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  • Toddler tantrums

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Mia is 14 and a half months old now and has started throwing temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She screams and cries and throws herself backwards. It is so embarrassing when she does it in public. 

    Josh coaches basketball and I've taken her to a couple of games, but she doesn't like to sit still that long. She wants to get up and walk around, but she also doesn't want to be away from Grandma and Grandpa. So we let her stand up and pass her between the three of us and even let her walk along the bleachers between us, but there's not much more for her to do. Eventually she'll throw a fit, because she doesn't want to be confined. Of course when she starts flailing and screaming with tears and everything everyone starts turning and looking at me like I'm a bad mom. It really sucks, but I don't want to give in because then she'll think if she throws these tantrums she'll get what she wants. 

    She recently threw one of these fits for the babysitter and she called me and told me about it. She added that she did not give her what she wanted either. Which made me very happy. 

    How do you handle toddler temper tantrums? Do you handle them differently when you're in public?

  • Sleepy baby

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia sleeping

    I was so happy to get home from Memphis, I missed my baby so much! I love sticking my head in her room before I leave for work in the morning and seeing her sleeping. Unfortunately this morning I must have woken her up because as soon as I got downstairs she started crying. So I rocked her for a few minutes, but she didn't want to go back to sleep. I brought her downstairs with me while I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee and she was smiling and playing and laughing but as soon as I got up to leave for work she threw a fit! I handed her off to Josh and just cried and cried while doing the sign for I Love You or her version of it and reaching out for me. It was so hard for me to leave! Bryan said maybe she was afraid I'd be gone for a long time again.

    I get to pick her up from the babysitter's house today early!  

  • Picky Toddler

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia eatOur once awesome eater is starting to turn her nose up at new foods! We feed her whatever we eat now and for a while that went really well. Now whenever we try to introduce something new she turns away without even trying it. I'm not sure what to do to get her to try new things. If she had it her way she'd only eat noodles, broccoli, chicken, pasta pickups, bananas and yogurt. That's healthy and I love that, but varitey would be nice. She wouldn't even try hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly sandwich bites. She only eats hamburger in spaghetti, but we don't really eat much red meat so that's not a big deal. 

    Any suggestions on how to get my picky eater to try new things?

  • Mother reunited with Son after 19 years

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    An Indiana woman was reunited with her son just a few days ago who was discovered living under an alias in Minnesota. 19 years ago Lisa Harter's 5 year old son, Richard Wayne Landers Jr, was kidnapped by his paternal grandparents who were upset with pending custody arrangements. According to investigators the boy's father was never a part of the child's life and the Harters were married a year prior to the abduction. 

    The Harters never gave up on their search for their son, last September they turned the boy's Social Security Card over to police and they reopened the cold case. Using the number they found a man using the number with the same birthday and a physical resemblance to the missing boy. Upon investigation they also found the grandparents who kidnapped the child 19 years earlier also living under aliases. 

    The now 24 year old Richard Wayne Landers Jr. is married and expecting his first child. So not only is Lisa Harter reunited with her son after all these years, but she will also be able to welcome her grandchild into the world.

  • iPotty

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Do you think this is going a bit too far with the i-products? 

    I don't know if my baby will use it, but I know my husband would!

  • Baby Teeth

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Mia teeth

    Mia is showing off her teeth! All four of those top teeth came in at the same time! You would've expected her to be unbearable, but she was actually not too bad. I can't even imagine how much that must hurt. I'm glad it happens at an age we can't remember it.

    If you're wondering when your baby's teeth may come in here's a chart though keep in mind that all children are different. Mia didn't get her first two teeth until she was 11 months old...and since then it's been going pretty fast. Some babies may get their teeth earlier too. I know someone who's baby was born with 2 teeth already!

    teething chart

  • Baby Names Trends for 2013

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    baby namesBaby names can be a stressful decision for parents. Most parents want their kids to have a name that won't make them the target for bullies, but some parents are only interested in giving their children unique names like Kal-El (Nick Cage's son).

    A 15-year old girl in Iceland is in a legal battle with the government over her name. Her parents named her Blaer, which means light breeze in Icelandic, nice right? It's not on the list of government approved names so she's been forced to go by the Icelandic word for "girl" on all official documents. Iceland's Personal Names Register includes more than 2000 names that are approved for boys and girls that follow Icelandic grammar and pronounciation guidlines and are unlikely to cause embarrassment.

    Other countries have similar laws about naming your child like Germany and Denmark. Should the U.S. have laws like this to protect children from being given names like Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee's son) or Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Jillette's daughter)?

