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  • Baby food

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    MIA SIPPYI've been making my own baby food as you know. I am nearly done with the purees I've made and frozen. I did puree up some strawberries yesterday because I was worried they wouldn't be soft enough for her to eat. Is this something I should worry about with my 11 month old? When did you stop feeding your baby purees all together. 

    She's kind of between stages right now according to the Gerber chart. She's not walking yet, but she is standing up on her own for short periods of time. So she doesn't quite fit the toddler profile yet, but she's beyond the crawler profile. She is going to be a year old in a couple weeks though so I just feel weird about giving her baby food.

    I give Mia noodles, soft carrot cubes, broccoli, cauliflower, soft apple and soft pear cubes. I usually boil or steam these things until they are very soft before I give them to her. She has 2 teeth now, but they're barely there. I give her the Gerber baby snacks that just melt away and soft food like avacado and banana chunks. 

    We are still struggling with the sippy cup. I've tried 2 different kinds and she's just not interested. However, if we leave a glass of water on the table she's more than happy to pick it up and attempt to drink from it. She does pretty well, but spills down the front of her shirt most of the time.

    I found this website most helpful when it comes to planning meals for Miss Mia


  • 1st birthday

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Can you believe this little princess is going to be a year old in 2 weeks? What are the MUSTS for her first birthday party?


  • Getting organized

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    closetI am trying to get organized. I know what my goals are, but I'm not sure I know how to accomplish them. Can I just hire a professional organizer to come in and clean up my life?

    I have too many clothes! In fact I don't have room for all of them in my dressers and my closet is a mess!

    I have an office that we are converting into the play room that is also home to my treadmill. I have all my business supplies for my jewelry business in cardboard boxes and big totes on an old coffee table in the room. This is not going to work well in a playroom. We have shelves plum full of files and tax stuff as well as catalogs and crafting supplies in shoeboxes, plastic totes and cardboard boxes!

    Closets over flowing with sheets and blankets we hardly use and extra pillows that we only kept for camping, which we never do. 

    The biggest problem I have with getting organized is finding the time to do it! I also need a design plan for new shelving units that we could easily build to save money, but again finding the time to do that is tough. 

    With all the extra stuff that has taken over our home because of Mia I need to do something! Not only for my own sanity, but for her safety as well. We don't need anything falling on top of her while she's playing! Besides that I want to give her as much room to play as I can without it overflowing into my space like it is now. Stepping on toys at 4 in the morning is not fun.

    Any organizing tips will be helpful. A professional orgainzer even better :)


  • Poor sick baby

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    thermometerMy sister watched Mia yesterday and said that she was a sleepy girl. She put herself down for 3 naps and wouldn't eat. When she got home she just wanted to cuddle and sleep. She felt really warm so when she woke up we took her temperature. Of course the clinic always asks for the rectal temperature so that's what we took and it was 103 so not high enough to take her in, but we needed to do something to bring it down.

    Mia refused to take Tylenol, we tried the syringe and we tried the pacifier medicine dispenser and neither worked. Finally we had to just hold her down and force her to take it. I hated doing it, but her fever had lasted over 2 hours by that point. About an hour later her temperature had gone down and she was up playing. When we put her to bed she put up no fight she just rolled right over and went to sleep. When I checked on her this morning she seemed to have shaken the fever. 

    What do you suggest to help break a fever? 

  • Baby's favorite game

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Mia Peek

    Mia's favorite game is Peek-a-Boo. She pulls the blanket over her eyes and laughs and laughs when she pulls it down. 

    What was your baby's favorite game?

  • Fun with food

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    So Mia had fun with the avacado, but I don't think she actually fed herself any of it LOL!

    Fun with food

  • Self Feeding

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia self feeding

    Mia's hand eye coordination has improved so much. It is amazing to think that there was a day she couldn't control her hands at all. I remember the first time she put her pacifier back into her mouth herself, I was so impressed. Now I'm telling her not to put stuff in her mouth. 

    As you may recall from an earlier baby blog Mia is feeding herself small chunks of food that she can pick up with her fingers. 

    According to Gerber's website we should now be encouraging her to use a spoon. She is at the age where she should be able to pick up the spoon and put it into her mouth though she may not always be able to keep the food on the spoon so we should be prepared for a mess. I have a friend that wouldn't let her child feed herself with a spoon until she was 2 because she was simply too messy. Seriously? Kids are messy deal with it.

    Here are some tips from Gerber to help with the transition:

    • Try two spoons at first. You hold one spoon and let her hold the other. Show her how you use it, and then watch as she tries to imitate you. Or if she tries to grab your spoon, switch with her to let her try it with your spoon.
    • Have manageable food on hand. Give your toddler foods that are easy to manage and have a size and texture that easily clings to a spoon. To minimize your child’s frustration, choose foods that are made especially for toddlers learning to feed themselves.
    • Be ready with the right utensils. Give your baby utensils that have big, soft-textured handles that are easy to grip. Also make sure that any forks have blunt tines. Look for plates with curved sides that make it easy to scoop food. Plates with suction cups on the bottoms will keep the plates in place.
    • Refrain from using disposable plastic spoons or forks—they break easily and are choking hazards. They also have sharp edges that can scratch your baby.
    When did your baby start using their own spoon?

  • Do you see my teeth?

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Mia's teeth finally popped through. At least a little bit. 

    mia teeth

  • On the road to walking

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    cruiserMia is in the cruising stage which is between crawling and walking. The fun stage where she pulls herself up on everything and walks around furniture. So you can't leave anything on the coffee table that you don't want her to grab. If you think she can't reach it you're wrong. There's always a toy to stand on that will help her get that pen in the middle of the table.

    She's been cruising long enough now that she is even transitioning from the coffee table to the couch by taking one step. She also walks when we hold her hands. We let her lead the way instead of us leading her though. 

    I learned recently that at home you should let babies run around barefoot because it helps them balance better. Obviously outside she needs shoes, but she's got such tiny feet that it's hard to find shoes that fit on her feet that have soles on them for the snow. She is still wearing 3-6 month shoes! She can wear 6 months, but they are a little big on her so they're harder for her to walk in. I have no idea where those little feet come from.

  • Darn Teeth!!

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    teething paciMia had a rough night again last night. Her teeth still haven't popped through though they are so close you can feel them and see them. She went to sleep alright, but woke up around 1am screaming. This girl doesn't wake up in the middle of the night and doesn't wake up screaming unless those teeth are bothering her and we know it's her teeth because she has both hands shoved in her mouth when we go in there. She doesn't really like teething rings so I tried teething pacifiers which seem to be a little better, but she still doesn't use them all the time. At my sisters house however she has discovered a silicone first toothbrush that she likes chewing on. It has different lengths of soft bristles that I must massage her gums just right. So I went out and bought one.

    When she woke up all she wanted to do was cuddle. I held her for a while then when I thought she was sleeping I tried to put her down again and she started to cry again so Daddy came in to see if he could help her feel better while I went and got the baby orajel. After about a half hour she settled down and went back to sleep.

    I just hate this teething business. It must hurt so bad!

    What kind of teethers did your baby prefer?