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  • Christmas projects details

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Josh took the time to write up these descriptions of all the projects we built for Christmas this year.  We always have so much fun building things for people and though it is a lot of work the people we build them for appreciate the love and time we put into each project.

    Hayden’s zoo


    The stuffed animal zoo was an interesting project.  We saw some online, but wanted to modify them a bit.  When we went shopping for the wood we also had an idea to put animal stickers on the back.  We wanted the zoo to look kid friendly without any stuffed animals in it, but we knew once it was full you wouldn’t be able to see the back so we didn’t want to spend a lot of time painting the animals on.  We found some stick on animals near the wall paper at the local building center that would work great.  We cut the pieces and decided to paint them first to make it easier.  Nik found some excellent paint that worked well for this project.  Once painted, we assembled the pieces to build the frame.


    Before we built this, Nik and I had a different opinion how the bungee cord could be attached.  I thought it would be easier to staple and Nik thought we would need to have a guide and tie a knot in the bungee above and below the guide.  I decided to try my way since I thought it would be faster but found stapling would not hold.  Once we drilled and attached the guides, Nik was able to tie the bungees in record time (I thought it would take so much longer, and probably would have if I had to do it).


    In the end, I think the zoo was my favorite build.  Hopefully it will be useful in keeping our nephew Hayden’s stuffed animals from taking over his room.


    Rocking Scooters


    Nikki found the rocking scooters on Pinterest and thought we should build those for Mia and our nieces.  The plans were available online.  They really just consisted of patterns for each piece.  We cut the pieces on a band saw.  This was much easier in the tight corners than a jig saw.  We then sanded and glued up each part.  We tried to follow along with the website we found the plans on, but they didn’t provide much detail.  We had a few issues along the way.  I broke one piece as I was test fitting the parts, but figured we could glue it together.  Another piece was broken after most of it was glued together.  We had to cut a couple new parts out to replace that one.  While we were gluing the body parts, Nik was painting the supports, handle bars and rockers.  Once the bodies were glued we painted them.  We had to find the best way to paint them but not fume up the house.  Nik figured out if we painted them in the garage, but brought them in to dry we would be ok and it worked like a charm.  Finally, a few days before Christmas, we started assembling the all the painted parts.  If felt so nice once they were all together.  We had many hours into these projects and it is so much fun to see the final product.




    The bookshelf we build was a very basic design.  We didn’t use any special plans.  When we build something like this, we typically look around on the internet to find designs we like.  The final design included aspects from several pictures we found.  We then proceed to cut the wood, put everything together and then finally painted it using a special crackly glaze.  We used part of a desk top that Nikki’s brother built back in high school as the top of the bookcase.  We thought that would add a nice element and it will be neat to tell Cole that someday.  The crackle glaze was something our sister-in-law saw on one of our other projects and thought it would look nice on this. 

  • Christmas projects 2012

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery
    Josh and I felt like Santa's elves working late nights in the workshop to build these gifts for Christmas this year. It is much harder to get stuff like this done with a child at home. We had to work in shifts while Mia was awake so things took twice as long. After Mia went to bed we were both busy little elves, but I was sick over the holidays so last Friday I didn't get much work done at all because I spent the afternoon lying around trying to recover. It didn't do much good because I am still sick today.
    Here's a slide show of the projects we did this year. The rocking scooters were for our nieces Addi, Riley and Lizzy and one for Mia. We built the bookcase for our nephew Cole and the stuffed animal zoo for our nephew Hayden.
    I will blog later this week how we built each project.
  • Kate Middleton & Prince William Break Royal Tradition

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Kate Middleton & Prince William Break Royal Tradition with their Nanny.

    Did you or would you hire a nanny to help raise your child? Our family had a live in nanny when we were growing up and it was wonderful!

