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  • St. Michael's Hospital Women and Infant Center Open House

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Nikki WIC Open HouseMy husband and I went to the Ministry St. Michael's Hospital Women and Infant Center open house last night and had a blast. We got to meet many of the unit's nurses and the staff. We registered for prizes and mingled with other parents' to be. We enjoyed delicious snacks from the Ministry St. Michael's kitchen and the slushies that are only available in the Women and Infant Center. 

    What we were most impressed by was the renovation itself. They had picture boards all over the hallway showing the before, during and after pictures and the transformation was amazing! The floors are all beautiful dark hardwood laminate throughout the halls and the rooms. The nurse's station is immaculate and the nursery is cozy. None of that compares to the birthing suites themselves. 

    In the days when my mom was having kids when you checked in the put you in one room during labor, wheeled you down the hall to another room for delivery and then rolled you back to another room for postpartum, but now they do it all in one room! One extremely comfortable spacious room furnished with all Wisconsin made furniture. The rooms were furnished by talented interior designers from the Samuels Group. The rooms each feature a large flat screen TV, a sofa sleeper for dad, a reclining chair, a rocker, a table with two chairs, a whirlpool tub and a refrigerator. The rooms are plenty big enough to accomodate all the friends and  family that will want to visit when the baby arrives.

    The encourage mom and dad to keep baby with them in the room, but the crib has wheels so it's easy for them to transport baby to the nursery if mom and dad request it.  

    We found out that mom and dad can order off the vast menu at anytime at no additional charge, but the meal that had us excited was the celebration dinner. After the baby is born mom and dad get a nice dinner served with champagne to celebrate their new addition. 

    Keep your eye on for more pictures in the gallery from the event and a video of the new Women and Infant Center.

    Remember to vote:

    I have my ultrasound on Tuesday what do you think I'll find out I'm having?

    TEXT: Twins, Boy or Girl to 39327 for your chance to win a digital camera from Ministry Health Care.

  • Sushi

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    sushiI am a big fan of sushi and of course that was on the list of things that needed to be cut from my diet. Yesterday I mentioned on facebook that all I can eat sushi will be my first meal once I have this baby and I got a lot of repsonses. Thanks most of all to my cousin who responded with the types of sushi that I can eat while pregnant. On that list California rolls! I love spicy tuna rolls, but I really like California rolls too so I can make that work. 

    Any sushi containing uncooked fish is not safe, but California rolls have steamed crab meat in them. Vegetarian rolls are a safe choice too. Stay away from smoked salmon that doesn't count as cooked.

    Fish is one of those touchy things during pregnancy you have to be sure you're eating fish low in Mercury, but not cutting fish out of your diet completely. I got a list of fish that I can eat and how often from my doctor which is very helpful.


    Today is your first opportunity to guess the sex! I have my ultrasound on Tuesday what do you think I'll find out I'm having?

    Text: Boy, Girl or Twins to 39327 to cast your vote between now and 5am Wednesday for a chance to win a digital camera from Ministry Health Care and the Women and Infant Center at St. Michael's Hospital Stevens Point. 

  • Sleep

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    sleepSo far I haven't had much trouble sleeping, but training myself to sleep on my side is hard because I am a back sleeper. The doctor says that I should train myself to sleep on my left side in my second and third trimester. I've been trying to train myself since I found out I'm pregnant, but I wake up every night to pee and sure enough I'm sleeping on my back. 

    I bought a body pillow to try to help me. My husband hates it because it hogs the covers. I have found the pillow most useful if I put it behind me and use it to prop me up just enough that I'm not laying flat.

    Why should you not lie flat on your back to sleep? Your uterus can partially compress a major vein that returns blood from the lower half of your body to your heart. Lying on your left side (or even tited a bit) prevents that compression and increases blood flow. 

    Did/do you have a hard time sleeping or getting comfortable?

    Lots of pregnant women complain of having weird dreams or nightmares while pregnant thanks to hormones. I haven't had any, but I never have been one to remember my dreams unless they were particularly distrubing. These vivid dreams and nightmares are thought by experts to be the mind's way of dealing with the anxiety, excitement and fear that go along with childbirth.

    Did/do you have strange dreams more so while pregnant than usual?

  • I want to know what you think

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Today a woman called the studio after I mentioned my baby blog topic from yesterday on the air. She wanted to comment on the topic, but I stopped her and said, "You can comment right under the blog at"

    After the show I came back to my desk and checked my blog for comments right away and found none. I was very disappointed. I really enjoy reading your comments and I would've loved to read what this woman had to say about circumcision. 

