, will be playing R.J.'s Bullshooter's Saloon this Friday and Saturday night.  They'll actually be in our studios on Friday to play an Arby's Acoustic Lunch for some lucky WDEZ Club Members.  (BTW, Arby's can totally hook up your Super Bowl Party.  Give them a call and ask about catering.  Mmmmm, roast beef.  [DROOL])

    Keep listening and collecting those WDEZ Club Points to win tickets!

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    Be Cool,


  • State of the Show address

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Before we get started, I know that there's an elephant in the room. 



    He's pretty tough to miss


    I promise that we'll address said elephant before the conclusion of this Blog.

    Now, on with the State of the Show Address.

    Back in March of 2009, I was moved to the 8pm to 2am slot on WDEZ.  As you've had about about a year to decide whether my show is worth listening to or not, I figured it's time to do a little checkup on my shift.

    As reported in this Blog on Wednesday, January 27th, the ratings for my show are up.  They're the highest this shift has had in years.  I have you to thank for that.  The time you give my nonsense is always appreciated.

    With that being said, here are the results of the latest Terry's Bonus Point Poll.  I'll comment on each result as we go:


    Terry's Bonus Point Poll
    412 Respondents

      121 Males
      291 Females

    Do you listen to Terry Stevens on WDEZ anytime between the hours of 8pm and 2am?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    308 74.8% 81% 72.2%  Yes
    104 25.2% 19% 27.8%  No

    I am pleasantly surprised that the "No" answer didn't get 100%.  Thank you very much for that.

    What answer best describes your feelings regarding Terry's Triple Play Keyword?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    275 66.7% 71.9% 64.6%  I loves it!
    34 8.3% 12.4% 6.5%  I hates it!
    103 25% 15.7% 28.9%  I have no idea what Terry's Triple Play Keyword is.

    Terry's Triple Play Keyword has been a consistant winner.  While I've been told that its difficulty can be frustrating, even the most frustrated player still loves to play it.  The fact that you don't have to be a WDEZ Club Member to play along only adds to its strength. By the way, for the 25% who aren't familiar with the TTPK, you can find the rules n' such here.

    What answer best describes your feelings regarding Terry's Keyword Comedy Club?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    285 69.2% 72.7% 67.7%  I loves it!
    15 3.6% 5.8% 2.7%  I hates it!
    112 27.2% 21.5% 29.6%  I have no idea what Terry's Keyword Comedy Club is.

    I was surprised that this bit scores as high as it does.  I've always been a little leery of the Keyword Comedy Club.  Basically, anything I do that isn't playing your favorite song is a bit of a risk, ratings-wise.  Now, I'm not adverse to risk, but I am adverse to you not liking my show.  Again, without you, I'm out of a gig.  The Keyword Comedy Club gives you 5000 WDEZ Club Points just like a Bonus Keyword.  It just takes its sweet time doing it.  The good news is, according to the ratings and this poll, you don't seem to mind.  The Keyword Comedy Club will stick around until you tell me to knock it off.

    What answer best describes your feelings regarding listening to an airshift hosted by Terry Stevens?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    23 5.6% 10.7% 3.4%  How is this guy still employed?
    49 11.9% 12.4% 11.7%  Seriously, this moron is the best DJ they can find?
    7 1.7% 0.8% 2.1%  I would sooner shoot my radio with a 12 gauge than listen to Terry Stevens.
    333 80.8% 76% 82.8%  He's alright, I guess.

    I caught a little bit of flak for this question from folks like Dan and Kim who e-mailed this my way:

    "Why are you selling yourself short?  As far as we are concerned you are the "BEST" dj... So don't sell yourself out.  "Love" your triple play it makes the brain work a little bit.  Love your show.  Dan&Kim

    And this one from Sandra:

    "After completing your survey yesterday, I felt an e-mail was in order. You are the best on-air personality on radio. I really enjoy reading you blogs, like your attitude and sense of humor. I look forward to your triple play ---- it may take me some time to figure the right answer, but most of the time, with help I succeed. Your comedy club is hilarious. I like how you personalize it. Keep up the good work and thank your wonderful family for sharing you with us.

    These e-mails, the ratings, the survey results, and most importantly, YOU made my week.

    Back in May of 2001, my wife and I moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio to chase my dream of being a full time radio personality.  Thanks to you listening to the radio when I'm on, I've been able to pursue that dream.  God bless you and thank you for inviting me into your radio over these last 9 years.



    "Hey, I'm still here, you know."


    Oh yeah.  That.  For the time being, I'm on from 3pm until 8pm.  A change has been made.  I can't go into detail as to why the change was made.  Human Resources policy and all that.  Odds are, the Human Resources department at your workplace has the same policy.

