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  • Balloon Rally & Glow and Big Bull Falls BBQ Rib Fest

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    The Wausau Balloon Rally & Glow and Big Bull Falls BBQ Rib Fest kicked off last night at the Wausau Municipal Airport. The weather conditions were just good enough for the balloons to launch. 

    My family and I went out there last night around 6pm just in time to eat some ribs (or pulled pork in Josh's case) and watch the balloons inflate and lift off. Mia is still a little too young to really enjoy it, but she did wave at some of the more colorful balloons as they took off. It was so cute!

    After the launch the balloons landed, packed up again, came back to the airport, unloaded, and inflated again in time for the glow at dusk.

    There were about a dozen balloons at the event Thursday night and though the crowd was somewhat small the cheers were loud with each balloon launch. 

    The lines were long at dinner time at each of the Big Bull Falls BBQ Rib Fest booths. The ribbers from all over are competing for Wausau's people choice award through Saturday. Make sure you vote. There is a table (or large spool to be more specific) with ballot slips set up not far from the end of the lines.

    The Wausau Balloon Rally & Glow continues through Sunday morning, while the BBQ Rib Fest wraps up Saturday evening.

    In downtown Wausau this weekend you'll find Chalkfest on the 400 block where artists will decorate the sidewalks with chalk and you can enjoy the art until the rain comes and washes it away. There will be sidewalk sales throughout the weekend downtown as well.

    It's summer in Wausau which means there's always something fun going on. Just click the picture to see all that's coming up with Wausau Area Events. 

    Check out the photo album here and check out the video page for cool videos of the balloons inflating and taking off.

  • Help The Teeters Family Keep The Community Room Open

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    zak & callie

    We did a Build From the Heart concert with them a while back to help raise funds to build the community room. 

    In case you don't remember Chris and Annie Teeters have 2 children with a rare chromosome disorder. The children need round the clock care and will be confined to wheel chairs for the rest of their lives. They needed a home suitable for the children and decided that they wanted to create a safe place for other special needs children to play and a meeting place for families.

    We were proud to help raise money to build the community room. Now you can help keep it going.

    Message from the Teeters: 

    We need your help!

    Build from the Heart (the project that helped to Build the Teeters family a handicap home with a Community room for Special Needs Families) is now complete! The home and community area are built and now it is time to open the doors. Shared Blessings, Inc is the name of the non-profit that will be starting in the Community room. This will allow a place for special needs children and their families to go for playgroups, support groups and ongoing education and relationships. Something much needed in our community.


    River Valley Bank was one of the major Sponsors behind Build from the Heart! They are currently running a new program Community for a Cause. Giving away a total of $7,000! First place will receive $5,000 and 2nd and 3rd will receive $1,000 each. Shared Blessings, Inc has posted our video and made it into the top 6 nominees. Now we need your help! The video with the most votes wins.


    You can vote once per day for the next 3 weeks.


    Direct link:


    To access the voting page search Facebook for River Valley Bank. Click on the icon towards the top is an icon C4C. Choose Vote now. Find Shared Blessings, Inc. and vote daily!!


    Thank you for your continued support in helping up start the playgroups for the many families around Marathon County and surrounding areas sooner rather than later!


    Chris, Annie, Zak & Callie

  • Another celeb faces criticism over weight gain

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Mila Kunis got herself down to a mere 95lbs when filming Black Swan, since she was on a mission to gain her weight back. She says unfortunately she hasn't gained it back in the right places and now she's being criticized for her weight gain.

    I am so glad I'm not a celebrity!

  • Another Acoustic Lunch!

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Rick MonroeWe are so excited to bring you another WDEZ Acoustic Lunch. This time Qdoba will be providing the food and Rick Monroe will be providing the acoustic entertainment. We are so pumped to have Rick back in the Wausau area. On Friday July 6th, Rick & his band will be stopping by our office at 557 Scott St at noon to play a special invitation only show for our WDEZ club members before he heads over to play at Great Dane later that night.

    Bid on invitations starting this afternoon on the WDEZ Club auction. There are a limited number of invitations available so keep your eye on the club so you don't miss your chance to be part of this intimate performance.

    Here's the video for the acoustic version of Rick's latest single "Crazy Not To"

  • Andy Griffith Dies

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Andy GriffithThe legendary Andy Griffith passed away this morning at the age of 86. The actor died in his home in Dare County, NC around 7am. 

    Country stars took to Twitter to chime in on the news:

    Rodney Atkins: "Rest In Peace Andy Griffith. Praying for his family, friends and fans."

    Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott: "Heaven gained a talented man today. Mr. Andy Griffith, thanks for giving me amazing memories with my family growing up watching your show!"

    Amy Grant: "From Team Amy - Go Rest High on that Mountain, Andy Griffith."

    Andy Griffith played memorable characters we loved on The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock, but country music fans will not forget him in Brad Paisley's video for "Waitin on a Woman".

  • Riverfront Rendezvous 2012

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    riverfront rendezvous

    We had such a great time at Riverfront Rendezvous in Stevens Point. The shows were fantastic and the people were awesome! Big thanks to the City of Stevens Point for inviting us to be a part of it again this year.

    Check out all our awesome Riverfront Rendezvous videos here

  • The Lost Trailers at Riverfront Rendezvous

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    stokesStokes Nielson from The Lost Trailers joins us on Bryan and Nikki in the Morning to talk about their upcoming performance this Saturday (June 30th), 9:30pm at Riverfront Rendezvous at Pfiffner Pioneer Park in Stevens Point.

