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  • Baby please don't make me pee my pants!

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    I can feel the baby move more now. Instead of the bubbles I felt at first I feel sudden movements like kicks and punches. I knew she was an active one from the ultrasound, but now I can feel it. It's great except one little thing. She tends to kick me in the bladder! When that happens I get the sudden urge to pee. Luckily she's not too big and strong yet so I don't actually pee my pants, at least not yet. All my mommy friends tell me it's bound to happen.

    Even though I complain about the baby playing soccer with my bladder it's really cool to feel her moving around. Josh blogged last week about how jealous he is that he can't feel her yet. I feel bad I wish he could. I'm at 22 weeks now. I read that somewhere between 25 and 27 weeks we should be able to start feeling her move from the outside.

    When were you able to feel the baby move from the outside? 

  • Everything gets bigger!

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    footAccording to a new study men find women with size 5 feet most attractive. Nearly half of all men look at a woman's feet on a first date and a third will make a character judgement based on the way they look.

    Well, I already have a way larger shoe size than the perfect size five of Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Sophia Loren. I'm an 8 1/2 for now. I learned today that not only is my belly getting bigger by the day, but my feet will likely grow a half size to a full size during my pregnancy and stay that way afterward! This growth does not include swelling (edema).

    Apparently the ligaments holding my uterus in place aren't the only ones that are loosening up to allow stretching and my hip joints aren't the only ones relaxing in preparation for child birth. I guess the ligaments and joints in my feet are following suit! At least I haven't gotten myself any new shoes lately. I may have to restock my shoe closet which in my opinion is not a bad thing. My sister would make out well with all the shoes I'll give her if my feet do grow out of them.

    Did your feet grow? How much?


  • Pregnant in the summer

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    heatI never wanted to be pregnant in the summer. I remember when I was younger before me and my husband struggled to get pregnant I would see pregnant woman walking around at the fair miserable and uncomfortable and I said I would never do that to myself. Well years later here I am! 5 and a half months pregnant on a 95 degree day with a heat index between 100 and 110! 

    Not only are pregnant women carrying around extra weight, but their body temperature is naturally higher than normal so when you mix hot weather with that there's a recipe for danger! 

    Hyun-Joo Lee, MD, an ob-gyn at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, has some suggestions for keeping your cool while pregnant:


    • Avoid direct mid-day sun, because pregnant women are more prone to sunburn than non-pregnant women.
    • Drink one eight-ounce glass of water or electrolyte replacement liquid for each hour you are outdoors in hot weather.
    • Avoid vigorous outdoor activities during the hot hours of the day.
    • Use a high SPF sunscreen. If you have fair skin, use SPF 30 or 45. (Increased melanin production can lead to the "mask of pregnancy," so make sure your time in the sun is limited and don't head out without sunscreen or, better yet, sunblock.)
    • Get indoors at the first sign of weakness, fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness, or excessive thirst. Lie down and drink some cool water or electrolyte replacement liquid. If you don't feel better soon, call your doctor.
    I have asthma and breathing in hot humid weather can be a problem on a summer day when I'm not pregnant and asthma symptoms can worsen during pregnancy so if it's hard to breathe get into an air conditioned area.
    Swelling is also a common problem for pregnant women especially in the heat. Lee offers a list of dos and don'ts for women who experience leg swelling while pregnant:


    1. Lie down for 30 to 60 minutes a day, either at the end of the workday or during lunch.
    2. Keep your legs elevated while sleeping by placing a rolled-up towel or blanket under your mattress at the foot of the bed.
    3. Wear comfortable shoes and, if possible, wear one pair of shoes that are a half size larger than your normal size.
    4. Walk two to three times a week during times other than mid-day heat.
    5. Remove your rings if they seem to be tight. Some pregnant women experience mild swelling of the hands and have to get their rings cut off.