    Please never hesitate to comment on anything you read here. There is no judgement this is an open forum and I appreciate you chiming in. 

    If you're not sure how to leave a comment you can simply link your facebook or twitter account or you can create a new account. Otherwise you can post as a guest.

    Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to read my blog and an extra thanks to those who have felt compelled to comment. 

    Ultrasound Machine 

    Today's Topic:

    We are a week away from finding out what we're having and how many! I'm so excited I can't stand it! That's all I can think about. Good thing I have a very busy week this week so time will fly by!

    Once we get this information we are hitting the stores to start picking out what we need for baby. We can also figure out what used items we have available to us. I know a bunch of people who are done having kids and are more than happy to dump their baby stuff on us which for me is fantastic! I'm not the type of person who needs all new things for my new baby. I know many people are like that, but I'm just fine with new to me stuff.

    Can you believe I'm halfway through this adventure already? I sure can't.

  • Parents' decision

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    protestsWhen we went to Washington D.C. in March we saw these signs outside the Capitol. It seems that all of a sudden circumcision is a very controversial issue. Maybe I'm just noticing it more now that it's a decision my husband and I will have to make. I don't remember it ever being a big thing when I was younger. I don't remember people protesting it on my college campus or on the capitol lawn, but now it's a huge deal that even Russell Crowe is speaking out about.

    "Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature?" the Oscar winner tweeted Thursday. "Babies are perfect" he added.

    Circumcision was originally a Jewish tradition, but in the days of the holocaust the tradition was suspended because it was a one way ticket to the concentration camps. Somehow the tradition leaked into America and became a common practice regardless of religion.

    It is the parents' decision as to whether or not their son will be circumcised. For a long time it was said that it was healthier for the boy, but there really is no sufficient evidence that says one is better than the other. It is proven that an uncircumcised man can pass STDs more easily to their partner, but that's what condoms are for. It is more important for an uncircumcised boy to be concerned about hygiene down there though and what boy do you know that's worried about hygiene? LOL.

    The doctors that I have spoken to really don't try to push a parent one way or another. They are very honest with their information and are happy to tell you about the research that has been done. If the parents have a hard time deciding the standard answer is, if the father is circumcised then go ahead and circumcise the baby."

    Most men in the world are uncircumcised and more people today are chosing not to circumcise their babies than did 20 years ago. There is no wrong answer according to doctors and there is no wrong answer to me either. 

    Before we went to our first Ministry class and heard a doctor talk about it we just both automatically thought, "yes, we will have our baby boy circumcised, because that's what people do." After we heard the doctor talk about the research and the proceedure itself we looked at each other and knew we both had the same thing running through our head, "maybe we will have to think about this more." 




  • Pregnancy and Asthma

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    inhalerI started to notice that I'm easily winded. You see it's allergy season and I have asthma. When I first got pregnant the nurse told me that there's a chance my asthma could get better during pregnancy, but there's an equal chance it could get worse or stay the same.

    The most important thing is managing asthma through pregnancy. If asthma isn't well controlled during pregnancy it can cause severe bleeding, high blood pressure and toxemia. It can also put my baby at risk of being born too early and at a low birth weight.

    Pregnant women always have to be careful of medications they take. Luckily I talked to my allergist at my last appointment (last November) and told him that Josh and I were planning to have a baby so he made sure to give me meds that are safe to use throughout pregnancy. I learned that these medications pose a much lower risk to the baby than not managing symptoms at all. Since most asthma (mine included) are inhaled directly into the lungs it is very unlikely that it could harm the baby. Other types of asthma medications like shots may be a little more dangerous so a doctor may suggest an inhaler instead.

    Luckily I don't have severe asthma. In all the years that I've had it (diagnosed in 2002) I've only had two big attacks and got through both without rushing to the emergency room. For a while I was on a daily inhaled steroid, but at my last appointment they took me off of it. I only needed the daily treatment during allergy season anyway. I manage to get by with little use of my rescue inhaler so I'm doing okay.

    I'm easily winded, but I haven't had an attack since I got pregnant and I haven't had the tightness in my chest which is an awful feeling. I think I should talk to my allergist again since I haven't seen him since I got pregnant to see if he thinks I should be using my inhaler more often.

    Do you or anyone you know have a chronic illness that could/could've put you or your baby at risk?