  • Christmas will be all about the boxes

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia laundryI have a feeling this Christmas will be all about the boxes! Mia loves to pull things out of boxes and especially loves to pull the laundry out of the laundry basket. Now she likes to climb into the laundry basket. Yesterday I left her in her playroom for a minute while I loaded the dishwasher. When I came back to the living room she was being very quiet so I stuck my head in and she was just sitting in an empty box that I had set aside for wrapping presents. She wasn't playing she was just sitting there. It was so cute. 

    She found one of her Christmas presents and wanted to play with it. I took it away from her and she cried. I felt bad. Josh asked what harm it is to give it to her early, but come on it's a present. Should I have given it to her? 

  • Most unusual baby names of 2012

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Celebrities are known for giving their children weird names, but apparently it's spreading! here is a list of some of the most unusual baby names of 2012.























    What do you think of these names? Do you know anyone with an unusual name?


    Here's the list of the 100 most popular names of 2012

  • Top 100 baby names 2012

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    From here are the top 100 names of 2012 did your baby's name make the list? Mia is in the top 10. All 3 of my nieces born this year made the list too at 41, 29 and 16. Here's the list of the weirdest names of 2012

    Girls' Names
    1. Sophia
    2. Emma
    3. Olivia
    4. Isabella
    5. Ava
    6. Lily
    7. Zoe
    8. Chloe
    9. Mia
    10. Madison
    11. Emily
    12. Ella
    13. Madelyn
    14. Abigail
    15. Aubrey
    16. Addison
    17. Avery
    18. Layla
    19. Hailey
    20. Amelia
    21. Hannah
    22. Charlotte
    23. Kaitlyn
    24. Harper
    25. Kaylee
    26. Sophie
    27. Mackenzie
    28. Peyton
    29. Riley
    30. Grace
    31. Brooklyn
    32. Sarah
    33. Aaliyah
    34. Anna
    35. Arianna
    36. Ellie
    37. Natalie
    38. Isabelle
    39. Lillian
    40. Evelyn
    41. Elizabeth
    42. Lyla
    43. Lucy
    44. Claire
    45. Makayla
    46. Kylie
    47. Audrey
    48. Maya
    49. Leah
    50. Gabriella
    51. Annabelle
    52. Savannah
    53. Nora
    54. Reagan
    55. Scarlett
    56. Samantha
    57. Alyssa
    58. Allison
    59. Elena
    60. Stella
    61. Alexis
    62. Victoria
    63. Aria
    64. Molly
    65. Maria
    66. Bailey
    67. Sydney
    68. Bella
    69. Mila
    70. Taylor
    71. Kayla
    72. Eva
    73. Jasmine
    74. Gianna
    75. Alexandra
    76. Julia
    77. Eliana
    78. Kennedy
    79. Brianna
    80. Ruby
    81. Lauren
    82. Alice
    83. Violet
    84. Kendall
    85. Morgan
    86. Caroline
    87. Piper
    88. Brooke
    89. Elise
    90. Alexa
    91. Sienna
    92. Reese
    93. Clara
    94. Paige
    95. Kate
    96. Nevaeh
    97. Sadie
    98. Quinn
    99. Isla
    100. Eleanor
        Boys' Names
    1. Aiden
    2. Jackson
    3. Ethan
    4. Liam
    5. Mason
    6. Noah
    7. Lucas
    8. Jacob
    9. Jayden
    10. Jack
    11. Logan
    12. Ryan
    13. Caleb
    14. Benjamin
    15. William
    16. Michael
    17. Alexander
    18. Elijah
    19. Matthew
    20. Dylan
    21. James
    22. Owen
    23. Connor
    24. Brayden
    25. Carter
    26. Landon
    27. Joshua
    28. Luke
    29. Daniel
    30. Gabriel
    31. Nicholas
    32. Nathan
    33. Oliver
    34. Henry
    35. Andrew
    36. Gavin
    37. Cameron
    38. Eli
    39. Max
    40. Isaac
    41. Evan
    42. Samuel
    43. Grayson
    44. Tyler
    45. Zachary
    46. Wyatt
    47. Joseph
    48. Charlie
    49. Hunter
    50. David
    51. Anthony
    52. Christian
    53. Colton
    54. Thomas
    55. Dominic
    56. Austin
    57. John
    58. Sebastian
    59. Cooper
    60. Levi
    61. Parker
    62. Isaiah
    63. Chase
    64. Blake
    65. Aaron
    66. Alex
    67. Adam
    68. Tristan
    69. Julian
    70. Jonathan
    71. Christopher
    72. Jace
    73. Nolan
    74. Miles
    75. Jordan
    76. Carson
    77. Colin
    78. Ian
    79. Riley
    80. Xavier
    81. Hudson
    82. Adrian
    83. Cole
    84. Brody
    85. Leo
    86. Jake
    87. Bentley
    88. Sean
    89. Jeremiah
    90. Asher
    91. Nathaniel
    92. Micah
    93. Jason
    94. Ryder
    95. Declan
    96. Hayden
    97. Brandon
    98. Easton
    99. Lincoln
    100. Harrison
  • Mia's swimming again

