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  • Getting nervous

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    I'm obviously getting nervous about labor considering we're only 6 weeks away and only 3 weeks away from "full term", but I am just as nervous about the firsts. I'm going to rank my fears of firsts in order.

    1. Clipping baby's nails. I'm so worried about clipping them too short or not clipping them short enough and she scratches herself. 
    2. Putting baby to bed. I'm worried she'll be too warm or too cold.
    3. Giving baby a bath. I'm worried she'll be too cold and cry the whole time or that I'm going to get soap in her eyes.
    4. Breastfeeding. I'm worried about proper latching and about whether or not I will be able to keep it up for as long as I want to.
    5. Bottle feeding. I'm worried about switching back and forth between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. When I come back to work I will have to pump and she'll have to be bottle fed during the day. Will she still breastfeed at night? 
    6. Formula. If I switch her to formula is she going to get sick?
    7. Taking baby out. I'm worried about being able to handle taking her out by myself.
    8. Teething. What do I to do help her deal with teething? That must hurt so bad and babies get so fussy. Sometimes they get runny noses, drool alot and get a fever.
    9. Fever. How do I know if this is a fever from teething or if she's sick? When do I take her to the doctor? Will I do the right things to bring her fever down?
    10. Vaccinations. I don't know if I buy it or not, but some people say that vaccinations are linked to autism. If you spread out the vaccinations more than doctors suggest you have a better chance of avoiding it. Should I request vaccinations be spread out more or am I being silly to even worry about it?
    Luckily has some tips to calm my nerves a little.
    Being a parent is going to take a lot of team work. I sure am lucky to have such a great husband who's ready for the challenge.
  • Failed Lamaze?

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Yesterday Josh and I went to our final Lamaze class at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital. We talked about newborn care and breastfeeding during the first part of class then we got to practice labor positions and of course breathing.

    There were two women missing from class both due right around the same time as me. We know that one of the couples had their baby not sure where the other woman was. 

    The instructor pulled some ceritificates of completion from the podium and looked around the room commenting on how she wasn't sure if she would remember everyone's names because not everyone was wearing their name tags. Josh and I were because we're good students...or so we thought. She approached us first and flipped through her stack of papers only to discover she did not have one for us. Everyone else in class got one and she had two certificates left over with the names of the missing people, but no certificate for us. 

    Even the cheaters from quiz week got one. LOL.

    Of course everyone joked that we didn't pass the class and that we'd have to come back again next week. Josh turned to me and said, "You know it's because you laughed in the first class right?" LOL. 

    The instructor said she'd mail it to us. I guess we can't officially say we passed until we get that piece of paper :)

  • Flu Shot

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    needleI got my first flu shot ever in 2009 after my allergist convinced me that I should because I'm asthmatic so if I got the flu it could turn into pneumonia and I could be hospitalized. After that flu shot I had to call into work and I was sick for 3 days! Last year I declined against my doctors recommendations. He said that if I got pregnant that I would need to get one. This year I had pressure from not only my allergist, but also my ob/gyn. The doctors said that I'm in a high risk category being pregnant on top of my asthma I really need to get one. Not only will it protect me from getting the flu it will also pass antibodies on to the baby thorugh the placenta protecting her for the first 6 months of her life. Considering she'll be born during flu season (flu season: October through May) I decided to do it for her.

    Three hours after I received the shot yesterday I started coughing and got a sore throat. My sore throat got so bad that I couldn't sleep. It hurt my throat to breath through my nose! So I had to get up and spray chloraseptic down my throat. I probably wasn't supposed to, but water wasn't cutting it and I needed to get some sleep. When I woke up this morning I still had the sore throat and I could hardly speak, my body aches all over, I have a headache, my eyes are all red and sore, I didn't take my temperature so I don't know if I had a fever or not. Now they say you can't get the flu from the inactive vaccine, but I'll tell you what these side effects feel an aweful lot like the flu to me.

