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  • Happy Anniversary Alan and Denise

    Posted by Lee Peek

    alandeniseIt's Alan and Denise Jackson's 30th anniversary. The high School sweethearts were married in Newnan, GA back on December 15, 1979. Happy Anniversary Alan and Denise!

  • Justin Moore celebrates 2009

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Justin Moore

    Due to his #1 hit, "Small TownUSA" and his Top 5 album debut, Justin Moore can add another achievement to that list as he has been named Billboard's Top New Country Artist for the year. Justin shares, "There are a lot of great artists that never get to experience this feeling. I am forever indebted to everyone at country radio, and all the fans for this year. This record has changed my year, my career, and ultimately…my life!"
    With 2009 coming to a close, Moore has a big year planned for 2010. First on deck for the newcomer is his opening slot on Brad Paisley's "2010 American Saturday Night Tour." Justin says, "I can't wait to bring our new stage show to Brad's fans, and I think the mix of our music with Brad and Miranda's [Lambert] should be a good mix for the fans. I can't stress what a huge opportunity this is, and I can't thank Brad enough." Moore hopes to squeeze in a little time for one of his favorite pastimes with his fellow opener on the tour. He jokes, "Miranda and I both love to hunt, so maybe we'll find time to go hunting if Blake [Shelton] doesn't kick my butt!" 
    Justin will be in Central Wisconsin this summer as part of the Fuddfest lineup for 2010.
  • Taylor gives for her birthday

    Posted by Lee Peek


    Taylor Swift celebrated her 20th birthday over the weekend by giving away some big bucks and hosting a party at her parents' Hendersonville, Tennessee home. She told People, "It's more like an end-of-year Christmas party that happens to be on my birthday." Taylor spent the night before the party at home baking butter cookies and gingerbread cookies with cream-cheese icing for her guests. Word is actor Taylor Lautner flew into Nashville Sunday to surprise Taylor Swift on her birthday?  Guess where he took her yesterday for a birthday lunch?  Pancake Pantry. Yes!

    Swift also has donated 250 thousand dollars to schools around the country that she's either attended or worked with. The money will pay teachers' salaries as well as buy books and fund various educational programs. She said, "Something I wanted to do at the end of this amazing year and especially on my birthday was give back to something I really believe in, which is education. The schools that I went to and the amazing people I got to learn from really turned me into who I am, and I wanted to give back."

    In other Taylor news, she and Kenny Chesney made the Top 10 list of 2009's highest-grossing tours, based on ticket sales. AOL's The Boot reports that U2 came in at #1, followed by Bruce Springsteen, Phish, Swift and Britney Spears. Kenny landed at #9, beating out Metallica, who rounded out the list.

  • Nashville's Other Big Movie Star

    Posted by Lee Peek


    Tim McGraw's movie career is enjoying a big boost as The Blind Side is doing quite well. The film, which co-stars Sandra Bullock, was # 1 at the box office on its third week and this weekend came in second only to the new animated Disney picture The Princess and the Frog. The Blind Side earned $15.5 million over the weekend, taking its box office total to $150.2 million. Tim told The Tennessean, "You do these movies, and the reason you do them is because you read the script and you like it, but you never really know how it's going to turn out. Then you go shoot it, and it's hard to get a feel while you're shooting the movie of what it's like. It makes you sort of nervous because when you're done, it's not like your album where you can go in and mix it and do all the little tweaks you want to do. … You just give your permission to use your performance and go away. And, they have so many takes of everything you do, and you don't have any choice of which take they use."
    Tim begins filming his next movie, Love Don't Let Me Down, with Gwyneth Paltrow in Nashville after the first of the year. He says, "I can say that she plays a country music singer, and I don't. She can sing, and it's a pretty heavy story. I play her husband and her manager."
  • Luke Scores #1 Lady A Holds On

    Posted by Lee Peek


    We've mentioned on air before the link between Lady A and Luke Bryan, well for the fifth straight week, Lady Antebellum continues to hold the top spot on the Billboard Country Singles chart with "Need You Now." The feat makes the song the longest-running #1 of 2009. Meanwhile, the trio has even more to celebrate. Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood co-wrote Luke Bryan's first chart-topper, "Do I," which lands at #1 on the Mediabase chart, and Hillary Scott sang on the tune!
    Luke recalls that when he turned in "Do I" to his record label as his first single from his second album, the staff was buzzing about how special they thought the song was. In fact, he says they predicted big things it: "To have so much label support behind me on this song... To see that we were all right and that everybody knew what we were talking about when... 'Cause you know it was a little scary to sing your ballad as your first single on your second album. But we all trusted each other's instincts and we went with it and it's working out real well for us."
  • Garth Opens at the Wynn in Vegas

    Posted by Lee Peek

    garthwynnPrior to his opening night Friday at Wynn Las Vegas' Encore Theater, Garth Brooks revealed in a press conference that he plans to launch a world tour in 2014, complete with full stage show, band and lighting. (At that point, his youngest daughter, Allie, will be out of high school.) According to USA Today, before Garth even sang one song at his second show Friday, a man yelled, "Thanks for coming back!" Brooks responded, "Are you kidding me? Dude, this is awesome!" Garth, who acknowledged that he felt like the audience was in his living room, accompanied himself on acoustic guitar. Wearing a hoodie, jeans and a Garth Brooks World Tour ball cap, he took requests and answered questions from the audience. Brooks told the crowd, "I don't know about you, but I can promise you none of you are as excited as me." Although Garth was a little rusty after nine years of retirement, the audience gave him a standing ovation for a part a cappella version of Billy Joel's "Shameless." Just as Brooks had hoped for when he announced the concept for his Vegas shows, the set lists were very different Saturday night. According to Entertainment Weekly, though, "Shameless" once again brought the house to its feet. Garth quipped, "Revelations are what life’s all about, and I just had one: What the hell am I paying the band for?" When the audience took over singing some tunes like "Rodeo," he commented, " This might be the easiest gig of my life!"

