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  • 1st Christmas as a Mom

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    We are so excited for our first Christmas as parents. We decorated our Christmas tree yesterday and Mia just stares at the lights on it. I was worried the flashing bulbs might overstimulate her, but she seems to like them. She, like her mom, likes Christmas music too. We're sitting here listening to Country Christmas dancing around the house. I guess she could just like the bouncing, but I'm sticking with the music theory.

    As we were getting our gifts ready to put under the beautifully eclectic tree we decided that we need to go to Toys R Us to buy Mia more presents. We got a gift card for Toys R Us from Josh's corporate office in Toronto when Mia was born. We tried to use it on, but it told us that the card had no balance so I read the back and it says that it is good in Toys R Us stores in the U.S. and Canada, but only online at Well, we can't order online through because of shipping so now we have to go to a store to use it. I hope we can get over there before Christmas. It's not like she'll know the difference though I guess. I'm just so excited to have a baby to buy for and there's no excuse to buy her gifts between now and November so I may as well get her the 6 month learning toys and stuff. So far we bought her one toy and 3 books. Am I being silly buying our 1 month old Christmas presents?

    I hope you're all in the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas!

  • Mia's harness days are coming to an end

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    mia drYesterday we had Mia's appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to check out her hip. We got good news. The doctor said that Mia's hip no longer slips, but we need to keep the harness on full-time for the next two weeks. On December 21st we'll go to Marshfield for another ultrasound and then meet with Dr. Haemmerle, the orthopedic surgeon at Ministry Health Care in Stevens Point on December 23rd for our schedule for weaning her off of the harness.

    She is so funny when she is out of the harness, her legs stretch and kick. It'll be so nice when she's out of it. I wonder if that will make tummy time easier for her. She hates it right now. While lying on our chests she pushes up and lifts her head without crying, but on a blanket on the floor she cries and fusses like crazy.

    Any suggestions for successful tummy time at a month old?

  • Mia is 1 month old

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    mia 1 month

    Mia was born 4 weeks ago today. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow to see how her hip is doing and we set up her next ultrasound. I'll update you tomorrow.

  • Mia's First Thanksgiving

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    thanksgivingMia's first Thanksgiving was so much fun. We split the day between my family and Josh's as usual. This year my cousin Todd and his family came to visit. His daughters had so much fun with Mia. They are both going to be such good babysitters. Todd's older daughter, Lexi is 11 and she didn't even hurry to give Mia up when she started crying. She just changed positions and Mia was quiet.

    We got to show Mia off to Josh's extended family for the first time too which was really fun. Josh's aunt Mary from Arkansas was up visiting and got to see Mia along with Josh's aunt Melody. Unfortunately Josh's aunt Kay was unable to make it, but she works at Marshfield clinic and we have to take Mia there for her follow up ultrasound before Christmas so we'll try to see her then.

    Mom and dad got a little break while family passed baby around.

    Last night we got to take Mia to meet the girls at the salon. They were all so very excited to see her and we just love to show her off. Josh is the cutest dad ever and all the girls said it. He's such a proud daddy and he just glows when he holds her.

    This weekend we have Christmas parties so it will be the first time we both leave Mia. That's gonna be tough on both of us. Friday night for Josh's work Christmas party we are leaving Mia with my parents and Saturday night for the motorcycle club Christmas party we are leaving her with Josh's parents. We know she'll be in very good hands.

    Today my friend Jaime who I've been friends with since 1st grade is coming over to hang out. She is going to watch Mia for us during the day when I go back to work. When I'm able to drive again I'm going to spend a few days at her house too so she and Mia can get used to each other. I'm so lucky to have such a good friend who is able to watch our baby. For as long as I've known Jaime she's wanted lots of kids and has always wanted at least one girl. She has 2 boys and her husband wants no more so she's really excited about being able to watch Mia. She's the sweetest person and a really good mom so I know she's going to do a great job with Mia. We also have some great back up sitters. My mom will watch her when she can, Josh's mom will help out when we need her and my friend Felicia's little sister is getting her child care license in December.