    When we were looking at baby names we wanted a name that was common enough that people would recognize it, but not so common that there would be multiple kids in our child's class with the same name. So we looked at the 100 most popular names list and picked boys and girls names that were in the bottom half of the list. Well, apparently everyone had the same idea because once Mia was born and the list of the most popular names of 2011 came out Mia and the other two names that we had picked out were in the top 10. So to help out anyone who is expecting in 2013 I found a list predicting what the most popular names of 2013 may be.

    Top 10 Searched Baby Girl Names:

    1. Isabella
    2. Millie
    3. Sookie
    4. Ann
    5. Ella
    6. Betty
    7. Ellie
    8. Emma
    9. Eithne
    10. Charlotte

    Top 10 Searched Baby Boy Names:

    1. Jacob
    2. Max
    3. Liam
    4. Ted
    5. Mo
    6. Aiden
    7. Andy
    8. Bertie
    9. Ned
    10. Gus
    What do you think of the predicted popular names of 2013? Are any of them on your short list?
  • Still not walking

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia standingMia started standing up holding on to furniture and pulling herself up on stuff when she was just shy of 8 months old (Picture July 5, 2012). We thought at that time that she may be an early walker. Her first birthday came and went and she still didn't walk. She would walk holding our hands, but at that time when we tried to get her to walk holding one hand she would drop to her knees. At 13 months she walked with one hand no problem. She's sturdy and ready to walk, but won't do it without holding one of our hands. She pulls us up to walk with her. She'll be 14 months early next week and so far she has taken a step and a half on her own from Daddy to Mommy, but hasn't taken a single step on her own since. We have tried bribing her with toys and food, but she just refuses to do it. 

    When did your child walk?

    Any suggestions for me?

  • Mia's 1st haircut

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Mia 1st haircut

    Mia has hair just like mine, it's very fine and gets overrun with static and knots. Her hair always appears messy. It's not really long, but it is just long enough in front that it hangs in her eyes so we decided to get her bangs trimmed. It only took a minute, but she sat pretty well for it. At first she put her hands up and pushed Hanna's (the stylist) hands away because she didn't know what was going on, but after that she just played with daddy's phone.

    I did keep her tiny bit of hair in a cute little keep sake box my mom got me for my baby shower.

    How did your kid's first haircut go?

  • Josh the baby whisperer

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    baby whispererJosh has been lovingly dubbed the "Baby Whisperer" by my family. Whenever there is a baby that needs a nap Josh is the one we turn to because no matter how hard the baby fights sleep it seems that Josh can get that baby to snoozeville within a few minutes.

    Yesterday was a perfect example of his super powers. About mid-morning when Mia usually takes a nap she just wouldn't settle down for me. I tried to cuddle with her, I gave her a snack and some milk, but she just wouldn't rest. When Josh got out of the shower I handed Mia over to him and by the time I got out of the shower she was out cold. Later that afternoon we were at my parents' house and my niece Lizzy was fighting sleep so Josh took her and rocked her for a few minutes and next thing we know she's sleeeping soundly. Then my niece Riley was drifting off in the high chair and woke herself up, after that she was mad my sister tried to put her in the swing, but she wasn't having it, so my mom joked, "just hand her off to the baby whisperer and she'll go right to sleep." Sure enough within 5 minutes she was snoring away. 

    Josh was always so good at soothing Mia when she was a newborn so I shouldn't be too surprised that he's good at getting babies to sleep. There's just something about him that sets people at ease I guess. I'm a pretty lucky woman.

  • A good parent needs to be prepared for anything

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    You're not really a parent until you're in a restaurant with poo on you. For the second time since having Mia I've found myself in this position. My poor baby girl is sick, but you wouldn't know it. She doesn't act sick and she doesn't have a fever, but over the weekend we found that she'd thrown up all over her crib, but she woke up happy and played all day. So the next day we thought we'd be safe to go out and run some errands, but when we stopped for dinner she apparently wasn't feeling well because she all of a sudden started crying and when Josh picked her up she had poo all up her back and down her legs. What was worse is that this bad mom downsized to the small diaper bag that didn't contain a spare set of clothes for her so after I got her cleaned up (and got poo cleaned off my sleeve) I wrapped my scarf around her like a skirt and put on her sweatshirt which was miraculously safe from the disaster. Needless to say we went straight home and the poor thing threw up again once we got there. When she's not running a fever and acting normal how are we to tell if she's sick?

    We are supposed to go to a New Years Eve party tonight as a family, but I don't want to take the chance that she'll have one of those accidents again. Poor little baby if she's not well I don't want to be dragging her around especially in the super cold temperatures we're going to see tonight.