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  • Where is it?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Today, the words flowed smoothly.


    Even on this Blog, my prose flows.

    Keen, huh?

    Eventually, I'm sure I'll hit a mental block.

    You'll know when it happens.

    What do wanna bet it'll happen the next time I open the mic?

    Oh yeah, totally.

    Radio's a beast like that.

    Do something goofy and everyone hears it.

    It beats having a real job, I suppose.

    Seriously.  I doubt that I'm qualified to do much else.

    Doctor Stevens = a word combo that is...


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  • Bellyachin' haiku

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Lead weight in stomach

    Words not coming easily

    Nauseous gut short blog



    Was it something I ate?


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  • Ever have that feeling...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...when you leave work for the day, that you forgot something?





    Thursday's TTPK has expired.  Hopefully you didn't get stumped and scored your Points.

    If you did, don't worry.  I'm filling in for Joe Cassady tonight on Great Country Saturday Night.  Join me between 8pm and Midnight and you'll score another TTPK.

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  • Can we at least agree on this?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    No matter which side of the Health Care Reform debate you're on, I think everyone can agree on one item of note.

    According to this Newsweek article, pre-Health Care Reform, women paid more than men for identical health insurance policies.  The practice of "gender rating" as it's called, is no longer allowed under the current reforms.

    Now if only the vendors of pain relief and razor blades would be held to the same standard.

    Wait, what?  For reals.  Click here.

    You've come a long way, baby.  Looks like there's a few more behinds that need to be kicked, though.



    Go get 'em.


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  • I can't stand boy bands...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...but I love this video.  Things start getting good at about :45.


    Told ya' so.

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  • The other nominee

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Yesterday, I told you that a couple of commercials that I wrote, produced and voiced are up for "Best Commercial of 2009" awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.

    Today, I'll be sharing the second commercial with you.

    It's for an operation called Fitness On Demand.  The Account Exec who was managing the account at the time told me that "She [the owner] likes the term 'junk in the trunk' and she wants something really music heavy.  Just go nuts with it."

    "Go nuts with it," is music to my ears.

    Having been exposed to the era of "booty rap" that brought us the sounds of Tag Team, Wrex-N-Effect, 2 Live Crew, etc., I had an idea that I thought would fit the bill.

    Once I found the right music for the ad, I wrote the lyrics.  It was pretty tough to keep a straight face while recording it.  All of the little ad lib parts that you hear popping up throughout the ad are outtakes.  I just cut them up and sprinkled them in where appropriate.

    The client loved the ad.  The station that it aired on actually got requests for it.  Now THAT'S the sign of a catchy spot.

    By the way, I can write effective stuff for your business too.  Call 842-1672 to get started.  I'm ready to "go nuts with it" whenever you are.

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    Fitness on Demand

  • It's an honor to be nominated

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    For the second year in a row, commercials that I have written are up for awards from The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. 

    Last year, a commercial that I wrote picked up the gold, and a commercial that I wrote, produced and voiced picked up the silver. 

    This year, both spots were written, produced and voiced by me with one voice appearance by WDEZ's Nikki Montgomery.

    The first ad is for an outfit called Fright in the Night, a wicked cool haunted golf cart ride. 

    Every advertiser on our stations has their advertising schedules managed by what we call an account executive.  The Account Executive for Fright in the Night is one of my faves, Sarah Keene.



    Ready to have killer advertising made for your business

    Sarah is really good at interviewing her clients and determining what their unique strengths are.  Then, she hands the info off to me and lets me run wild with it.  For this client though, a field trip was in order.  Sarah and I headed off to Fright in the Night, spent an afternoon touring the trail and took a ride on that which truly separated Fright in the Night from every other haunted house on the market.

    You can listen to the results in the player below.  I love how the commercial paints a picture using sound effects.  Nikki Montgomery postively nails her performance.

    I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  I'll post the second commercial and its creation story tomorrow.

    By the way, if you or someone you know would like an potentially award winning commercial made for your business, call Sarah or one of her teammates at 842-1672.

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    Fright in the Night

  • I'm switching to a new pharmacy

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    But first, I have to move to Indiana.



    As a guy who writes commercials for a living, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that spot.  ("Spot" is the industry term for commercial.)