    I'll be happy to get back to work and to a regular routine, but I know no matter who's watching her I'll have a very hard time leaving her.

  • Mia's bad day

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    mia's bad dayYesterday Mia had a very bad day. She would only sleep during the day for a half hour at a time and then she's wake up screaming. She screamed and screamed no matter what I did to try to soothe her. I started getting really frustrated. I can't tell you how happy I was when Josh got home. I took the rest of the evening off. Other than feeding her of course which was quite often. She wanted to eat every hour and a half and that was wearing on me too. I was really starting to feel like a bad mom.

    We tried the things that the Happiest Baby On The Block DVD told us to do. We swaddled her, gave her a pacifier, shushed her, rocked her and put her in the swing. Nothing helped at least not for long.

    By bed time Josh was really frustrated too, which actually made me feel a little better about my own frustration. It took us an hour to get her to sleep. We tried to set her down awake, but she screamed. We rocked her and fed her and changed her and finally she fell asleep, then she woke up again within 2 hours around 12:30am. We thought for sure we were in for a long night, but it turned out that Mia ended up sleeping 3 hours at a pop after that and we were only up 1 more time at 3:30am and only for a short while and she woke up at 6:30 shortly before my alarm went off. She went back to sleep in 15 minutes allowing me the chance to shower and get ready for her doctor appointment.

    Today was a much better day. We went to her doctor appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon who had good news for us. She will be out of the harness full time before Christmas and then she will have to wear it for portions of the day for a couple more months. So we started the day with good news and Mia was a pretty good baby all day. Though I still didn't get to eat lunch. I haven't gotten to make lunch and eat it since Josh went back to work. Yesterday I tried to make Ramen noodles and only ate half before she woke up screaming. Today I tried to make mac n cheese and I started boiling water and by the time I got back to it half the water was boiled off so I had to start over. I then put the cheese and the milk and the butter in the noodles and she woke up again. I mixed it with her in my arms, but couldn't put her down to eat it so there it sat on the stove until after I fed her and put her in the swing. Josh cooks all of our dinners so I usually get to eat those hot which is nice. Thanksgiving should be interesting.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  • Mia's sleep schedule

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    MIa sleepingMia hasn't figured out her days and nights yet which is really wearing on mommy and daddy. She was wide awake at 2am and didn't want to go back to sleep. Everytime we put her back in her crib she'd cry. Of course we were falling asleep as we were trying to get her back to sleep. Josh and I tried to divide the time so that we could get a little sleep. She ended up going back to sleep at 4:45 and then was up again at 5:30 once I got her back to sleep around 5:45 she slept until 9:30am. We were able to get some sleep so we were happy and the dogs let us sleep that whole time too!

    During the day Mia will sleep for  3 or 4 hours at a time. And of course we haven't figured out that we need to sleep during that time too. We're starting to feel it though so today we both tried to nap during her nap. Josh succeeded, but I couldn't sleep during the  Is there anything we can do to try to help her stay awake and play during the day and sleep at night?


  • Josh is back to work

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    MiaJosh started back to work on Wednesday. Wednesday he worked a full day because my mom was here, but is working half days through next week. Josh gets home even after his half days and he's missed Mia so much. I'm wondering if I have made a bad decision starting back to work full time right away at the end of my maternity leave. I will be off until January 17th, but maybe I should go back a couple weeks early and take half days to ease myself back and to make it a little easier for me to cope with being away from Mia.

    What do you think? What did you do when you went back to work? How did you cope?