    He's one of my favorite people in the world to talk to. He is always so upbeat and fun. He has joined us on the morning show a number of times. He joined us to promote a show a couple years ago, he was on with us after the CMAs a couple of years ago when The Lost Trailers were nominated in the New Group category, he also called us when Nashville had that horrible flood, and the last time we chatted with him on air was when we heard that The Lost Trailers were breaking up. He assured us that he would continue to write music, but the group would be going their separate ways. Then we got a new single from The Lost Trailers, "Underdog," and Stokes was on it! Turns out he joined forces with new guys and got back to work on new Lost Trailers music, on their own label.

    When we heard that The Lost Trailers were going to be playing Riverfront Rendezvous I was so excited! I called him right away to see if we could get him on the show. Check out the interview here.

    Riverfront Rendezvous

    Stokes Nielson

  • Backyard BBQ with 101.9 WDEZ

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Backyard BBQ

    It's summer and backyard BBQs are the thing to do and we want to help you host one for 15 of your friends. Win a Backyard BBQ from 101.9 WDEZ! Listen for the sizzlin' sounder and be caller 9. Caller 9 gets qualified for the weekly backyard BBQ prize which includes Omega fortified hamburgers, hotdogs, cheese and buns from Omega Valley Farms a division of Heartland Cooperative of Dorchester, Marth BBQ pellets to give your food a natural smokey flavor from Marth Wood Shavings, and backyard decorations from Marathon Town and Country on Wausau's north side. At the end of the summer we'll host our own barbecue to award one of our qualifiers a Wood Master D400 Deck Grill! 

    Check out our website for all the details and rules.

  • Father's Day Gifts

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    dad's giftI am having a devil of a time trying to figure out what I'm going to get my dad for Father's Day. He probably wouldn't like any of the items listed below. Mia and I made him his birthday present pictured here. He loved that for his office. I would love to do something creative, but I haven't been able to think of anything.

    Two years ago I printed a picture of his parents together. One of the last pictures the two of them  had taken before his dad died. It's hard for me to go out an buy something when I've given him sentimental gifts. Besides that my dad buys everything he wants and needs when he wants or needs it.

    Any suggestions?

    Father's Day Gifts For Every Dad from

    Techy Dad. If your pops is always glued to his iPhone, he'll dig a personalized case. Upload one of your fave photos of the two of you, or pick a design you know he'll love. Personalized iPhone case, $40.

    Sentimental Dad. Want to make him turn on the water works? How about a customized date poster—you can put in the birthdays of everyone in your family, plus your 'rents' wedding anniversary. Custom Date Art Print, $24,

    Sporty Dad. Whether he golfs every Saturday or just loves sports, your dad will get sucked into this candid new book by Tiger Woods' former coach. The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods, $15.60,

    Hipster Dad. If your dad is a fan of cool, off-beat trinkets, he'll love a vintage-inspired phone. Red Scandiphone, $60,

    Beer-Loving Dad. Nothing—we repeat, nothing—is more impressive or hilarious than flipping open a beer with your remote control. The Clicker, $17,

    Handy Dad. If your father's into building stuff, he probably has his fair share of hammers and saws. But a headlamp lets him get his fix-it on 24/7. Streamlight Septor LED Headlamp, $29,

    Music-Loving Dad. If you get these headphones, they have a swiveling ear cup, so Dad can share his favorite jams with you when you're both on the go. Aerial7 Tank Headphones in Midnight, $51.45,

    Jet-Setter Dad. Your pops won't have to worry about looking rough on the road again with this swanky kit. It features shaving lotion, facial moisturizer, and eye cream, along with body wash and lip balm. First Class Travel Set, $49,

  • Two movies I'm looking forward to based on books I loved

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    The last installment of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight book series: "Breaking Dawn Part 2" is coming to theaters in November 2012.

    Once this saga wraps Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" will be gracing the big screen. If you haven't read it yet I recommend it. It's totally different than her Twilight books. I enjoyed it very much. There's much less romance in this book. 

    Here's the trailer for the upcoming movie "The Host"

  • Pink Ribbon Open Wrap Up

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    pink ribbonYesterday was K-Tech's Central Wisconsin Pink Ribbon Open and it was fantastic! They had a great day for golf. They made lots of money on the live and silent auctions. But, the evening was all about the women that are going through cancer. Not all the women honored were suffering from breast cancer, but most were. It was actually quite nice to see that they opened up the giving to include other cancers because they need the money just as much. 

    There were 12 women who recieved assistance checks. My best friend Felicia was one of the recipients of money from K-Tech Charities. This is what she had to say:

    The evening was filled with tear-filled stories from almost all of the recipients. Some chose not to speak and some chose someone else to speak on their behalf. I was so glad that Felicia got a chance to speak for herself. After she finished with her story a woman in the audience came over to her and told her that she connected with her story because her children are young like Felicia's and she couldn't imagine having to put them through what Felicia has had to endure. She was so moved she wrote Felicia a check right there. I was away from the table at the time this happened and when I returned Felicia was crying. She was so thankful because that check was enough for her to pay for what she and her husband owe for electricity and gas.

    It is amazing what K-Tech Charities does every year at the Pink Ribbon open and all year round. I am so proud to live in a community that shows so much love and support for one another. Being involved with events like this reminds me that even though there are lots of bad things in this world like cancer there are lots of good things too. Thank you to everyone who participated and to Craig and the gang at K-Tech Kleening.