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  • My Achy Breaky Party in the USA

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I met Billy Ray Cyrus well after "Achy Breaky Heart" had disappeared from the public radar.  In case you weren't around for it the first time, here you go:



    From what I gathered from more than a few past co-workers who had the opportunity to work with Mr. Cyrus, he was a world-class jerk when that song was huge.  Prima donna all the way.



    He's also responsible for keeping the mullet popular for far longer than it deserved


    By the time Billy Ray and I crossed paths, "Achy Breaky" was long behind him and he was a guy who was basically rebooting his career. He came to the station I was working for in Cincinnati to do a "Lunch with the country star" type of deal for a bunch of lucky listeners.

    While he may or may not have been a jerk in the past, when I met Billy Ray, he was one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've ever met.  During the lunch, he came right out and said something along the lines of, "I really let the fame get to my head and was a jerk to a lot of people.  Now I'm trying to do better."

    Then today, I read Vanessa's Blog post regarding Cyrus's daughter, Miley.

    The part that really got me was this:  "Miley goes on to say that's why her dad Billy Ray Cyrus got out of country music. "You have to wear those cowboy boots and be sweet as pie,"

    She's a big girl and probably out-earns her father by more than a few digits.  She probably has no reason to listen to anything he has to say about anything. Then again, considering his reaction to this performance (spare your ears some torture and just skip to the very end):



    ...I'm thinking that Billy Ray doesn't have much say at all over what his daughter does.

    However, Billy Ray should know better than anyone else that being "sweet as pie" goes a long way, not just in country music, but in life as well.  He would do well to have a "Just be nice for Pete's sake," talk with her.

    By the way, the boots are optional, sweetheart.

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  • Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    In honor of the occasion, here's a video that will show you how to beat the doody out of someone by using a shillelagh.  Enjoy!



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  • Wrong about the right of way

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The rules say:  "Pedestrians have the right of way."



    "We sure do!"

    Reality says:  "SPLAT"



    PICTURED:  reality

    I'm reminded of this every time I walk to and from work.  No matter how much right of way I have, this:




    Is no match for this:




    PICTURED:  The idiot who would rather kill a pedestrian than put her $@#! phone down

    In a collision.

    I suppose this is the part when I'm supposed to crab about "there oughta be a law".  I'm not going to do that, though.

    The fact is, there is a law and a good third of people who drive on my walking routes ignore it.  So instead of dealing with things the way I want them to be, I deal with things the way they are.

    The way things are, pedestrians don't have the right of way.  I wait for the drivers to signal me or pass.  Then, when the coast is clear, I cross.  I stay un-squished and the driver gets to keep texting instead of paying attention to the road.

    The cemetary has plenty of tombstones belonging to people who had the right of way.

    Deal with things the way they are, not the way you want them to be.

    Now, let's get to work on building an EMP pistol that will shut down any car, cellphone or other electricity-dependant device that we shoot at.

    After all, dealing with things the way they are doesn't mean surrendering to them.


    Let's shoot for a more intimidating design than this, though.


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  • Are you an expert?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I have no business being anywhere near an automobile when the hood is up and there are tools around:



    PICTURED:  Car, pre-Terry



    PICTURED:  What's left of car, post-Terry


    A Professor of Psychology by the name of Anders Ericsson has studied the nature of talent and posits that in order to become an expert at something, one must deliberately practice that something for 10,000 hours.  You can read more about Ericsson and his theory here.

    Break it down into a 40 hour workweek, and you're looking at a minimum of 5 years before you're an expert at the job you're doing.  10 years may be a more realistic figure once you factor in lunches, breaks, holidays and goofing off on the internet.  (You know, what you're doing now.)

    When I want my car fixed, I'll take it to someone with at least 5 years of experience.

    I've been writing radio advertising copy since early '06.  I'm not quite an expert yet.  I work through lunches and breaks and my internet goof-off time is spent writing, so my practice time is pretty deliberate.

    If you're a business owner, please keep my experience in mind before you veto my copy in favor of something that you wrote on a napkin over the weekend.  At least take my suggestions into account.

    If you're a marketer, don't tell me you're a social media expert when social media itself has barely been around 10 years.  I'll take your suggestions into account, but not your word as gospel.

    Knowing that 5 to 10 years of deliberate practice is what it takes, what are you an expert at?  I'd love to know.  Post below.

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