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  • Miranda Lambert on Project Runway

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    The contestants on Project Runway were challenged to create a stage look for Miranda Lambert. When it came time to judge the designs Miranda was not afraid to call out Matt for his lack of confidence. Ultimately he was eliminated. Here's a quick recap of the show. See which look Miranda picked: 


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    Cancer Sucks Music Video featuring Kelly Clarkson Stronger

    Help find cures by becoming a partner in hope during our Country Cares for St. Jude Kids Radiothon live from Trigs tomorrow and Friday 6am-7pm 800-399-5946 or right now online at on the St. Jude page at

  • Mindy McCready's final conversation

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    mindy mccreadyTroubled country star Mindy McCready shot her dog then herself Sunday on the front porch of the home she shared with her fiance David Wilson who took his own life in the same spot only a month earlier.

    Following the death of her fiance Mindy's children were removed from her custody and she was ordered to check into a rehab facility that deemed her fit to be released.

    This is a recording of a conversation Mindy McCready had with a private investigator friend the day before she committed suicide in reference to her discovering fiance David Wilson's body a month ago. She also mentions how difficult it was for her in this time of grieving to have her children taken away.




    Mindy McCready Phone Call

  • Bowl for Kids Sake 2013 Gallery

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    Big Brothers Big Sisters North Central WI held their annual Bowl for Kids Sake this past weekend. This year's theme was Big Scare. Bryan and I emceed the Friday night shift that raised almost $18,000 and bowled in the Saturday night shift that raised over $11,000. The kids shift Saturday afternoon raised $8700 which is awesome!

    We had such a fun time Friday making all the teams bowl in silly ways to win fun prizes. The costumes were fantastic. It was great to see so many people getting into the theme. Teams even gave themselves names to go along with the theme.

    Saturday was a little different for us because we got a chance to just kick back and have fun. I actually bowled my best game ever the first game! We dressed up I was the Heat Miser from the Year without a Santa, Bryan was a leprechaun, my husband Josh was a zombie, and Bryan's wife Addi was a sailor (click the picture above to see our photo album). We bowled next to some superheroes, nerds and the costume contest winner a sequin devil.

    There is still one night left and 2 shifts if you want to get in on the fun, Friday, Feb 22nd 7-9pm and 9-11pm. Just click here and get registered.

  • AMC's Walking Dead Episode 310 Preview

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    I love Walking Dead, but I hate that it's on so late on Sunday night so I have to DVR it and then find time after Mia goes to sleep to watch it. I finally got to watch Sunday's show last night and I finally understand why Facebook was lit up with comments about the show. 

    If you haven't watched it yet, but intend to SPOILER ALERT!! 

    Rick is amazing and he's done so much for the group, but he's obviously losing it and without Daryl that's a very scary situation for the rest of the group. Daryl is just as much a savior to the group as Rick is. It saddens me that he chose his good-for-nothin' brother over the group. I understand that Merle is blood, but he shares so much more with the good people back at the prison. In this clip from the next episode I think he realizes that too: 

  • Chris Daughtry 90 day makeover

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    Chris Daughtry has got to be one of my favorite American Idols ever not only because he's talented, but also because he's hot. Well, he just got hotter! Check out his 90 day makeover courtesy of CelebTV.

  • Dave Grohl on Chelsea Lately the Evolution of Music

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  • Nearly naked Jennifer Love Hewitt Music Video

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    Jennifer Love Hewitt strips down in her new music video to promote the upcoming season of her show "The Client List." What do you think of this new steamy video?

  • 22 Veterans commit suicide every day!

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    A new study finds 22 military veterans commit suicide each day in the US. 

    Researchers looked at vets over the course of two years and found over 8,000 kill themselves a year.  That is 20% higher than figures released in 2007.

    And the study found that more than 69% of the suicides were among vets aged 50 years or older.


    Story #1

    Story #2 


    This statistic makes me so sad. It especially makes me sad because an old friend of mine was a marine and he committed suicide just last Tuesday. In his note he said it was because of his difficult financial situation, but anyone who knew him knows that PTSD definitely affected him. I don't know if it is the negative opinion of mental health care in this country or the lack of access or perhaps it is the fact that insurance companies don't like to pay for it that is keeping these veterans from getting the help they need. In my opinion counseling and mental health care should be a requirement for military personnel and it shouldn't wait until they return from war. 

  • Taylor Swift as a Disney Princess

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    taylorTaylor Swift flaunts her famous locks in a new ad campaign for Disney. The photo commissioned by Disney Parks and taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz features Taylor Swift as Disney princess Rapunzel hanging out of a tower window. To see the picture click here 

    Do you think another princess would've been more suited for Taylor?