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  • Duke Wright CD Now available at

    Posted by Jeff Heinz

    Duke Wright WI Polka Hall of Fame CD 

    Below is a list of most of the songs on the Wisconsin POlka Hall of Fame tribute to Duke Wright and his recordings. The CD is currently available through Get yourself a piece of Central Wisconsin History by purchasing one today.

             1. Beer Polka - Duke Wright Orch   Rosie Polka - Pat Zoromski
    2. Smokey's Polka - Polka Stars   17. Carol's Waltz - Nu-Tones
      3. Pesty Waltz - John Check Orch   18. Laughing Polka - Jolly Two
      4. Beeler's Polka - Jolly Seven Orch   19. Old Gray Mare - Jumping Jerry
      5. Punch Polka - Jerry Stueber Orch   20. Lil Wally Twirl - Harmony Aces
      6. Lost My Doll Waltz - Harmony Aces   21. Salt & Pepper Polka - John Check Orch
      7. Booze Polka - Alvin Styczinski Orch   22. Red Head Polka - Happy Notes
      8. When I Come - Arnie Kurth Trio   23. Evening Shadow's Waltz - Fred Gaulke Orch
      9. Country Waltz - Duke Wright Orch   24. Getting Old - Alvin Styczinski Orch
    10. Sauerkraut Polka - Freddie Gaulke   25. Oneta Polka - Jerry Goetsch Orch
      11. Musical Lover's Polka - Jim Stieber   26. Casino Waltz - Jim Stueber
      12. Circus Polka - Royal Tones   27. Hu La La La - Jolly Two
      13. That's The Way It Is - Greiner Brothers   28. Auctioneer - Arnie Kurth Trio
    14. Alpine Laendler - Band Boys Orch   29. Rose Of Old Monterey - Polka Stars
      15. Trumpeter's Polka - Jolly Gentlemen   30. Farmer Gray - Nu-Tones and more...



    The Beer Polka

  • What's up for the Weekend?

    Posted by Jeff Heinz

    This weekend some great polka action is available at the St. Bronislava 2010 Parish Festival West Hwy 54 Plover.

    Friday Night July 9th 5:00 - 11:00 it's Duane Burclaw and the Golden Aces and The Drovers.

    Saturday Night July 10th 5:00-11:00 it's Paper City Sounds and Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen

    Sunday July 11th 11:30 - 8:30 it's Polish Connection, Norm Dombrowski and The Dyna Brass from MI.


    Also Join The Polish Connection at Our Savior's Polishfest at the Mosinee rec Center from 6-10 on saturday July 10th and on Sunday July 11th from Noon until 7pm it's Pat Zoromski and the Boys from Polonia and The Family Tradition Band.

  • Nicholas Heinz and his Turkey Success

    Posted by Jeff Heinz

    Nicholas Heinz with his 23lb Turkey

    Nicholas Heinz and his dad(Jeff the polka King) and Uncle Norbert Trzebiatowski went Turkey hunting on Saturday April 10th for the youth hunt. With very little success in the morning, we went to aq spot we spotted some turkeys later in the morning. We set up by 4:00 and around 4:15, this nice bird came past our blind and the rest is shown in the picture. Nicholas shot this 23 lb, 10 inch bearded tom at about 50 yards. You couldn't ask for a better finish for the youth turkey hunt. Congrats Nicholas!!



  • Young Button Accordian Player

    Posted by Jeff Heinz

    A good friend of mine, Denny Anderson sent this to me. What a great young Button Box player. Let me know what you think.


  • 25th Anniversary Dance

    Posted by Jeff Heinz




    25th Anniversary Dance, 2010

    Saturday, March 20th

    5:00 pm – 12:00 am

    • Polka Family(PA)

    • The Dynabrass(MI)

    Sunday, March 21st

    12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

    • Polka Family(PA)

    • The Music Connection(WI)

    The Newly Remodeled Rothschild Pavilion

    Schofield/Rothschild Exit 29 East off I39, Exit 171

    Rothschild, WI


    Saturday & Sunday Advance Tickets $10.00/Day-$12.00/Door


  • Norm Dombrowski & The Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame

    Posted by Jeff Heinz

    Congratulations Norm! I couldn't be more proud of Norm Dombrowski and his award from the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame. And a huge congratulations for Norm's 50 years of Polka Music. Please watch the awards ceremony at Dales Weston Lanes on Saturday, February 27th, 2010.

    Please help me in commenting on the award for Norm!!






  • Music Connection's New Release

    Posted by Jeff Heinz

    Neal Zunker & The Music Connection just released a new CD called "It's About Time". And it is about time, almost 3 years since the last one. Sample the song and let me know what you think by commenting below. I'll be changing the songs this weekend.

    It's About Time Cd Cover

    I Never Get To Hold You in My Arms Anymore

  • Jeff Heinz Plays with Squeezebox in Arizona

    Posted by Jeff Heinz


    The weekend of February 12th throught the 14th I had the pleasure of playing with Ted Lange and Mollie Busta, Squeezebox, in Phoenix, Laveen and Mesa Arizona. It was great to see so many familiar faces down there and we were also accompanied by Robbie Piatkowski friend extrodinaire. I can't say enought about the great people we were with and met. Arizona is truly another POLKA CAPITAL.


    Ted & Jeff



    Squeezebos with Sue

  • Naperville Polka Fest

    Posted by Jeff Heinz

    Last weekend, Neal Zunker and the Music Connection played at the Illinois State Polka Fest along side Eric Noltkamper and others such as Kenny Brandt, Eddie Rodick and others as well. I had a great talk with Eddie Rodick and especially with his Banjo player, Ron Slgua who's been preforming since he was 7 years old with all the Cleveland greats including Frankie Yankovic. We had a great time at the three day festival and you can see for yourself the great performing that took place.

    What do you think of the Eddie Rodick video? Have you ever been to the Illinois State Polka Fest? Here's also A You Tube video of The Music Connection.....