    Here's what I can say.  I enjoyed working with him.  He's the one who came up with the idea for Terry's Triple Play Keyword.  I just ran with it.  Change is never easy, but sometimes it's for the best.  I sincerely hope that he takes advantage of the opportunities that change so often brings and I wish him all the best.



    "I think that about covers it.  Got any peanuts?"


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  • Schedule change

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I've been told that I'm going to do the 3pm to 8pm shift for a bit.

    Terry's Triple Play Keyword will happen between 1730 and 1745 (5:30pm and 5:45pm for you civilian types).

    Terry's Keyword Comedy Club will happen at um, sometime on Thursday.  I'll get back to you on that.



    Change is never easy, but at least it's shiny.


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  • Downloading outside the mainstream

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    This Sunday, the Grammys will showcase the biggest recording artists of the past year.  You can see who's up for an award, and vote for who you think will win here.

    When it comes to the music I buy, I tend to veer a little outside of what the major labels offer.  I dig the music we play, but considering I work around it all day, I don't really feel a need to purchase most of it.

    For example, back when Lonestar's "Amazed" came out, the station I was working for at the time (not WDEZ) played it every...two...hours.  A smart programming move, for sure.  The song was red hot and we wanted to make sure that OUR station was the one where people could hear it every time they had a craving.

    Honestly though, I have zero need to ever purchase that song for personal use.  Zero.  I even like the song, but it has been burned into my very soul at this point.



    "Tim McGraw's 'Something Like That'?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


    My purchases tend to be indie/alt-country/Americana stuff made by artists that may not be pretty enough for CMT.  You might dig some of it too:



    Have a great weekend!

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  • Looks like somebody skipped Home Ec.

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Obama, buddy, pal.  We don't need to freeze spending.  We need to cut it.  BIG TIME.



    With two samurai swords if necessary


    Seriously, dude.  The average American household is learning firsthand what too much debt can do to one's well-being.  Let's, sit down, have some coffee, bust out the calcuators and get our books in order.

    I offered the last guy the same deal and he passed too.



    "My hand to God, Stevens, if you call here again you're goin' to Gitmo!"


    See, I'm an equal opportunity offender when it comes to Democrats and Republicans.

    By the way, in case you're interested, the Libertarian response to the State of the Union Address can be found here.

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    Be Cool,


  • I am humbled by the gift of your time

    Posted by Terry Stevens



    We've received our preliminary ratings.  The ratings for my shift are up.  That doesn't happen unless you listen. 

    Thank you SO much for the time that you give my shenannigans night after night.

    Thanks to you, I'm pretty sure I don't have to get a real job for at least another week.

    God bless, and as always, THANKS FOR LISTENING!

    Be Cool,



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    Your TTPK Hint for last night is "radish".

  • How's my driving?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    NASCAR and Country music.  Are they truly as compatible as chocolate and peanut butter?  Let's see what you have to say:


    Terry's Bonus Point Poll
    428 Respondents

      129 Males
      299 Females

    Which of the following statements best describes your feelings regarding NASCAR?
    Total Percent M F Answer
    121 28.3% 34.9% 25.4%  I love NASCAR and watch every race I can!
    138 32.2% 34.1% 31.4%  It's alright. I watch it every once in a while.
    36 8.4% 5.4% 9.7%  I used to watch, but not anymore.
    104 24.3% 20.2% 26.1%  I don't dig NASCAR.
    29 6.8% 5.4% 7.4%  What's NASCAR?


    Hmmm.  While 60 percent of you like NASCAR, less than 30 percent of you LOVE it.



    For the 6.8% that said "What's NASCAR?" please see the above photo.


    I've felt that NASCAR's popularity is a little overestimated.  It's a shame because it really should be bigger than it is.

    The day Dale Sr. died is the day a LOT of folks who had never heard of NASCAR started paying attention.  Shortly after that, the rules changes/Chase for the Championship/other nonsense came along and made a sport that should have been very easy to understand, unecessarily complicated.

    What should have been "RACE FAST AND WIN" turned in to "RACE FAST but not too fast and make sure there's a lot of drama and make sure that the rules are needlessly complicated to the average viewer."

    I can watch a race or two here and there (Daytona, at least one road course, the first Talladega of the season, and a few towards the end of the season if its close and a driver I like is in the Chase).  Any more than that requires a little too much of an attention investment on my part.  Looks like I'm not alone.

    (As an aside, I think Corporate America tends to over-hype NASCAR due to the sheer amount of advertising involved.  Sweet Christmas, the cars are rolling billboards and the drivers sound like commercials the second they get a mic in front of them.  I understand that money makes the wheels go 'round so to speak, but it's a bit much at times, you know?)

    Interesting stuff.  Thanks for participating.

    Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to switch gears.