  • Pregnancy and Travel

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    limoSo I'm sitting at my desk today making sure I have all the proper paperwork for Saturday's limo trip to see Kenny Chesney at Lambeau that I'm hosting for the station and I start to worry. I'm going to be on a limo with 14 other people on a 2 hour trip to Green Bay with only 1 scheduled bathroom stop in Shawano. 

    I already blogged about my frequent restroom visits, but this will be my first experience traveling in a car with no convenient bathroom. I don't want to ask the limo driver to make an additional stop for me and be a pain for everyone else to deal with. 

    I think I'm going to limit my fluid intake on the way there and hope for the best.

  • Ministry Class Infant Care and Safety

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    swaddled babyLast night Josh and I attended Ministry Health Care's Basic Infant Care and Safety class. The class has a fee of only $25 and we got a baby CPR kit. The kit includes an inflatable baby, a CPR and choking quick reference card and a DVD. We also got a light weight swaddler.

    At the class we learned a lot of important things. We obviously learned infant CPR and what to do if the baby is choking. We learned how to give the baby a sponge bath, how to properly put a baby in the car seat and how to make sure it fits right. We also learned how to swaddle the baby with a blanket and with a swaddler.

    Josh learned how to put a diaper on. Believe it or not Josh has never changed a diaper in his life! The first diaper I ever changed was my baby sister's when I was 7 years old within the first two weeks of her life, I remember her umbilical cord hadn't fallen off yet, and it was a cloth diaper. I have changed a lot of diapers in my life between her, babysitting and my nephews, but that's nothing compared to how many I will change when we have our baby or maybe babies.

    Another big topic of the class was SIDS. We got tips on how to prevent SIDS. The big thing was the proper way to put the baby to bed. Nothing but baby in the crib. No pillow, no blankets, no toys, no bumber pads. They sell mesh crib pads now so you don't need to worry about baby's limbs getting stuck in the bars, but also don't need to worry about them suffocating either.  Toys also serve as a suffocation hazard as do pillows and blankets. You should swaddle baby and place it on top of a fitted sheet in the crib on its back.

    We also talked about cigarette smoke putting babies at risk for SIDS. The nurse suggested that any family members who smoke have a smoking shirt. When they go outside to smoke they should put on a designated shirt then take it off and put on clean shirt when they come in to hold the baby. My sister smokes I'm sure that won't go over well when I ask her to do this. Luckily our baby will be born in late fall so she'll be wearing a coat when she goes out to smoke for at least the first 4 months of the baby's life.

    The class was great and we really learned a lot. If you want more information about classes offered at Ministry Health Care see their website


  • Ultrasound

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    twinsI'm so excited!! We went to the doctor yesterday for our 16 week check up though it was a week late due to the holiday and scheduling conflicts so we're actually 17 weeks. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again and this time I didn't laugh...much. I did giggle while the doc was trying to measure me because it felt weird and tickled a little. When she did finally get the measurement it showed that I'm actually measuring a little larger than what I should be. Which could mean my due date is off or that we're having twins.

    The first choice is most likely, but the second one wouldn't be a big surprise. Twins run in my family and we were on fertility drugs so both of those things increase our chances of having twins but when you put them together they really increase our chances then if you add in that I'm over 30 then it really really increases our chances. The doc said, "You've probably been prepared for twins," which we were. We always new it was a possiblity and when we saw the fertility doctor he reminded us that multiples is always a risk with treatment. I guess the only way they can tell for sure is with the ultrasound so we'll find out which of those is true when we go in for our ultrasound in 2 weeks!! 

    I can't wait! The heartbeat was pretty amazing, but I think the ultrasound is going to be unbelievable. We can't wait to find out what we're having. I hope there's only one in there, but if there's two that's okay too. If there are two then we've decided we're done because the risk of having twins after having twins once is even higher! Besides I think with twins I'd be way too tired to have any more babies. So if it is twins we're hoping for one of each.

    My mom's been wishing twins on us so she'd be really excited to get that news. Though it would probably wear off quickly because she is going to be our babysitter.

    In our case the twins would most likely be fraternal. That means that two different eggs were fertilized creating two babies as different as any other siblings. These two babies can be of the same gender or opposite. The reason this is most likely for us is because the fertility drug I was on was supposed to do just that, drop two eggs. That doesn't mean that every time someone uses fertility meds they have twins, everything has to be at the right place at the right time just like any other pregnancy. It just gives the man a higher chance of catching one of the eggs and a chance of getting both.

