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  • When to take baby to the dentist

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    baby teethI recently saw my dentist for my regular check up and while I was there I used that opportunity to ask him a couple questions about Mia's teeth. Mia didn't have any teeth until she was almost 11 months old, but since then they've been popping in like crazy! She's 15 months old now and she has 10 teeth so I was curious when she should see a dentist. I was surprised to find out that the American Dental Association recommends that a child see a dentist no later than his or her first birthday whether they have teeth or not. I guess we'd better get her in any day now.

    We brush her teeth at home, but my next question for my dentist was should we use toothpaste? He recommended that we use a children's toothpaste because there is very little floride so it won't make her sick if she swallows it. Besides that children's toothpaste comes in fun flavors that she might like better than regular old toothpaste. He also told me that we only need to use a tiny amount of toothpaste even for ourselves. The toothpaste for Mia should be about the size of a grain of rice. Adults should put toothpaste across their brush instead of down the brush so we use less too. 

    We should be brushing Mia's teeth twice, a day once in the morning and once at night. Obviously use a child's toothbrush. There are a few different kids you can choose, but as long as it's got soft bristles and isn't too big for baby's mouth the shape doesn't matter. Mia loves to brush her teeth with her winnie the pooh toothbrush. As much as Mia likes to brush her own teeth it's important that we help her so we can be sure to brush the front and backsides of all of her teeth.

    As far as flossing goes toddlers usually don't have to have their teeth flossed because most of them don't touch, but if they do you should floss between them. Otherwise flossing usually isn't an issue until all the teeth come in.

    When did you take your children to the dentist for the first time?


  • Why toddlers get angry when they don't get their way

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    tantrumMia is at the toddler stage when she doesn't get what she wants she cries or if she can't get the shape to fit in the shape sorter she gets frustrated and throws it. This happens to all kids and parents handle tantrums differently, but why do toddlers get angry when they don't get their way? Their emotions are maturing.

    She is discovering that she has her own likes and dislikes, her own wants and needs. She is her own person and is seeking independence. The reason toddlers get angry over little things is because they are discovering they have emotions, but don't know how to control them yet. She also don't understand that what she wants now she may be able to get later since she has little understanding of time.

    So here's some examples of things we do to soothe Mia's little tantrums. If it is the case of the shape that won't fit I pick up the matching piece and show her where it fits then she will get the piece she threw and put it in the right place and continue playing. If the fit is about wanting a cookie instead of dinner we move the cookies out of sight and she eventually forgets about it. Sometimes she throws a fit when it's time for diaper change and in that case we just give her a book or a toy to distract her. If she wants more noodles instead of her sausage for dinner that's an instance where we pick our battles and just give in. 

  • Potty party!

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Potty training can be a long and arduous process for parents and kids, but maybe it would be easier if the first flush were celebrated with a potty party like this one!

    Okay so it's not likely any of us can afford this kind of party and we probably don't have the time to organize something this elaborate, but we can all throw a little confetti and have a cake right? 

    Do you have any potty training tips? When did you start potty training your child?

  • Deaf Woman Hears Son's Voice For the First Time

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    I love the show The Doctors and I love it when they do shows like this one. A deaf woman hears her son's voice for the first time thanks to a cochlear implant. See the segment here:

  • Valentine's for the Soldiers

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Send a little love to the soldiers in Afghanistan this Valentine's day. WDEZ will pick up the shipping costs all you have to do is get them to us. Make it a fun family project that's what I did.

    mia's valentine 1

    Mia and I made a Valentine for the soldiers. I dug out the finger paint and let her go to town. She mostly just smeared the paint around in her fingers, but it was fun watching her play with it.

    mia's valentine 2

    We are accepting Valentines for the Soldiers until tomorrow 2/6/13. Get all the info here 

    mia's valentine

  • Babies are so cute together

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia and riley

    Mia's cousin Riley was sad and crying Mia tried hugs and that didn't work so she decided to try playing peek a boo with her to make her smile. It is so cute seeing babies interact with one another.

  • March of Dime Safe Sleep tips

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery
     march of dimes

    Creating a Safe Sleep Environment for Babies

    The new year is a time for fresh starts, so what better time to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our baby safe! This is particularly important as we make our way through the winter months and colder weather. As you strive to keep baby warm day and night, remember to keep safety as your number one priority.

    When you're bundling baby up during the colder months, here are some key steps to follow when putting baby down to rest:

    • The best place for your baby to sleep is in his or her bassinet or crib placed close to your bed.
    • Always place your baby to sleep on his or her back.
    • Use a swaddle wrap or wearable blanket/sleep-sack instead of a typical blanket.
    • Create a sleep safety zone by removing all soft, fluffy or loose bedding, blankets and toys from the crib. Never place additional padding under an infant.
    • Use a crib or bassinet with a firm, TIGHT FITTING mattress.
    • Educate relatives, babysitters, and other caregivers about these safety tips.

    To learn more about safe sleep tips, visit and and viewSummer Infant's Safe and Sound Sleep Guide: A Guide to Help Your Baby Sleep Safely. There you'll find tips and information on safe sleep habits and guidelines from Summer Infant. And while your baby warms your heart this winter, you'll both sleep better knowing that you put safety first.

  • Child Care

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    What do you do for child care?

    How did you find your child care provider?

    Here's a video of some real parent sharing their child care stories.

  • Playroom a waste?

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia playing

    We turned our office into a playroom for Mia. We thought setting up a playroom for her would give us our living room back, but that has proven not to be the case. She goes into her playroom and grabs toys and drags them out into the living room so we still have toys all over the place now they are all over two rooms!

    Do your kids have a playroom? Do you have any adult spaces or is your whole house overtaken with kid/baby stuff? (Bedrooms don't count)

  • Drew Barrymore to raise daughter Jewish

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    drewDrew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman have decided to raise their daughter, Olive, Jewish.

    Drew describes her husband as "a nice Jewish man from a nice Jewish family" and even though she she hasn't converted herself yet she has fully embraced the religion. Her conversion began when she and Kopelman married in a traditional Jewish ceremony in June of 2012. 

    Drew feels like Judaism is "so family oriented...The stories are so beautiful and it's incredibly enlightening." 

    It's great that she feels that way because I imagine that in some mixed religion families especially Christian/Jewish families it's difficult to decide how children should be raised. I remember an episode of Pregnant in Heels where the husband was Jewish and the wife was Catholic and they fought about which way the child should be raised. The wife claimed that since she is the one giving birth that she should be able to raise the child Catholic, but the husband felt that since he is the bread winner/head of household the child should be Jewish. 

    Do you have a mixed religion household? How did you decide what religion to share with your children?

  • Happy Feet

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    I caught Mia dancing to no music. She just had happy feet.

  • Mia tried and liked something new

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    mia spaghettiMia has always liked spaghetti, but we used Italian sausage this time instead of hamburger and she loved it! She ate a huge bowl of it. I figured I would try to introduce new foods to her mixed in with foods she already loves. So far so good :) 

    She also devoured blueberries. She's had them before and liked them, but this time she couldn't eat them fast enough.