    Wife Trisha Yearwood joined Brooks both nights. The couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary last week with dinner under the Golden Arches. At the Vegas press conference, Garth revealed, "We had a big night planned and at the last minute they moved the youngest one's Christmas carol program to that night. I promised them a big, fancy dinner, but we went and grabbed McDonald's fries and went home."
  • Most watched Viral add of 2009

    Posted by Lee Peek

    The Evian roller babies have become the most watched commercial not only in 2009, but in internet history.

  • What are kids thinking? The Choking Game

    Posted by Lee Peek

    (CBS)  Teenagers have always been thrill seekers, willing to take dangerous risks. But, reports The Early Show, a growing number of teens nationwide are taking part in a disturbing and potentially deadly trend, known as "The Choking Game."

    Thirteen-year-old Sam Mordecai's twin brother, Gabe, died recently while playing the "game." Sam found him with a rope around his neck.

    "I saw him sitting on the ground with the rope on him and thought he was playing," Sam recalls. "I was like, 'Gabe, knock it off.' "

    Gabe and Sam's mother, Sarah Pacatte, told Kauffman, "The first thing you think of is, 'My God, my child, he killed himself. Oh, my God.' And as soon as the thought came in my head, the thought was gone. I knew immediately what Gabriel had done. …I had no doubt in my mind."

    Gabe had shut off the oxygen to his brain to get a sort of high, Kauffman explains. Other names for "The Choking Game" include "Fainting Game," "Passing-Out Game," even "Space Monkey."

    Sam says he and his brother had played it several times: "It's hard to describe how it feels. It's kinda like, just, like, somewhere not on earth, but you're just dreaming, kind of. But then it only lasts for a few seconds and when you wake up … you don't know where you are or what's going on."
    national correspondent Hattie Kauffman
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  • Dierks brief Grammy celebration

    Posted by Lee Peek

    DierksDierks Bentley was in the middle watching a tearjerker movie when got the news that he'd received a Grammy nomination for "Beautiful World," his duet with Patty Griffin. Dierks tells AOL's The Boot, "Honestly, I was not even paying attention to the nominations. I was on the couch, watching the saddest movie in the world with my wife. We were watching My Sister's Keeper. My wife is bawling and my phone keeps ringing." He finally answered it and after hearing about his nomination, he and Cassidy shared a quick celebratory drink (beer for him, wine for her) and "partied for about 30 minutes." Then Dierks realized that the movie was costing them 16 dollars On Demand and it would expire soon, so the party ended and his wife promptly started crying again. See if Dierks and Patty win the Grammy for Best Country Collaboration when the awards ceremony airs January 31 on CBS.

  • The Holiday Bonfire

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Craig Live

    Craig Morgan has released an all-new holiday-themed version of his current Top 5 smash hit single, "Bonfire," which will be digitally available for purchase beginning December 21. Craig shares, "This song is getting huge crowd response at all of my shows... One day I was just playing around with this song...and then I started messing with the lyrics. Within about ten minutes I had this new version, and everyone got a kick out of the idea, ...so we decided to run with it!" Because of Craig's crazy schedule, the new version of the song was literally recorded in the bathroom of a room at the Holiday Inn Express in Kennesaw, Georgia. Morgan jokes, "Talk about working in crappy conditions."  
    Craig is finishing out the year with a run of tour dates leading up to a USO trip later this month. This will be his second time entertaining our U.S. troops overseas since October. He is also filming episodes of his own TV series, Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors. The show will begin airing in 2010 on both GAC and the Outdoor Channel.
  • Nasty Weater = Nasty Roads

    Posted by Lee Peek

    weatherKeep listen to WDEZ with that Titan Forecast. For now, winter weather advisory remains in effect until noon CST today... A Winter Weather Advisory for mixed precipitation remains in effect until noon CST today. * Freezing drizzle is expected until around daybreak. Then the precipitation will change to snow. * The freezing drizzle will create an icy glaze on untreated roadways. Snow falling on that later this morning will produce very hazardous travel conditions. * A snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches is expected to occur on top of the glaze left by the freezing drizzle. * Morning commuters should expect to encounter travel difficulties. Precautionary/preparedness actions... Motorists are urged to slow down and allow extra time to reach their destination. A Winter Weather Advisory for mixed precipitation means that freezing drizzle and snow will cause travel difficulties. Be prepared for slippery roads and limited visibilities...and use caution while driving. The latest Wisconsin Road conditions can be obtained by calling 511.

  • Taylor on another year end list

    Posted by Lee Peek

    taylor kanyeTime magazine has announced its list of Top Awkward Moments of 2009. Coming in at #2 is the story that had everyone talking the day after the VMAs: Kanye West Doesn't Let Taylor Swift Finish (her acceptance speech). It is sandwiched between the #1 Awkward Moment of this year, Balloon Boy Spills The Beans, and The Beer Summit (with President Obama at the White House) at #3.