    This doesn't mean that if we have twins they couldn't be identical. Identical twins can happen to anyone at any time. Identical twins result from a fertilized egg dividing into two embryos. They have identical DNA, but different fingerprints. 1 in 250 pregnancies in the U.S. results in identical twins.

    This is a fun fact: If a set of identical twins marries a set of identical twins and both couples have children their children's DNA would look like siblings not cousins.

    Do you know any twins? How much a like are they?

  • Hungry all the time!

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    foodI'm hungry all the time! I don't want to gain too much weight or put on weight too fast. I know that the more evenly I gain weight and the more controlled my weight gain the easier it will be to lose the baby weight after, but my belly is talking louder than my brain right now.

    My brain wants me to have healthy food and to eat 6 small portions a day and only increase my calorie intake by 300 calories over what I normally eat. My belly wants me to eat anything and everything including Oreo cakesters and Italian sausage.

    I need to go to the grocery store and pick up a bunch of healthy snacks and I need to plan meals with left overs that I can bring with me to work instead of eating out. I have been eating fruit and yogurt and applesauce and rice cakes for snacks since I got pregnant, but that doesn't sound nearly as good anymore. 

    I got a little help from my friends on facebook and here's what they had to say:

    • Lindsay Mae Harvey In the last trimester of my pregnancy I ate an entire 8 pack box of those drumstick ice cream cones... They were SO SUPER yummy!!!! :-) :-) My dad got (playfully) mad at me only because I didn't share. Lol. :-)
    • Tina Gutt Kramer Baby carrots are always a good choice. Otherwise for your sweet tooth (or salt tooth) the 100 calorie snack packs would be a good choice too. I craved fruit loops with my first
    • Lindsay Mae Harvey Baby applesauce and pears are really yummy too... I always "steal" a spoonful from my daughter when I feed her. Lol.
    • Kristen Wells I just eat double of everything I would normally eat. I typically eat a lot so pregnancy means I'm eating constantly and always looking for more. Forget about portions until the 3rd trimester (when heartburn & indigestion really kick in). tons of grains & protein, fruits, berries, fresh veggies...yum. yogert, trail mix, & snack bars rock.
    I know there's a whole philosophy that during pregancy you have a free pass to eat as much of whatever you want, but I'm worried about putting on too much weight. My doctor only wants me to gain 20 pounds. That sure doesn't sound like a lot when you think 6-8lbs of that will be baby.
    What are your thoughts about eating during pregnancy?
  • Projects

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    nurseryIn preparation for baby we have lots of projects to get done. My husband, Josh already built the much needed closet in the garage so we could get all the out of season coats out of the baby's room closet.

    Josh finished building the drawers for under our bed and we got them installed so we have more room for our clothes.

    Josh patched the hole in the front porch, but it still has to be sanded and painted. My wonderful mother in law is going to come up to help him paint since I shouldn't be around the fumes.

    We need to build a sideboard for our entry room so we can get the board games out of the baby's dresser drawers.

    Josh and I picked out our flooring for our kitchen and dining room finally (it only took us 5 months to decide). We have to rip up the linoleum and see how bad the sub floor is. We know we need to replace at least some of it if not all of it in our kitchen. Then we can start laying the hardwood. Hopefully before I get too big so I can help.

    After all that is done then we can start to put the baby's room together. So far we have a rocker recliner in there and two dressers. They're hand-me-downs and they're white and pink so if we have a boy we'll have to repaint those. The walls are blue and we decided even if we have a girl we're not repainting. We'll just decorate really girly and it will be fine.

    So much to do and time seems to be flying! It's only gonna get worse because my time at home to work on this stuff is so limited in the summer because of all the events we have with the station. Josh will end up doing most of it on his own, but I think he's okay with that.

    Feeling a little overwhelmed maybe that's why I'm forgetting things.

    Do you think it's okay to leave our baby's room blue even if we have a girl?

  • Baby Toys

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    We got our first box of hand-me-downs today. I'm so excited! Vanessa Ryan left a box full of baby toys on my desk today. I'm home now and digging through the box, there's so much fun stuff in here, I'm having so much fun.

    I know there will be more to come. My brother and sister-in-law have stuff they want to unload on me, my friends who are all done having kids can't wait to find out what I'm having so they can give me girl stuff or boy stuff.

    Vanessa, thank you so much!!