  • Mia's harness

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    mia's harnessBaby Mia was born with a dislocated hip. When the pediatrician checked her out in the operating room she discovered that Mia's hip easily slipped in and out of the joint. She passed this information on to the pediatrician Josh and I chose for Mia, Dr. Locher. When he came in the next day to check her out he decided that she would need to wear a harness to keep her hip in place. He ordered a consult with an orthopedic surgeon who came in later that day to check her out. He brought a harness with him and fitted her for it. To the left is a picture of the original harness. It has metal buckles and one of them is right on her back. The velcro on the leg part rubbed directly on her legs with no padding in between. We really hated it.

    The next day the orthopedic surgeon came back to check on her and brought her a different mia's new harnessharness. The new harness is mostly velcro and has plastic buckles and fewer of them and the legs have padding all the way around. The harness is meant to hold her legs in this frog position. Her hip slips out when she puts her knees together or when she straightens her legs.

    The orthopedic surgeon set up an appointment for us in Marshfield for Mia to get an ultrasound of her hip so he'd know better what we were dealing with. The appointment was yesterday. What they found was exactly what the orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Locher expected, her hip is in place most of the time, but easily slips out which is much better than the alternative. If it is out most of the time and needs to be coaxed back into place she would need to have her legs casted instead of harnessed. So because of her condition the doctor who did the ultrasound thinks this harness is going to work just fine and fix her hip fairly quickly. The harness will hold Mia's hips in place until her ligaments get strong enough to do the job. We have an appointment with Dr. Locher tomorrow and an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon next week Wednesday.  After meeting with both of them we should have a plan as to how long Mia actually has to wear this harness. They originally said 6 to 8 weeks.

    We are supposed to leave the harness on 24 hours a day and only take it off to bathe her, but we have figured out that it is so much easier to change her diaper if we take her legs out. When we do take her legs out she really likes to stretch them and kick them. She doesn't fuss when we have to put them back in though. I suppose to her it's just normal because she's had the harness since she was a day old. It really bothers us though, we can't wait to snuggle her when she's not all tied up.

    It's funny how many people have said their child or a child close to them had to wear harnesses or had to be casted for the same or similar reasons. I guess it's pretty common and more common in girls than boys. It really makes me feel better to hear these stories and to hear that they turned out well. I'll give you an update as soon as we know more.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Welcoming Mia Anne

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Mia AnneYesterday was quite a day. I was on the air in the morning. I said a couple times when we were promoting the guess the arrival contest that it could be any day any hour. I was right. I knew I wasn't feeling well and came in planning to make it a short day. Once the show was over I filled out a time off sheet requesting a half day sick. Joe signed it and wished me well. I got out of the office around 9:25am and headed home. I called my mom and told her to keep her phone handy because I had a feeling it was the day we'd meet our little girl. I called Josh and told him that I was on my way home from work and he asked if he should come home too. I told him not to rush just finish up whatever he had to do and come home early. He decided he'd leave work at 11 so he could get a half day in and I said that would be fine. Minutes later I started having painful contractions about 5 minutes apart I didn't have an accurate timer in the car I was just using the clock on my radio. By the time I got home I thought I'd try a few things to make the contractions go away. I tried a bath and that didn't work. I tried to eat something light and that didn't work. I tried to bounce and rock on the exercise ball and that didn't work either. Luckily Josh didn't stick around at work too much longer he got home around 11:30 and by the time he got into the house I was sitting on the bathroom floor feeling like I was going to vomit. Then I had to get on all fours to get through my contraction. We used an accurate contraction timer and called the hospital, the contractions were 5 minutes apart and lasting about a minute and it had been happening since 9:37am and continued to get more painful and longer over that time. The woman on the phone at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in the Women and Infant Center said, "It sounds like you're still in early labor so you can come in or just wait a little while." I told her we were going to come in because we're 20 minutes from the hospital. Josh had the car already loaded up and the dogs in their kennels while I was on the phone with the hospital. He was ready to go. So we hopped in the car. By the time we were on our way my contractions were 2 minutes apart.