    1. Don't wear constrictive clothing, especially around the waist.
    2. Don't stand in one place for too long.
    3. Reduce, but don't eliminate, salt from your diet. Salt contains iodide, an essential element for the health of the fetus.
    4. Don't take any diuretic substances. Diuretics can cause the loss of electrolytes that could endanger the fetus.
    I will be soaking up air conditioning as much as possible this summer.
    Were you pregnant in the summer? What are your tips for survival?
  • Daddy blog

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    pregnant Nikki wanted me to blog about the male perspective of pregnancy. Granted, we are not the ones carrying the baby, going through all the physical and hormonal changes, but we don’t get to experience everything good the female gets to experience either. Nikki recently felt the baby move for the first time, and we were both very excited about it. But I can’t help but be envious of those types of experiences for the woman during pregnancy. Nikki tries to share as much as possible, but I will never get to feel some of the things she is going through.

    That doesn’t mean that I don’t have my fair share of work to accomplish before this baby comes. Even though I am slowly checking them off one by one, there still doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day. I’ve been told by many friends and family that this will get even worse once our little girl arrives, and I understand that. It makes it that much more important to get these items completed now.

    So what kind of projects did you have or want to get done before your baby came?

    ~Blog by Nikki's husband Josh

  • Weight Gain

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    scaleIt's funny that when you're pregnant everyone who is pregnant or ever has been shares their weight gain with the expecting mother. Some women I know gained a large amount of weight while others very little. One woman I know gained 65 pounds during her pregnancy, but you'd never know it now she said she lost it pretty quickly because she nursed. Another woman I know only gained 14 pounds which to me sounds like way too little, but she ended up having a perfectly healthy normal sized baby.

    I've learned since being pregnant that weight gain suggestions vary based on your starting size. Women of average weight should gain between 25 and 35 pounds. Underweight women should gain 28-40 pounds. Overweight women need only gain 15-25 pounds. My doctor gave me a target weight gain of 20 pounds. I'm halfway through and I'm up 9 overall. So I guess I'm on track. 

    Here's how the weight breaks down:

    Baby 8 pounds

    Placenta 2-3 pounds

    Amniotic fluid 2-3 pounds

    Breast tissue  2-3 pounds

    Blood supply 4 pounds

    Fat stores for delivery and breastfeeding 5-9 pounds

    Uterus increase 2-5 pounds

    Total 25 to 35 pounds

    You may be surprised, but a pregnant woman only needs to eat 300 more calories per day than her own body needs. For example I need about 1700 calories per day. I should only be taking in 2000 during pregnancy. If I'm eating more than that I could gain too much weight and there are a couple reason why that's not good. The obvious reason is because it's harder to lose the baby weight after the baby is born and the second reason is because it could actually be dangerous. If you gain too much weight you're at higher risk of c-section, gestational diabetes, back pain, leg pain, varicose veins, and high blood pressure.

    Not gaining enouch weight also poses risks like early labor and low birth weight. So it is very important to gain weight gradually throughout pregnancy. In the first trimester many women lose weight because of morning sickness, but after that it should pick up. If sickness continues to interfere with weight gain talk to your doctor.

  • Is it safe to color my hair during pregnancy?

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    hair dyeYesterday in my baby blog I talked about beauty and some questions about chemicals in beauty products. A listener brought up one thing that I did not mention, but does apply to me. Hair dye.

    I've been known to dye my hair all sorts of colors, but lately I've kept it pretty natural with the exception of a few subtle highlights. From what I've read highlights are ok because they don't touch your scalp, but when you're dying your whole head you should be wary of chemicals in the dye you choose. Though there is no evidence that hair dye can cause harm to a developing fetus there are some people who don't want to take the risk.

    If you wait until your second trimester to dye your hair the baby is less vulnerable. You can also choose a natural hair dye. Henna vegetable dye is the safest, but it is very messy to use and it can give your hair an orange hue so be careful. If you dye your own hair wear gloves, don't leave the dye on longer than suggested, rinse your scalp well and be sure you're working in a well ventilated area.

    The best choice would probably be to talk to your stylist. They may have the right product to use and they are the ones messing with the dye so you don't have to worry about it contacting your skin. 