    Here are the side effects of the flu vaccine according to the CDC website:

    • soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given 
    • hoarseness; sore, red or itchy eyes; cough 
    • fever    
    • aches    
    • headache    
    • itching   
    • fatigue

     Here are the symptoms of the flu according to the CDC website:

    • fever/chills 
    • sore throat 
    • muscle aches 
    • fatigue 
    • cough 
    • headache 
    • runny or stuffy nose

    The side effects should only last a day or two so hopefully I feel better tomorrow. I know they will insist I get it again next year to protect my daughter and I probably will, but if I have a similar reaction to the one I had this time or last time I will not get it again.

    How do you feel about the flu shot?

  • Time is winding down

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    I can't believe how fast time is flying. We are just over 6 weeks away from our due date. We are on the two week schedule with the doctor and begin our weekly visits in a couple of weeks. Now is the time I'm supposed to ask the doctor all sorts of questions and I just don't seem to have any. I know that there are questions I should be asking, I just don't know what they are.

    With time wearing thin I'm also starting to get a little nervous. I have had such a good, dare I say easy, pregnancy that I'm worried I'm going to have a hard or complicated labor. I sure hope that I'm wrong and that everything will go smoothly. I really don't want to be induced and I don't want to have to have a C-section, but if I have to I have to.

    I'm also a little concerned about going into labor at work. Josh works an hour to an hour and 15 minutes away from my work. Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital is in Stevens Point and that's in between us. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have a super fast labor so I'm betting there would be enough time for him to make it here to pick me up and drive me down there, but I really don't want to be one of those people who gives birth on the side of the highway.

    What questions should I be asking the doctor?

  • Finding baby's doctor

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    ministry saint michaels

    We already know we're going to go with a doctor at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point, but we're not sure what kind of doctor we're going to choose for our baby. I'm sure you immediately think, "Well, a pediatrician of course." But we're not sure if we're going to find a pediatrician for our baby or if we're going to find a family medicine clinician.

    When I was growing up my mom took us kids to a pediatrician, but mom had all her medical issues handled through her OB/GYN and my dad didn't see a doctor for anything unless it was an emergency. That worked out fine when I was small, but when I got too old to see the pediatrician, but too young for the gynecologist I had no idea who to see when I was sick or needed a checkup. 

    Right now my regular doctor is my gynecologist and they can handle lots of different health related issues outside of their department so it works out fine. Josh doesn't have a doctor (because his moved his practice) and baby doesn't have a doctor so we're trying to decide if we should get a family doctor instead of a pediatrician. Family doctors can take care of everything from yearly pelvic exams for me to treating our baby's ear infection. Pediatricians of course focus on kids and kids only so are probably more kid friendly and are more well versed in childhood ailments.

    I know that any doctor we choose will be wonderful, but we really need to decide soon. 

    Do you think we should go with a family practice doctor or a pediatrician? Why?

    Do you have a doctor at Ministry Saint Michael's that you'd recommend either family practice or pediatrician?

  • Push presents

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    presentSo I've heard about women getting push presents. I know this is a pretty new thing and I don't really get it. I'm all for getting presents, but why should a husband feel obligated to buy his wife a present for delivering their baby isn't the baby gift enough?

    Yeah the men get off easy not having to deliver the baby, but I think about all the extra stuff my husband has done and had to do since I got pregnant and I think he's worked pretty hard for this baby too. Granted maybe not as hard as me, but still hard. Then I think about some husbands who have to deal with highly emotional and hormonal wives and think that's not so pleasant so doesn't he deserve a gift for being a supportive husband through all the crazy?

    I guess I just don't understand why a woman needs a push present. Like I said the present I'm looking forward to is not being pregnant anymore.

    How do you feel about push presents? Did you get one?

  • So exhausted

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    I am so sorry I didn't blog again yesterday! Again I will blog twice today to make up for it. This has been an insane week. I've been running constantly and working tons of extra hours. I'm convinced that I am being worked to the bone because the boss knows I'll be gone soon so he wants to get his money's worth outta me before then, LOL. I am looking forward to the weekend and I'm happy to see that I am off on Sunday. It's not only work that's keeping me busy Tuesday I had a doctor appointment and on Wednesday we had Lamaze class. I got home past my bedtime three days this week and once you miss sleep there's no catching up.  