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia swimMia's in swim lessons again. She hung onto me for dear life during the first class, but after that she loosened up. She is even sticking her face in the water now without sucking the water in. She is getting close to jumping in too. She only has four more classes counting tonight so we'll see if she will jump in by the end. 

    We have her in class in Mosinee this time instead of at the Woodson Y because with our schedules we figured it would be easier because it's so much closer. In Mosinee all the classes are in one pool which makes it tight quarters. At the Wausau Y they have the little kids in the small pool and the bigger kids in the big pool so it's easier to move around. The teacher we had over the summer at the Wausau Y was better too. She seemed to really enjoy the babies where this guy we have now is just going through the motions to get through the half hour. And you can tell this is the first time he's ever taught swim lessons to babies. Don't get me wrong it's still fun and at this stage it's more about getting them used to the water than about teaching them to swim.

  • Baby dancing at wedding

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    ZackOne of my best friends, Doug, got married on Saturday to a wonderful woman I introduced him to. I was lucky enough to be invited to be in the wedding party. 

    The day was beautiful and everything went off without a hitch. The reception was super fun, but nothing could top Baby Zack bustin a move at his uncle Doug's wedding! 

    This was so cute. Zack is only 2 weeks older than Mia and he was out dancing at the wedding reception Saturday night. The best part was the song he chose to dance to :)

  • Mia kicks back

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia tv

    My sister shared this picture with me from when she was watching her last month. I cracked up! She looks just like her daddy kicked back on the couch.

    I gotta get her her own little chair for Christmas I think. Any suggestions for a good chair for toddlers? 

  • Million Moms offended again

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    The Million Moms group (40,000 to be exact) are up in arms calling the latest JCPenney commercial offensive. 

    The issue isn't the bad short jokes it's the fact the ad features Ellen DeGeneres an openly gay woman as a representative for the store. The Million Moms website asks Christians to stop shopping the store writing, "Since April, JC Penney's has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now. A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets."

    As a mom I can't imagine how teaching your children to hate anyone just because they are "different" is good parenting. Ellen is a good person she does a lot of nice things in this world. I don't care who she shares a bed with. I would rather have my children look up to her than some straight people because value in this world has nothing to do with who you love it's what you contribute.

  • Daredevil

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia daredevil

    We may have a little daredevil on our hands. Mia has started to climb up on anything she can. I'm just waiting for her first fall.

    Tell me about some of your child's daredevilish moments.

  • Sometimes Mia plays so hard she passes out

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia passed out

    Mia sometimes plays so hard she passes out. The real reason is because she fights naps so bad! When she gets sleepy instead of curling up for a nap she just tries to play harder and eventually she'll just fall asleep. The other day she fell asleep in the hallway at our house. This picture is from my sister's house.

    What do you do to get your kids to settle down for a nap?