    When we got to the hospital shortly after noon the nurse checked me and I was 100% effaced and 3cm dilated. My water sack was bulging so the nurse didn't want to push to hard to find the baby's head, but she did say that my cervix was low so that's a good sign. The doctor on call, Dr. Jamison, came in shortly after and checked me concurring with the nurse's assessment then did an ultrasound and found that baby was breech! Which was crazy because she was head down for the last 4 appointments we were at and the last of those was just this past Thursday! Dr. Jamison ordered another ultrasound machine just to get a clearer picture. She wanted to measure how much amniotic fluid was there to see if there would be a chance for them to turn the baby externally, but she found that there wasn't so we'd need to do a C Section. She also ordered the epidural that I would need for the C Section. After that things started moving really quickly because they were worried about my water breaking because it was buldging so much. If my water had broken I would've had to deliver her breech which is not an impossible thing to do, but certainly not ideal for either of us. 

    The anastisiologist came in to talk to me about the epidural. I was having very close contractions and very painful contractions by this point so I was not listening to a thing he was saying just thinking please just give it to me I really don't have much of a choice about getting it anyway. I think I had 4 massive contractions during his speech then he finally let me sign the papers. 

    They sent Josh to change luckily my mom was there to hold my hand for the last contraction before they wheeled me away. She arrived just before they did the second ultrasound to confirm what they were going to do. I really didn't want to have to do it this way so I cried a little it was nice that she was there to help me deal with it.

    They wheeled me into the operating room and gave me the epidural. Josh still wasn't in there. They made him wait in the hallway until they had me all set up and ready to go. I was asking for him, they told me he'd be in soon. Shortly after he was by my side and we cried together while the doctor sliced me open.

    At 2:57pm our beautiful baby girl was delivered. They showed her to me for a second and then took her away. Josh went with her while the doctor stitched me up. They asked me what her name would be and I told them I didn't know yet. Josh came back in by me to tell me how perfect she is and I asked him, "what color is her hair?" We had two names picked out and decided that her hair color would determine her name. He told me it's dark and so fuzzy and soft so we decided to call her Mia Anne. Anne is my grandmother's name and she was so excited when she heard that we gave her greatgranddaughter her name.

    Josh got to bring her into the operating room to meet me for a minute before bringing her back to the birthing suite. She was wide awake and ready to eat. Unfortunately because of the circumstances I couldn't feed her for almost an hour. Josh got to hold her skin to skin to warm her up that first hour so that was really special.

    While I was in the operating room Josh's parents arrived and my dad got here. They were all waiting in the waiting room until Josh got back to the room. When the wheeled me back they were all ushered out for a few minutes. I needed to nurse and I really don't have issue with my parents seeing me do it so I told the nurse they could come back in.

    We had a busy night for visitors, my sister, my best friend Felicia and her sister and Josh's brother and his family. It was so nice that they all came. Especially with as snowy as it was today I'm glad they came yesterday so they didn't feel obligated to come today.

    Today we had a busy day of doctor visits. My regular OB came by today to check on me. Dr. Locher Mia's pediatrician stopped in to see her and to check her hip. Because she was breech she was born with a dislocated hip. Dr. Locher discovered in his check today that it is typically in place, but easily slips out which is actually better than the alternative. He said a brace can help straighten things out so he would send for an orthepedics consult. So we got a visit from him too. He brought a brace with him for Mia to wear 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We do have to take it off to bathe her, but that's it. He also referred us to Marshfield Clinic for an ultrasound of the hip to determine how bad it is. She needs to have it fixed because if it slips during her development it can cause some major problems later on. She'll need to wear this brace for 6 to 8 weeks. We have our appointment for the Ultrasound next week Tuesday so we should know more then and I'll update you.

    Breastfeeding has been going very well. Mia took to it like a champ and I did pretty good too. The nursing staff here have been absolutely amazing helping me get her latched on correctly and helping me with a lot of other things since I had a C section I have limited movement.