    In my 3rd trimester I've been almost as tired as my first so this week has been killing me. Today is no relief. I have to do my work after the show and then when I would normally be leaving work to go home I have to do a live appearance at the new Goodwill in Rib Mountain then I have about an hour to run home to let the dogs out, feed them and change for Big Taste and get back to the Grand Theater for the big event.

    Tomorrow when I'm done working with the Girl Scouts (a volunteer gig I signed up for months ago) I am going to go home and crash! My house deperately needs to be cleaned, but I'm not going to worry too much about that until Sunday. I just need to rest. I don't think I've ever needed rest as much as I do this week. 

  • What to expect right after the baby is born

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    baby after deliveryWhat should I expect right after the baby is born? What is the right thing to do?

    Some people think it's gross to have the baby put on mom's belly right after delivery, but others think it's really important. Babies can't regulate temperature so by placing baby on mom's belly it helps keep the baby warm right after birth. Plus I've heard that the skin to skin contact is good for babies especially if they are going to breast feed. The other option is to have the nurse take the baby and use lamps and heaters to keep baby warm while they do all the tests. Personally I think that after baby is delivered gross or not I want to see what I get out of all that work right away. 

    The baby will be given an Apgar score at one minute and again at five minutes and the assessment can be done right on mom's belly.

    I have requested in my birth plan to breastfeed as soon as possible. So they won't take the baby for a bath until after the first feeding. Baby will also be weighed, given a vitamin K shot and have ointment put on her eyes within the first hour of birth, but after the first feeding.

    Obviously if there are any problems with me or the baby all of this will change and we're both at the mercy of the doctors and nurses. Luckily I know I can trust the staff at Ministry Saint Michael's Women and Infant Center to stick to my birth plan as much as possible and if something does change it they will take the best care of both of us.

    So lots about me and baby what about dad? After he cuts the cord if he so chooses. He gets to rest for a little while. After the baby eats and gets all her tests done and her bath he can hold her and proudly present her to family and friends. Then it's my turn to rest while he bonds with baby.

  • Doc, how big do you think the baby is? WHAT!!

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    It was such a busy day yesterday I had two meetings at work and a doctor appointment in the late afternoon I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday so I will blog twice today.

    We are about seven and a half weeks away from our due date and we are getting so excited. Yesterday we had a doctor appointment and we were curious about how big the baby is because my mom, sister in law and Chris Conley keep telling me how huge I am. I haven't gained an excessive amount of weight, I'm still right on track so it must be all baby. Dr. Keegan poked around and estimated the baby is already around 5 pounds. I read on my baby app that the baby could almost double in size between now and the time the baby is actually born. If that's true I could have a 10lb baby!! I am not prepared for that! I was 7lbs 2oz when I was born and Josh was just over 5lbs. I was banking on a small to average size baby. Needless to say I'm even more nervous about labor now than I was at last week's lamaze class. 

    How big was your baby?

  • What to pack

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    bagWe are only 8 weeks away from D-day so it's time to start thinking about putting the car seats in the car and packing the hospital bag. 

    Since I've never done this before I really am not sure what to pack. I heard that some people over pack and don't use half the stuff they brought with them. I don't want to do that, but I don't want to go unprepared either. 