  • Beauty

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    bootiesThere's an old wives tale that says girls steal your beauty so if you're pregnant with a girl you'll have bad skin. Well, I fear that may be true. Ever since I got pregnant I've been battling zits like I did when I was a teen! I try to cover it up with makeup, but it just doesn't work. When I asked my doctor what I can use on my face he simply said stridex pads. Medications even topical meds could be dangerous to baby so I don't want to use anything that could be bad for her.

    There's also a big debate over nail polish. Some doctors say that the chemicals in nail polish can be absorbed through the skin and harm the baby and if anyone knows all the crazy bad stuff that can be found in nail polish you know that you don't want baby ingesting any of it. Other doctors say that you'd absorb so little that there's no way it could do harm. Now I've never had a problem growing nails, but now they're growing so fast I'm having a hard time keeping them trimmed down to a manageable length. If I don't trim them once a week I would have a witchy situation on my hands. More often than not my nails are painted. If I'm going to have nice nails I want them to look nice too. I don't want to make my baby sick though. I talked to a lot of moms about nail polish and most of them wore it throughout their pregnancies and had no issues so I think I'm going to take the chance.

    My hair has been pretty nice too. Thicker than usual for now. I understand that there's a good chance much of it will fall out soon after the baby comes. About 40-50% of women experience hair loss after pregnancy. I know one girl that lost so much hair that you could see her scalp after her baby was born, that's not typical! I do expect to lose some of my hair though because my mom's hair is pretty thin. Not thin enough to see her scalp, but still thin. If that does happen it's back to short hair for me.

    Speaking of short hair, how many of you moms cut your hair after baby was born? My friend Dala's baby is 2 months old and he has quite a grip. When he grabs onto her hair it's a tug of war to get him to let go. She's seriously considering chopping the locks. Are short styles a must for moms of infants?

  • Discomfort

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Constipation is terribly uncomfortable and incredibly common in pregnancy. At least half of all pregnant women suffer from it at some point in their pregnancy.

    During pregnancy our digestion actually slows and later in pregnancy as your uterus grows it puts pressure on the bowel. What's worse is that the constipation can cause hemorrhoids.

    You can deal with constipation by:

    • Eating a high fiber diet. I couldn't believe how much fiber is recommended in a high fiber diet! About 25 grams! A medium apple contains 3.3 grams. 
    • Drinking plenty of water can help with digestion as well.
    • Eating small frequent meals.
    • Getting more exercise. Something as simple as walking.

    If constipation continues after these simple changes talk to your doctor.


  • Maternity Style

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Maternity clothes are so much cuter now than they were back in the days my mother had to wear them. They used to be tent shaped and make pregnant women look like whales. Now they're are lots of styles to choose from.

    My problem is similar to that of many pregnant women I assume, I'm not sure how to dress my new growing body. I learned something that never would've occured to me on my own that the more fitted tops are actually more slimming than the flowy ones you'd wear to camoflage your bump. I don't really care for the huggy tops, I have a couple of them, but I don't particularly like drawing more attention to my belly.

    I did have some luck finding 2 pairs of maternity jeans with the secret belly which I really like. The maternity band comes up really high and thin so they don't show even in the more fitted tops. I had a lot of people tell me that the full belly pants are very itchy, but I haven't found that to be an issue.

    I don't want to spend boatloads of money on maternity clothes so I've been keeping my eye on 2nd hand stores and consignment shops and sales at stores. Right now I have to do laundry often, but I'm getting by. I'm sure you'll see me wearing the same outfits over and over again which is not my style.

  • Ultrasound results

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    I was told at my last appointment that I needed to follow the directions to a T on the ultrasound slip they gave me. It said that an hour before the appointment I should drink 24oz of water and not go to the bathroom. So I went into the ultrasound terribly uncomfortable like everyone told me I would be. The lady doing the ultrasound commented right away on how full my bladder was. She just kept saying, as she was checking my health before checking out the baby, "you must be so uncomfortable." Thank goodness she realized that because before she moved on to check out baby she let me pee. There is no way I would've been able to hold it the whole time for as long as it took her to get all the pictures she needed. After I peed I didn't mind how long it took at all. I could've stayed there and watched our baby twirl and roll all day long. It was the coolest thing! Some people say hearing the heartbeat is the coolest, but I say the ultrasound hands down. How could anyone pass on one given the choice?