    Because Mia wasn't squeezed through the birth canal she didn't get all that amniotic fluid pressed out of her so she's been spitting it up. We've had to suck it out of her mouth and nose a lot today. She even chokes on it sometimes and scares the crap out of me. I was by myself earlier because Joah had to run home to tend the dogs and I had to call the CNA to get in here to help me because Mia was choking so badly.

    She's doing great now though. She's in the nursery right now getting her pictures taken and having a hearing test done. Though I'm pretty sure she can hear because she settles right down when she hears Josh's voice. Not that she's very fussy.

    We are so excited to welcome Mia Anne 7 pounds 7 ounces 19 and 1/4 inches long into the world at 2:57pm on 11/8/11.

  • How to properly install an infant car seat

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Josh and I got our car seat checked in both cars to make sure that we installed our bases correctly. We got 2 thumbs up in both cars. 

    3 out of 4 car seats are installed incorrectly! Here's a really good video I found on that shows you how to install your car seat correclty:

    I blogged previously the locations where you can get car seats checked. Here's the link to that blog 

    guess the date

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  • 6 days from due date, got it covered

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    I really feel like this is the week. My back and my hips are hurting a lot. I just have this feeling that I'll be calling Bryan one of these nights telling him that I won't be in in the morning.

    Diana Normand from NewsChannel 7 is ready. She's going to be filling in for me during the 9 weeks that I'm off. She is going to be great. She's got a fun and bubbly personality so I have no doubt her voice will be a nice one for you to wake up to. She's been in a few times to see what this show is all about. She's going to have some early mornings on days that she works, but she's young she'll be fine.

    I've got the rest of my job covered thanks to Luke Manley, Bryan Scott and Joe Cassady. I think everything will be fine while I'm away. I always get a little nervous when I have to rely on other people to do my job. I feel like I have systems in place to get things done that I can't really teach other people. I'm not a control freak, or at least I try really hard not to be. I know everything will be fine even if it isn't done my way.

    Did you struggle with being away from work before you took maternity leave?

    guess the date

    When do you think she'll get here? Click this link to place your bet on the Guess the Arrival Calendar and you could win a $50 gift certificate to the Talent Shop inside the new Goodwill in Rib Mountain, a pair of 4 day passes to Country Fest in Cadott, and an overnight stay and waterpark passes to the Grand Lodge by Stoney Creek

  • The things people say

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery


    Now that I'm pregnant and especially now that I'm so close other parents often say to me, "You'll find out soon enough." Today I was on the phone with my best friend and her youngest son was giving her a hard time today. The poor little guy was in the ER with an ear infection just days ago and the little bugger still doesn't feel good. He's driving his mom crazy though because he won't stop whining and crying and he's been like this for days. I feel bad for her because I know she's annoyed and she wants to get stuff done and can't because her baby is only happy when she's holding him. I feel bad for him because he's sick and just wants his mommy. Of course through her frustration she tells me I'll find out soon enough. I'm sure I will and I'll probably call her when I'm at my wits end too.

    Josh and I also hear, "your life is going to change" or "your life will never be the same" all the time. We'd love to say "well, no s*&! Sherlock", but instead we smile and say, "we're looking forward to it." The reality is that we want our lives to change that's why we decided to have a baby. We have been hoping for this change and planning for 3 years and now it's finally happening. We're in our 30s, we're ready for the change. If we were in our 20s and still bar hopping every weekend with friends without kids this would probably be a shock to the system. We're over all that and our friends all have kids too so our lifestyle though it may change a little probably won't be as much as for a younger couple. Now we just can't wait for her to get here so the real change can begin.

    guess the date

    When do you think she'll get here? Click this link to place your bet on the Guess the Arrival Calendar and you could win a $50 gift certificate to the Talent Shop inside the new Goodwill in Rib Mountain, a pair of 4 day passes to Country Fest in Cadott, and an overnight stay and waterpark passes to the Grand Lodge by Stoney Creek