    We asked on Facebook this morning and got some great suggestions:


    •  Beer....since u havent had one in almost 9 months :)
    •  Lip balm
    •  A journal or some paper. To jot down those feelings in the middle of the night when it is just you and baby.
    • No need to pack underwear, chances are you won't be wearing yours home. Packk things to do... books, word search, cards. Cause if you have a loooong labor like I did (56 and 17 hrs) you'll get pretty bored.
    •  Yep, puzzle books, magazines, your own lip balm for sure, I brought my own pillow. A journal is a great idea too. Your own toiletries, and anything else that will make your hospital stay more comfortable. When the time comes I will be sending my prayers for a smooth delivery. Good luck Nikki, you two will be fantastic parents!
    •  If you plan on breastfeeding then bring breastfeeding tanks. Slippers and some yummy snacks. Hospital food gets really old really fast.
    •  I wore my own undies home! I wld pack some just in case...maybe a few older pairs, not the Victorias tho! LoL Slippers are a must, or those slipper socks, my feet were always cold. Comfty clothes for you and some Adorable outfits and blankets for babies pictures! Camera/video camera. All your own bathroom stuff. 
    •  lip balm cell phone and charger jammies and pillow
    •  Camera...I forgot mine when I had Blake!
    •  you must bring your own pillow and dont have a white pillow case so you know what one is yours! and a baby book and they will put the foot prints in for you. Good luck, I am so happy for you!
    •  All i did was pack a tipical overnight bag however with comfy clothes & two pairs of jammies so i could wear those instead of hospital clothes. Slipper socks a must!! All toilties, baby book, breast feeding items, grab one of two of ur own bottles depending how u r feeding u can wash them there! Anything else ii'll let u know!! Oh & for sure ur own pillow!!!!
    •  Camera!!!
    • Aloe infused socks at walmart! They are over by pharmacy and beauty. They are the best thing ever to take to the hospital! The keep you cozy.
    • if you crossword/soduko puzzles, a book of them. Your laptop if the hospital doesn't provide them.
    •  Outfit for you to bring baby home in! Lol
    •  Your own pads because the ones they give you in the hospital are way too big.........
    • List of phone numbers (if you use speed dial and don't have them memorized) and family info with grandparents, great-grandparents, ect with correct spelling so you don't forget to include someone in the announcement(s) or misspell their names.
    •  Shaver!
    •  Housecoat, comfy pj's, soft blanket --- they give you thick sheets or rough blankets and their housecoats pj's are not comfy "modest".
    •  I have been told hard candy. You get very dehydrated when you are in labor and hard candy keeps your mouth moist.
    •  i think you will need something for the something pink....
    •  Yes to what Cyndee said, and they charge you for anything extra you use! And a bigger bra. You wouldn't believe what happens to your boobs. And of course the clothes and blankets for the baby to bring her home.
    •  If you are going to have the baby use a pacifier, bring the type you want to use. Otherwise, you are stuck with the kind the hospital provides. Yes, pacifiers are all different just like bottles. So, if you don't want to get stuck with an expensive kind or a kind that is hard to find, you might want to think about that. Also, you could keep your bag in your car so it is always with you. And if you were to go into labor early and don't have your bag, it's not a big deal. As long as you have it packed you can always have a relative or friend bring it to you! There are great checklists online at too.
    •  TAKE AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.... unless you plan to rent a trailer to bring home all your baby goodies & presents!! If your insurance allows, stay as long as you can! Have the hubby take home all your gifts & goodies the day BEFORE you are discharged, so on the big day,,, it's just the three of you! I had to straddle two HUGE flower arrangements between my feet! But DO take your own t's or tanks to wear, and forget modesty... by the time you go home, each time you see someone walk in with scrubs on, you'll probably be showing them your boobs, bottom or butt without them even asking! And sometimes that's embarrassing when it's just one of the janitors! You'll do fine, it's so exciting isn't it?!!
    • I delivered at St. Michaels last December & do not be worried about bringing your own food girly! They give you a menu and you get three meals a day (as well as your guest), you can order as much food as you want being the patient as well. The "celebration dinner" is so good! You can even order shakes off of the hospital menu. I thought the food would be gross, but I missed it when I came home after having my baby. You should also bring nursing pads for the leakage delivery may bring and also some nursing bras if you plan on breastfeeding. I tell everyone that I don't care how far I live away, I want to deliver my next baby at St. Michaels because it was such a great experience. Not to mention you also get a massage while you are there from a massage therapist and a gift certificate to come back after you are released for a free one! If you have any questions just lemme know. I was a first time mom in December so I know how you're feeling:)
    •  As the date gets closer remember to keep your legs shaved and fingers and toe nails clipped! :)
    •  Most important!!! Don't forget to pack josh! Lol
    •  I was so happy that I packed comfortable clothes to wear the next day. Recovery at the hospital was a little rough and I was very thankful for my sweat pants!
    • Comfy clothes, pillow, candy to suck on, slippers, baby clothes, camera, chap stick
    Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions.
    Do you have anything to add? Or subtract from this list?
  • Tingly fingers