    "Today, Metroride.  Tomorrow, Daytona, baby!"


    We have Wisconsin's State of the State address coming up tonight and the President's State of the Union Address coming up tomorrow.  I like the concept of taking a moment to assess where we're going as a state and a country.  I'd like to do the same for this show.  There's a brand new Terry's Bonus Point Poll up right here.

    Please participate, score some extra WDEZ Club Points and join me for the results next week along with what I'll call the "State of the Show Address."

    Your Blog Keyword for today is "NASCAR15cool".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/27/10.

    Your TTPK Hint for last night is "flush".

    Be Cool,


  • The Grammys

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Don't know if you've had to check it out yet, but we have this fancy-schmancy Grammy page up here.

    You can listen to all of the songs that have nominated for Grammys, plus vote for who you think will win in each category.

    Like I said, fancy-schmancy.

    Personally, I'm not a big awards show guy.  I like what I like and watching my favorite artist win or not win a trophy isn't going affect my world one way or another.  Plus, there's 1989.

    In 1989, I was quite the metal head.  Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, I was all about that (and admittedly, still enjoy some of those tune when I'm in a particularly foul mood).

    In '89, metal was starting to gain more mainstream traction, as evidenced by the fact that Metallica was up for a Grammy award.  Their album at the time, "...And Justice for All" was a masterwork in the genre.  Their single "One" from the very same album received tons of airplay.  There was no way they wouldn't win, right?  Right?


    So who did win?  Jethro Tull, that's who.

    Not this guy's band:



    Totally metal.  Look at that thing he's doing with his hand.


    This guy's band:



    Totally not metal.  Come on dude, woodwinds?


    Look, I like Jethro Tull's music, but calling it metal is an unbelieveable stretch of the term in my book.

    Seriously.  Listen to this:


    Then this:


    You tell me.  Which one sounds like a closer representation of metal to you?

    "Terry, I am so not interested in reliving your Grammy outrage from 1989.  What the heck does this have to do with Country music?"

    Good question.  I'm glad I asked it for you.

    You see, just like metal, the definition for "country" is pretty loose and open to interpretation.  It could be that we're approaching a point where the labels are going to be rendered non-existant.

    Bon Jovi put out a country tune or two.  Taylor Swift straddles the same line that Shania Twain did a few years ago.  If David Allan Coe and member of the now defunct heavy metal band Pantera put out an album, would it be country or metal?  [CAREFUL LISTENING TO THIS AT WORK OR AROUND YOUNG EARS!]


    Well, whatever country is these days, we'll keep playing it for you in all its different styles and flavors.  The world's too big for narrow definitions.

    Your Blog Keyword is "WDEZ15country".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 01/26/10.

    Your TTPK Hint from Friday is "Wall Street".

    Be Cool,


  • Hey, Vikings fan! Good news!

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Minnesota native Prince wrote a new fight song for you.

    I'm liking the Saint's chances even more this weekend...

    Your Blog Keyword is "Prince15weird".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/23/10.

    Your TTPK Clue for last night is:  "big stick"

    Be Cool,


  • Discrimination against women? In our country?

    Posted by Terry Stevens


    As a rule, I'm more irritated than entertained by politics these days, but this op-ed piece caught my eye and got me readin' and thinkin':  LINK

    In case you don't feel like jumping to another site, the premise of the piece is that there's a bit of sexism in play in the results of Tuesday's Senatorial Election results in Massachusetts.

    Scott Brown, the guy who won the Senate seat, posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine back in 1982.

    By all reasonable analysis, Brown ran a better campaign than his opponent, Martha Coakley and deserved his win.

    With that being said, if Brown were a woman with a pubished nude photo in the public record, would she-Brown have even been considered electable?



    "I am so electable!"


    I look at the fuss raised over Sarah Palin's beauty pageant history as an indicator of how that would have turned out.

    Of course, it's just a hunch, but still.  Given the double standards that women already face in this country, I'd say it's a fair hunch.  (EXAMPLE:  A man who's assertive at work?  He's a good, disciplined worker.  A woman who's assertive at work?  She must be on her period, right dudes?  [HIGH FIVE] )

    I have a feeling that if the 1982 Playboy Playmate of the year ran for a Senate Seat, she'd be outta luck.  (Although, if she ran as a Libertarian, I'd vote for her.)

    You've come a long way, baby.  The journey's not over yet, though.  I'll help as much as I can.



    And lo' the angel did appear and say "We'll totally vote for the naked guy on the right.  The nude chick on the left?  No way!"


    Your Blog Keyword is "s3x15m".  It's good for 250 WDEZ Club Points until 1700 on 1/22/2010.

    Your TTPK Hint for last night is:  "buckle up"

    Be Cool,