    This is our baby's first picture:

    Our Baby

    By 6:00 last evening my face hurt so bad from smiling so much! We couldn't believe all that we could see! Brain function, kidney function, the heart beating, drinking, the stomach filling up and we had a cooperative baby because we did find out that it's a baby girl! She was so squirmy the tech had a hard time with some measurements, but she showed us everything eventually. We have pictures of her little hands that waved to us during the show and she was sucking her thumb. She showed us her tiny feet and all 10 toes. We saw her little nose and lips all before she flipped away again. She was rolling all over the place and kicking like crazy. I don't know how I can't feel it yet, we saw her doing aerobics in there. When I do I'm sure I'll wish I could go back to the days I couldn't feel it because she may never let me sleep.

    Congratulations to Rachel our winner of the digital camera from Ministry Health Care and the Women and Infant Center at St. Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point.

    Here are the vote results:

  • Useless

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    dining room floorI mentioned in an earlier blog post that we have lots of projects to finish before the baby comes in November. Josh is hard at work getting them done. I feel so useless though because there is very little I can help him with. 

    Right now we're in the middle of two projects redoing the front porch and the kitchen and dining room floors.

    The front porch had a rotten spot in it thanks to water damage from before we had gutters so Josh cut out the bad wood and replaced it. Now we have to sand it and paint it. I can sand, but I don't know if I should paint or not.

    Over the weekend Josh and his dad started redoing the kitchen and dining room floor. I couldn't help move any of the appliances or the kitchen table nor could I carry any of the cases of hardwood flooring. I was gone over the weekend so I didn't help with the installation, but I intend to help with that tomorrow so we can get it done and then someone else will have to come over and help Josh move the bookcase & dining table back into place. 

    I wish I could do more to help I feel like I'm being lazy and that I'm putting all this on him, but he keeps telling me it's fine. He is giving me a free pass because I'm hard at work growing this baby. 

    Today we find out if it's baby or babies. We also will find out if what sex the baby is if it cooperates. 

    You still have a chance to win that new digital camera from Ministry Health Care and the Women and Infant Center at St. Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point. Just text what you think I'm having to 39327. Your choices are boy, girl or twins. Listen tomorrow morning to find out if your guess was correct.

  • New cravings

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    I've got a new craving! In the first trimester I wanted Italian sausage. This trimester I want fruit! Mostly strawberries. I've always liked strawberries, but I've gone overboard with my strawberry purchases at the grocery store lately. I got strawberry yogurt, strawberry applesauce, 2 pounds of fresh strawberries, strawberry breakfast bars and cranberry strawberry juice. Besides strawberries I've also been eating pears and cherries both of which I have always liked more than strawberries.

    At least it's a healthy craving. Some women crave things that aren't even food. Someone told me about someone they knew who craved the smell of gasoline when they were pregnant...YUCK! 

    What's worse than craving smells is a disorder called Pica. Pica can happen to anyone, but it can appear in a small portion of women just during pregnancy as a craving. Pica is a disorder that causes the sufferer to crave things that have no nutritional value and often aren't even food, like dirt or chalk.

    From an article published by the American Pregnancy Association (

    "There is currently no identified cause; however, according to the Journal of American Dietetic Association there may be a connection to an iron deficiency.

    Some speculate that pica cravings are the body's attempt to obtain vitamins or minerals that are missing through normal food consumption. Sometimes pica cravings may be related to an underlying physical or mental illness."

    Some of the typical Pica cravings during pregnancy are dirt, clay, laundry startch, charcoal, cigarette ashes, burnt matches, mothballs, toothpaste, plaster, coffee grounds and baking soda. Eating these types of things could be harmful to the mother and baby. Of course they hold no nutritional value, but they could also be toxic.

    Do you know anyone that had an unhealthy craving during pregnancy? (maybe not to the extreme of Pica, but more along the lines of the smell of gasoline.)