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Today I'm dealing with tingly fingers on both hands, which I think may be one of those side effects to pregnancy that I'm learning about. The tingling isn't like pins and needles like when your foot falls asleep. It's a gentle light tingling so it's really more annoying than anything. I posted a comment on Facebook about it and here are some of the responses I got:

    • Holly Lockman It could be. Babies put a lot of strain on our bodies as they grow, could be on a nerve. Now that I think about it, they do that after they are born too! ;) never hurts to be sure, I hope its nothing serious!
    • Angie Newby Zuleger I had that in the morning during my last trimester because of swelling. My feet and my hands swelled up pretty badly. The Dr. told me to put my hands above my head for a bit throughout the morning and it eventually subsided. Get it checked out anyway though. It could also be a sign of pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure). Good luck.
    • Jason Garski Carpal tunnel happens to a lot of pregnant women.
    • Susan Huang-Smolinski My pinky finger was tingling for half of my pregnancy. I had to sleep with my arm hanging over the bed. Dr said the baby was on a nerve. Check with your Dr. Good luck!
    • Mindy Arndt A lady I work with had the same problem. Her left hand was tingling and shortly after she had the baby the tingling was gone.

    • Lindsay Mae Demski My pinky finger on my right hand was numb through out my pregnancy. My doctor wasn't really concerned about it.

    • Felicia Jicha-Van Lysal Just nerves. Baby is most likely layin on something. Keep ur figners up high:)

    • Jessica Nelson Yup it is, had it all the time with my youngest.. Mostly went away after she was born but still ended up having to have carpal tunnel surgery:( dont hesitate to call dr or nurse tho, thats what they're there for and they know best :~)

      Normally and at every appointment thus far my blood pressure has been on the low side of normal. And it's in both hands so I don't think it's carpal tunnel. I'm sure it's nothing to be too concerned about, but I'm going to call the clinic anyway to find out what they think it might be.
      *I spoke to a nurse at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point. She thinks the tingling is due to swelling in my wrists. The light tingling can suggest that it's just starting and I can keep it from getting worse by cutting sodium in my diet and drinking more water. I have an appointment with my doctor next week Tuesday so if it gets worse beteween now and then I am to bring it up with him just in case it could be something to be concerned about.
  • Update on Lamaze and Pregnancy Nosebleeds

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Lamaze update: Last night Josh and I went to our second Lamaze class and I actually made it through without laughing at an inappropriate time. Perhaps it was because I was scared to death! We watched videos on labor and delivery which really made it look like this is gonna be hard work. There was one point I looked at Josh and said, "Do you really think I can do this?" He said, "I'm not worried about you I think I might be passed out on the floor!" In one of the videos the woman actually watched her labor in a mirror...NO THANK YOU! 

    Did you watch or want to watch your labor?

    Pregnancy nosebleeds: Today I had another one of these pregnancy nosebleeds. They're not gushers or anything just when I blow my nose it's bloody. My sister was surprised when I said pregnancy nosebleeds because she had never had one when she was pregnant with her son and had no idea that they were common. So I found this article on that said nosebleeds during pregnancy are common because of increased blood supply putting more pressure on those delicate vessels causing them to rupture. It's more likely to happen if your sinuses dry out and since I have a problem with dry sinuses during allergy season because of the medication I take I have saline that I can snort to ease that a little. So I think when I get home today I'll bathe my sinuses and hope that helps. It sucks getting nosebleeds at work.

    Did you have nosebleeds while you were pregnant?